Man Arrested on Rape, Human Trafficking Charges

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

David Bernard AndersonOn 12-11-2018, Detectives of the Eureka Police Department (EPD) took David Bernard Anderson (47 years old) into custody as part of an over month long sexual assault investigation.

Anderson was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) on charges of rape X2, sodomy, lewd acts with a minor, false imprisonment, human trafficking, and probation revocation. He is being held on $3,000,000 bail.

Due to the sensitive nature of these types of investigations, the need to maintain the integrity of the case, and the fact that there are still investigative steps in progress, no other details of this investigation are being released at this time.

This is an ongoing investigation and further information will be released when it is appropriate.



  • Finally a respectable bail.

  • The only person ever convicted of human trafficking in Humboldt County’s history was David Bernard Anderson II in 2014.

    Anderson is already out of prison, having been released in March after serving a little more than three years. He was originally sentenced to more than nine years by the Humboldt County Superior Court, but received credit for days he was held in the jail prior to his plea deal and time off for good behavior, according to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation press secretary Vicky Waters.

  • Gas chamber for this one.

  • In 2014 he was sentenced to 9 years for same charges with a 16 year old. It is 2018 now. What the fuck he didn’t even serve half his sentence. We really need to fix our system. When was he even released how much time did he serve?

  • Kym,

    I can’t suggest removing a johnson but a gas chamber is okay?

    Is it also a secret that John D., the court file clerk got 16 years for child molestation last Friday?

    • Advocating torture is against the rules but although I am personally against it, capital punishment is still a politically viable option that someone could argue for.

      • Also can’t agree with torture. I think of people like this as mad dogs. They need to be put down for all of our good. Torture serves no purpose but only diminishes our humanity. Quick and merciful death…of course after his day in court. I believe strongly in capital punishment for cases like this where no rehabilitation will work. I don’t think we need to spend our limited resources housing and feeding mad dogs. It’s sad but they need to be put down. That is how we protect our families and communities….and that is the truly compassionate solution.

        • Speaking as someone who has a family member in jail for life for murder, I absolutely disagree. It would not be better for his children, his mother, and, in the case of the victim’s mother, I don’t think it would be better for her either as she chose to have the death penalty taken off the table.

          • Modern day death penalty is far from torture

          • There are many cases where the victims fear the release of a prisoner and they need a whole lot more consideration given than the criminal should get. If life really meant never, ever released, not for humanitarian reasons or apparent reformation or law change, this would not be such an issue.

            • Then work for those changes.

              • This was working to change.

              • “Then work for those changes.” That’s an uphill battle in this state and quite possibly a completely futile effort when the mayor of SF is penning Gov. Brown to get her killer brother out of prison and cold hearted murderers are getting out early and pardoned. If you have even slightly conservative views people call you prejudiced or better yet, a Nazi. A scumbag pimp gets a couple years and a drug dealer arrested for selling crack or speed to a grandmother is back on the block the next day. There need to be harsh consequences for bad behavior. Period. That’s how we keep it safe. CA is a mess.

          • I always say what about the victims and their family? In many ways the family of the criminal are victims as well since no one wants to see their kid in prison. Does not mean death penalty should not be used. When will the victim be out of their grave? What about the loss of the victims family? When you commit murder you forfeit your right to live. People make choices and should be held accountable for their actions something we no longer do and look at what Humboldt county has become.

            • I agree with you that the needs of the victims (including their families) needs to receive much more attention. I don’t agree that killing the convicted person is a useful means of achieving health for the victim’s family, justice for society, or a better world.

          • I don’t know the circumstances of your family member, and with all due respect, I believe Farce was talking about putting down pedophile rapists, not all convicted criminals. I agree with Farce, death to pedo rapists via coviction and death sentence. Extradite them to New Hampshire, so they can get hanged. Or to Utah, so they can be put down by firing squad(legal means of execution). There7billion humans on this planet, we’re not that special. No room for rapists and pedos.

          • Kym, I am so sorry for you and your family. I admire your honesty and willingness to share. Thank you so much for everything you do for our community!

            • I suspect if we were all more honest the world would be a better place and I also suspect that more people have terrible aching tragedies in their life but just don’t share them.

              • Ditto my thanks for the work you do to keep this the ‘go to’ site for local news; and your courage to speak personal truth, and your light editorial touch in keeping discussions more or less on track most of the time, and … all the rest.

        • Like it or not, carrying out a death penalty, with all the costs of legal appeals, special housing, etc., is more expensive than keeping someone in prison for life.

          • I used to agree, until realizing the costs of recapturing, retrialing, rehabbing, and so forth. Then there’s the cost of the meds and psychiatric care for the victims and their families. The re list is quite long and never ending. It’s claws not only go deep, they go wide.

            It’s good to see you posting again Grandma, you’ve been missed.

            • Our modern governments have reinforced their template for world wide justification for human suffering. Is Democide justified?

              “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
              Albert Einstein

              • No, it can never be justified.
                Sick Govts cause the suffering so they can justify the Democides that can never be justified.

                Albert was spot on.

            • If they don’t lock these sickos up for life they’re going to make some father of a victim into a killer. Let them loose and they do it again, every time. If someone does this to your family you need to deal with it, obviously the justice department has no interest.

        • I believe the majority of the people have felt the same way you do, Farce, until they realize that the children would be more hesitant about their arrests if they knew the arrest could lead to death. The children just want it to stop. It’s easy to forget that it’s often a relation or close friend of the family that has done the harm to the child/ren. It’s our job, as bystanders, to assure that the child/ren feel free to step forward.

      • Thank you Kym for explaining this to me. I’ll be more careful in commenting.

      • lifes not fair. how can we change it if we cant talk about it. its not like you (Kym) were advocating for torture

        • Life is not fair. I’m good-to-go with a roof over my head, a hot shower, food, clothes, warmth and, of course, the ability that Kym provides to share my truths -which may not be your truths. Kym is fair and if questioned she explains her view. Who could ask for more – especially on these cold, darkish, almost-winter days and eves?

          • Fair is BTW a pretty unachievable goal. It is pretty subjective. For example, if you already have a bad opinion of someone, you might think it is fair to repeat another’s bad opinions. (Re tweeting is an egregious cop out of verification.) Yet what would be principled would be to check it out before repeating it, which is not something much done.

            I prefer principled as a standard. It’s much harder but leads to better results as it is less subject to emotional bias. Fair is a matter of bias- “deserves” keeps creeping into it. Principle is a process. Sometimes a principled stand is emotionally unsatisfactory, giving the same treatment to a “bad” person as to a “good” person depending on the principle to be applied. But it leads to less error.

        • I draw the line pretty far away from my own beliefs but torture is mostly understood by the vast proportion of civilized law to be unacceptable. Even so, if someone wanted to discuss torture as a solution to problems, but not specifically threaten or wish torture on someone else, I would allow that. But I don’t condone the latter and won’t host it.

          • I believe sterilization should be considered in some cases…
            I his may be a viable option for extreme cases and repeat offenders

          • Thanks for explaining your personal position on the death penalty, Kym. I now think I understand your view. Fair enough! I only want to advocate for capital punishment in extreme and obviously guilty cases (Heinous crimes against children or involving unnecessary torture). We may still disagree but at least we are discussing respectfully. I thank you for that. I may even modify my own viewpoint when met with a reasonable argument. Thanks for hosting a place where we can discuss such issues with our neighbors. I am frustrated with a court system that seems to fail in protecting our community from violent criminals.

  • Very Koala-esk doo bro! Good luck in prison…

  • We really need to develop one-way time travel.

  • Guys like this are the reason the wacks want to take our second amendment rights away. They don’t want anyone to shoot his ass right after they turn him loose. Wouldn’t look good in general. Kinda like when your dog bites someone when you put him out to pee. Whose at fault? The dog, or you? The anti 2ers would blame it on the guy that got bit.

  • What a low life.
    They should post his picture with a description of what he did on every telephone pole so everybody knows what he looks like.

    I had no idea anybody this low was around here.

    Omg he looks so gross.

  • This poor excuse for a human being needs to spend the rest of his life locked away in prison, no parole.

  • This guy didn’t murder someone, he tortured, raped and had no remorse. This guy doesn’t belong anywhere but prison or at the end if a noose. A monster that shouldn’t be in society

  • Abortion should be easily accessable because it would probably limit this type of offspring. Seriously…no amount of good parenting can stop certain dispositions of mental health or character. I know this sounds cruel but shit…it is a choice for mom… Yes, i am saying that this SOB shoulda been aborted.

    • Pre birth judgement to eliminate lives? What if it is mostly people with poor judgement who don’t bother with abortions? A sort of survival of the least fit? We’re already at a point where competent people limit their family size while others making bad choice includes having children when they are not capable of raising them. What if a great human with the possibility of improving life for all of humanity is instead aborted?

      • The individual has a great chance of fulfilling a genetic expression handed down by his ancestors. The potential isnt unique to one individual. The reality is that modern science and doctors have been behind some of the cruelest expressions of human rights violations. We just don’t have the data needed to understand that the hippocratic oath is not a binding contract with some gene expressions.

    • Four Myth Perceptions of the Apocalypse:

      It’s in your genes
      Survival of the fittest
      Only matter matters
      Evolution is random

      Spontaneous Evolution -Bruce H. Lipton, PhD., and Steve Bhaerman

    • You might not realize this, but you’re sounding just like Margaret Sanger who started the negro-project that morphed into planned parenthood.

  • Pimpin’ ain’t easy..

  • what a freak.scarry!

  • At least he knows how to wear his hair for his fellow inmates.

  • The haircut – propah!

  • thanks for sharing Kym, it def makes me think a bit more about the death penalty…. good personal insight

  • Human trafficking is the new more PC term for pimping?

    • Well, pimping has become just one subset of the ever expanding definition of crimes to be prosecuted under those words.

      • It’s the intent to harm another sentient being, no matter how the words are spun.

        • Intent, not to mention truth ,is the easiest thing to manipulate when people are constantly being prosecuted, not protected, for being whistle blowers. That’s a pretty damming perspective of the corporate/government mechanism. The illusion of truth and justice.

          “Know truth, know justice.
          No truth, no justice”

  • Rule of Law not Leftists

    Oh the leftists neoliberal paradise we call home… Isn’t it great that we have no rights in this state, self defense or otherwise, and victims can be abused with little recourse so people like this just keep doing it every time they get back into society? Slap on the waist with a roof and three squares a day learning how to be a better criminal for a couple years while the victims life is ruined. But you all keep voting in these leftist neoliberal calling themselves Democrats and allowing this state to be criminal in nature. Just look what rich people in this state do to the working folks. You think they care what low life criminals do to us while they hide behind their gated community and body guards?

  • Funny thing is the law only apply to the rich who choose to enforce it as they see for. Look we now have an accused sexuall harasser on the Supreme Court. And all of the pending investigations that were in the works against him have been dropped. Why ? Be ause the Senate approved his appointment trent to the Supreme Court. So if any rapes and sexual trafficking occurs in this country, what do you think the chances are for ANY CONVICTIONS ?

    • Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. To act as if every accusation was to be treated as proven, especially in the sleazy world of politics, is not a slippery slope. It’s already having gone off the cliff. I can’t be the only one finding the treatment of the Supreme Court nominee hard to take seriously when those accusations are made by people supporting Hillary Clinton, who certainly abetted her husband’s notorious misdeeds.

      • Nope, you’re not the only one.
        Well said.

      • not to mention that there is no punishment for wrongful accusations. i could just say someone raped me and even if i am lying i wont get in trouble

        • In the old days, it was more emotionally painful to be identified as a liar and a thief than it is today. Today they wear that as a criminal badge of honor. What is the solution? Shunning worked great back then, maybe it would work again if we’d just stop sharing the fake news of the day.
          We would all regret it if we passed laws against speaking up.

      • Not sure what you mean by the treatment of the Supreme Court nominee. What, that a woman was able to testify about the attempted rape by Brett Kavanaugh. On a thread about a teenager being raped and tortured you’re suggesting what?… that women shouldn’t speak up about being assaulted? That Bill Clinton lying about having sex with his secretary is comparable to attempted rape?!!?

        • The woman had a perfect right to make her accusations. Just as the person who was the subject of the allegations has a perfect right to rebuttal. Both have a right to a hearing. What is wrong is using that allegation without any official determination to assume guilt.

          As for Bill Clinton, there is Juanita Broaddrick. Along with a string of other accusations. How can you choose to convict Kavanaugh based on one allegation, getting all indignant that Ford’s lesser allegations are not accepted without verification, yet find that Broaddick’s and other’s claims can be flicked off? Such convenient rationalizations are the exact reason that why extreme caution in deciding guilt by media created hysteria IS the right thing. There is a word for exacting a penalty without bothering to get proof- lynching.

    • Actually all the investigations were dropped because after 7 FBI background checks and investigations they found no evidence supporting any of the claims…

  • These kinds of crimes are more horrific because they involve sexual assault, slavery and child abuse . I Those are all stuff that draws a visceral reactions from people. I don’t really condone torture or gruesome medieval retribution but I can see exactly why some people might feel that way towards criminals charged with these types of crimes. Hopefully , judge and jury do their jobs and this guy gets put away forever That way gruesome medieval retribution is not an option.

    No *MAN* does these things: only a pervert.

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