Robbery Victim Run Over by Fleeing Vehicle

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Background photo by Oliver Cory

An altercation that occurred about 5:40 p.m. east of Carlotta near mile marker 9 on Hwy 36 left one man with a broken ankle and without multiple pounds of marijuana, according to reports over the scanner. The marijuana was reportedly taken by the male driver and a female passenger of a car that fled the scene.

According to a report on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, “It was a drug deal gone bad.” The victim was reportedly struck by a pipe and then as the driver and passenger fled in the vehicle, he was hit by the vehicle.

The victim has been taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



    • Is this what the show “Deal or No Deal” is about? (Maybe he should have made a counter-offer!)

      All kidding aside, this is called “ASSumption of the risk!” Foolio had no business doing a deal with people he hasn’t known for at least 5 years. (Advice given to me by a Criminal Defense Attorney.)

      Nothing like waiting until it’s dark outside to do a deal with unknowns! I can only hope that he isn’t the only one that learns a lesson or 2 from this…..

  • don’t play rob and run- carry a gun!

    • Before someone throws the old pot causes violence thing out there, I would point out that there are people around that would jack you for ANYTHING. People selling small quantities of pot should not be doing it in out of the way places. Anyone who ever sold anything on Craigslist knows that. Motels, cafe’s, campgrounds, or the Safeway parking lot; anywhere there are lots of people would work. The folks I know that want to be safe are real good at hiding deals in plain sight. Forty pounds will fit in one tote for pete sake. Nothing in the rule bookk says ya gotta be stupid folks.

      • It’s a proven fact that marijuana use leads to extreme violence.

        Nearly every single day on Kym’s blog there is a story regarding marijuana and violence.

        Once the addict smokes the marijuana, they become addicted and go into a crime spree for the rest of their lives, or until capture by the proper authorities.

        The only mellowness marijuana brings is to the dead it leaves behind with the bodies stacked up deep.

        Hitler and Stalin smoked marijuana and that is enough proof you need about the violence marijuana brings to the world.

        Nancy Reagan knew exactly what she was talking about.

        • “It’s a proven fact that marijuana use leads to extreme violence.”

          And your links to facts are?

          • Common sense tells you that illegal trafficking with big money ie pot industry has a lot of violence. That is why I am glad it is legalized. hopefully in a couple years idiots like this will not be in business or at least doing it legally and the idiots that rip him off can go on to prison.

            • Why do they call it common sense when so few have it?

              My Christmas wish is that i turn my computer on one morning, tune into RHBB, and the word “LEGAL” will have disappeared, like the nightmare that it is, from a wise-community blog.

              Do you see the word “LEGAL” in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights? -hello?

              With all due respect, you’re just chattel. Does the shepherd answer when the sheep baa? You’re either property or you’re the beneficiary.

        • Clearly you do not!

        • I wonder what research you substantiate for these comments. Cannabis use is actually a relaxant,.it mellows the mood & relieves pain helping one cope with some of the atrocities life ( ie Stalin & Hitler reference) Please! I believe Nancy Reagan had an Alcohol issue herself. [edit] Do Your research, watch the free docuseries called “The Sacred Plant”.
          The violence that comes from around ‘selling Pot’ is due to the continued FEDeral prohibition which President Nixon knew was wrong by HIS OWN Research commission… But ( surprise!) HE subdued that information!! Hmmm, wondering who was lining his pockets..??
          Ya know there is another saying “Ignorance is bliss” Do your own research! It should NEVER have been made illegal! Even the AMA was against it. Have you heard of the term ‘brainwashed’? Well that is what the Government & Big Pharma has perpetuated!

          • My “research” has come from experiencing people whose mental pot fog is totally invisible to them. The cheerful questions repeated endlessly without ever coming to a conclusion. The promises easily made and never remembered. The lack of motivation and change. The horribly poorly thought out ideas evidence even in comments here. The life that revolves around pot.

            Remember that local plumbing ad where the guy goes on and on about his tub not draining? The one where he “cleaned out the trap” but thinks its probably still not working? Then at the end says “now what was this ad about?” An exaggeration for effect but not much of one. It’s what it’s like being around a pot user.

            Not that Y Knot isn’t on their own internal agenda too. But pot users are very good at dismissing the pot negatives. Way too good for it to be based on reality. Violence does go hand in hand with pot being reported in a story but whether it’s because violent people also feel free to use drugs or using drugs creates violence is not proven. Using more than one drug seems common. And may account for the frequency of violence being reported.

            • “Using more than one drug seems common. ”

              Then they’re Not who i would refer to as a stoner.

              It’s a plant for cryin out loud.

              Also, if you don’t like point “A” go on to point “B” – why would you hang around those who you consider in a “mental fog”?

              • Because they move in next door or married a friend or screwed up a vehicle repair or worked in the hospital. Avoidance is impossible lately.

                Not being able to tell from news stories is what I said about violence and pot. Because there has been so little accurate formal research or population studies on pot use. It’s hard to get those while it was illegal. Now there will be some done. The question is whether there will be conflicting agendas creating conflicting studies. One major problem with pot use is that people using it can’t seem accept anything critical about it nor rethink issues so in the case of a poorly designed study that says what they want to hear, that will be what they choose to believe.

                • Good grief – they’re everywhere then.

                  Satan bought the place kitty-corner of me two years ago. Thank God, thank Alla, thank Buddha, he doesn’t live here. Hasn’t been inside his place for 18 mths. I’m sure at 400#’s he doesn’t do street drugs. He’s a full-blown Statist bootlicker. He was raised this way – control, control, control. But he can’t control the fork to his mouth. APPOINTED as Prez., in here, i’m his main target.

                • “One major problem with pot use is that people using it can’t seem accept anything critical about it nor rethink issues . . .”

                  Due to self-similar fractal patterns – there’s nothing new under the sun.

                  We have everything we need to create the future we desire.

              • Obviously it’s the money that people are robbing for. They’re going to go sell the cannabis for money. These rippoffs are not going home and smoking what they stole, they’re selling it for money. Just like in the middle east, its not the oil that causes violence and war. It’s the money. I’m not saying I’m against money just connecting the dots for the pot blamers.

            • Rule of Law not Leftists


              Guess I better stop that crime spree cause smoking cannabis all day long while working my own business contributing to society is a crime.Shit man, thanks for informing me that my ambition sucks too, cause I thought that Masters degree on my wall meant I achieved something. Dammit there’s those pesky mental health issues I have dealing with a moronic society.

              So you ever stop to think it has nothing to do about cannabis and instead is all about greed and money? Greed and money is what drives American society. Hell, we let wealthy sociopaths oligarchs who worship money define our reality, propagandize us, and make us think life is about money. So people do stupid things, mean things for money, cause of greed, for something that is backed up by nothing but the full faith and credit of the government to tax your ass.

              I bet your a baby boomer too. Either way, your opinions should probably be kept to yourself, cause you speak nontruth, or have any experience for these wild theories you possess.

              Maybe it’s time to retire and enjoy life instead of judging others?

              • Are you the one in the hospital? You see nothing that could go wrong with pot use while being responsible for other’s welfare? That would confirm my post about denial, not refute it.

                If people using pot would ever post concerns over its effects, especially when responsible for others, rather than raging hostility at any negativity, my concerns would be rare. They might display the ability to self regulate. They don’t, but uniformly and with anger attack the mildest questions, which says they are either very unaware or very blinded.

                • Smoked when i was pregnant. Smoked while nursing -four. Smoked after they went to bed mostly, however, if a friend came by with something to share, i would join in. One toke back in the day, brought a sense of serenity. As they grew older, I did get to the point
                  that i simply couldn’t get stoned. My responsibilities carried more weight. Due to my extremism -NOT addiction- i continued to try a puff when offered- always had to lay down for a bit. My son and daughters were/are never not first in my life.

                • Yes there are stoners in a “pot fog” I agree. Can you agree that you constantly attack the cannabis community with bigoted remarks that are nothing but negative and very offensive. If you are from here, like you say, you know that you are insulting many of your acquaintances and many standup citizens in our county. Overuse of THC can have negative effects on people’s production, memory etc. The same is true of overusing many things. Whats your negative obsession?

          • Bro, know a troll when you see one and stop giving him what he wants and he’ll go back to loco…

        • Marijuana doesn’t cause violence, but the money associated with it certainly does.

          Meth and heroin on the other hand Alters your brain so much that it certainly does lead to violence.

        • Best Trolling ever. You almost got me.

        • Y knot is the bridge chump. Same spacing between sentences. Your hilarious keep it up

        • Please seek professional help. Really.

        • WWHHHHAAAAT? Are you insane? It IS NOT pot that causes extreme violence! Its the METH, AND HEROINE, that these ASSHATS want/need that keep perpetrating this violence. NEVER ONCE have I seen any “potthead” beat up somebody, rob somebody, or steal ANYTHING, to go smoke a bowl!

        • Do we need to discuss the definition of fact and opinion ? That is not a fact!!!

        • That’s because numerous alcohol and hard drugs user violence is way more common. Lack of reporting does not mean less violence.

        • Smoke get in my eyes......................................

          Lincoln smoked,
          Harry Truman smoked,
          Linden Baines Johnson smoked,

          80% of Santa Clauses smoked,
          The Pope smokes

          Nancy ain’t smoke

        • ^^^^^^
          (Igore him and he’ll leave)

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Thanks for the troll, Sergei. How are things in Siberia? Do you have thousands of people trying to crash your border to live under the Russian Federation’s benevolent system? No? Geez, wow. Maybe by Trump’s second term we can turn America into a hellhole and we won’t need a wall. Or maybe we will to keep people in. You know, like in Berlin all those years ago. Can’t wait. We got the President actively working on ending the free press. That’s so cool.

          Just a tip: nobody is so stupid or ignorant enough to believe the drug-war boilerplate that you regurgitated like a mental hairball. Any references that we can check? Laura Ingraham doesn’t qualify.

        • I am interest in links to the proof of this. Facts say violent crime is down nationwide in legal states.

        • It’s a proven fact that money leads to violence and crime. Throughout human history people have lied, cheated, stolen, plundered, looted, conquered and slaughtered to gain material wealth.

      • Yes, dishonest people will steal, especially valuable stuff. Which is why diamond merchants rarely make deals in bars and meet in isolated places with cash only sales.

        • About a hundred years ago, i favored 777 Sonoma Ave., Santa Rosa – the fed bldg., daytime only. The post office was inside for a short period of time, so week-ends were included. 🙂

      • Forty lbs will fit in one tote? Yea calling bs on that. Maybe 40 lbs of concentrate.

        • My thoughts exactly! I can barely fit 14 lbs in a 33 gal. trash bag. 2 of those completely fill my trunk. That’s a huge tote to be able to fit 40 units.

      • Multiple pounds is not a small amount.

      • Woah woah woah, what kinda magic totes do you use that can fit a 40 pack?

  • political moderate

    Struck by a pipe? Smoking pipe?

    • I’d say more likely it was a metal water pipe, not the smoking type of water pipe, the delivery of water type of water pipe!!!

  • Any description of people or vehicle?

  • It’s just getting started. All the money is disappearing and desperation will grow. This county is about to explode in theft and violence. Remember to thank everybody who told everybody to vote for the “legalization” so we could all “be safe”! That wonderful “legalization” that made every small operation be “black market” so the corporations could grab it all. So progressive and free…and safe…

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Yup, because this was a legal deal, done as voted in….. smfh, criminals doing criminal shit, it isn’t that surprising. These people probably share your standpoint, that being a chest pounder!

      • YEP, The Beginning of the End. Robbery, Murders, Theft and Violence EXPLODING in Area. A Humboldt I never known until about a few years ago. Humboldt is full of the East Coast drug culture now ?What do you expect?

    • The main difference is now the person robbed reports it to the police whereas they didn’t when it was illegal. The idea that people just fine with dealing in an illegal product would suddenly get more dishonest when its legalized is kind of funny.

    • It’s already exploded ! Where u been ? There are many many thieves that are more than desperate and not your average tweaker looking for something to tweek on .
      There are organized theft rings with nice vehicles and nice homes . One of them is based out of Carlotta . That’s where the stuff they steal is taken and fenced for drugs .
      It will escalate. Arm yourself. They have been doing invasions while people are home with no fear of repercussions. Maybe If a couple catch a bullet and take a dirt nap it will slow . But it will never cease .

      • No, no – not Carlotta – please say it isn’t so.

        Why am i surprised? idk. Per Humboldt’s history books Carlotta is the heart of the redwoods. Also, “RR” went east to west transporting the logging -industry- -rape of resource. I don’t know how any of the few remaining old growth could EVER be re-sourced.

    • I agree! the future only holds more desperation and destruction for our once prosperous community.

  • Stupid is ,stupid does.


  • Too bad California didn’t pass Prop 64. That would have eliminated this type of activity. There would be no need to rob people, the experts say.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Yeah, if the seller was legal, and doing it the right way. Things would be fine. He chose to go with the illegal route and paid the price. This situation works against your point..

      • Ummm. Like talk to some legal sellers locally sales are not a common thing and if they are it is crazy lowwwwwww prices.
        And I help people with their legal paperwork…. so start sharpening buddy show us all how it is done, please.
        P. S. you will need ink and fingerprinting no pencils allowed 😉
        Reality works against your point…

    • ” I declare it’s marked out just like a giant chess board ! ” Alice said at last ” There ought to be some men moving about somewhere- an so there are !” she added in a tone of delight, and her heart began to beat quick with excitement as she went on . “It’s a great huge game of CHESS that’s being played-all over the world-if this is the world at all, you know.
      Lewis Carroll
      Through the Looking Glass
      and what Alice found there

  • Need more consequences for these scumbag thieves. Get a job or grow your own shit assholes

  • Hope the victim has a speedy recovery. Hard time for lots of folks, fishing, growing, it’s a hard living and dangerous too. Best of times have long gone

  • It`s a well known fact that marijuana use leads to sexual perversion. David Bernard Anderson almost certainly used marijuana. Studies have shown that over 87% of sexual perverts have been at some time regular users of marijuana.

    Marijuana is bad stuff. Don`t start using it. Unless of course that you want to become perverted.

  • “It`s a well known fact that marijuana use leads to sexual perversion. ”

    “Fact” being the subject of the sentence.

    Jesus God, the Bilderbergs are coming to California in 2019. Can you recognize evil?

  • Heroin ,crank and weed at Rays in Garberville all day long. Sold
    out in plane sight…. Just sit and watch the shit shoe fall.

  • It’s a guarantee this drug dealer was all about evading the law , not getting permits, avoiding paying tax that pays for police , fire, roads, hospitals etc, but as soon as he gets robbed and ran over doing his shady deal he’s all about help from police and free health treatment at the hospital. Standard issue shitbag grower behavior.

    • I would like so say that illegal growers have supported many nonprofits including fire departments around here for my whole life!!!! Legalization takes this money out of the community and puts it in the hands of the county/ states . Can’t wait to see how much the county or state chips in!
      I predict at least half of our thriving local nonprofits will not survive the first 10 years of legalization.
      I’m not sure what you are putting your personal guarantee on… and I’m not so sure that is a guarentee that will stand up in time…

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Wasn’t legalization going to put an end to this sort of bad behavior? That’s what the cleaned up growers said over and over and over again, when they sold that pack of lies to the voters. Reaping what was sown…

    • Bureaucracy invents complexity and then pretends to solve it.

    • But this one obviously decided to remain illegal. Don’t blame legalization.

      • “Don’t blame legalization” – that IS funny.

        Growing any plant has always been lawful. They just made it legal for tax theft. #echo.

        Once upon a time a two-percent tea tax sparked a revolution. We’re at 56% or more.

      • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

        I’m pointing out the contradiction between the sales pitch that legalized weed, and what is, in fact, in reality, occurring. Kinda like setting felons free to roam at will under the title Safe Streets and Parks…

        • Oh it was quite a sales pitch! That part about voting against it would be “racist” because there was some kid in the hood who might get busted? Ha Ha well…now that kid will be selling crack instead of weed so yeah, you sure saved him! Buncha stoners and morons fell for that prop and couldn’t read past the title….

  • Stinky Wizzleteats




  • I find most users want to interject their life styles into mine. If you want to use, be free to do so, do not ask me to participate or condone it. I have a life and I love it I don’t need a “ catalyst “ if you need drugs maybe they put it in pill form. I take my blood pressure meds and you take your pot to get high. Both are legal, both effect your body. This new push to put pot out front bring out the trolls

  • I know of two more home invasion robberies this week that were not reported. These rippers are rampant and their appitite is insatciable. Permit or not these thugs will rob you. keep the gates locked the dogs ready and the guns loaded. Neighbors need to have eachothers backs in a serious way


  • Robber ran over the victim; the victim was run over.

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