Man Arrested for Arson After Allegedly Attempting to Set Apartment Complex on Fire

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jeremy Notman

On 12-18-2018 at about 4:19 am, officers of the Eureka Police Department (EPD) responded to an apartment complex at the 1300 block of 6th Street for a subject reportedly running on the steps of the property with a device discharging an open flame. Officers responded, but no smoke or flames were located coming from the building or surrounding area. Officers began checking the vicinity for the subject.

At about 4:34 am, officers located Jeremy Notman (42 years old) in the alleyway at the 900 block of 4th Street. Notman displayed objective signs of being under the influence and was soon taken into custody. Notman was also found to be in possession of a portion of a device, which was consistent with the item described as discharging flames in the prior fire call.
At about 6:04 am, a resident of the apartment complex phoned to report smoke coming from the laundry room of the facility. Humboldt Bay Fire Department (HBFD) personnel responded and ultimately extinguished the fire. It appeared the fire had possibly been smoldering in the wall since the original 4:19 am call.

Detectives were called to the scene and witness statements, video footage, and evidence items were located and collected. As a result of the preliminary investigation, enough probable cause was developed to book Notman on an additional charge of arson. Notman is being held on $75,000 bail.

This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is urged to call Senior Detective Ron Harpham at 707-441-4305.



  • WTF? Isn’t this the fourth arsonist arrested in the last week or two?

  • I wonder what drug makes people want to start fires…

    • Meth makes you do ALL kinds of strange… things!!! At around 4 AM that’s what comes to mind for me at least!!!

    • The drug that makes you want to start fires is called endorphin. A hormone that activates the opioid receptors in the brain causing an “analgesic” effect. If your wires are really crossed, the analgesic effects can result in extreme sexual arousal. That’s why some pyros hang around in the crowd and watch it burn. It’s like having a necked women dancing around to them. Those are the creepy ones but as far as pyros go, not uncommon.

  • I’ve seen Eureka go through phases, knifes,gang shootings and drug ripoffs now we have arsons.

  • Mexican meth is prominent. Build the f@kn wall already

    • The WALL did SO much good in Germany before they wised up & now Herr Drumpf wants to try it here in America???!!! I belive I’ll take a PASS on that thanx!!!

      • The red curtain came down because the bankruptcy ended!!! Bankruptcies are 70 years, 3 each country!!!

        Same reason the Arizona (commerce) was attacked!!! Hawaii’s bankruptcy ended!!!

        The second office in government is honorable and easy; the first is but a splendid misery. Jefferson

      • If you read it’s history, you would notice that it worked very well to keep East and West Germany separated. Which is why it was such a celebration when it came down. But of course it had a totally different reason. The Berlin wall was first an attempt to starve the Western powers out by Communists and later to pen in their own disaffected citizens.

        Without changing America’s schizophrenic desire to regulate the heck out of everything thus creating a populace who is both unwilling and too expensive to do their own work along with greed for cheap foreign labor and actively circumventing those same regulations,I doubt as if a wall will be very effective. But insanity is by definition irrational.

      • yeah tell israel to remove their wall it seems mostli effective for them.

  • 1 word ” speed”

  • More crime of all kinds….
    These folks arent able to make chump change from selling, or trimming weed any longer.
    No money for drugs means more theft, robbery, and violence.
    The desperate drug users will RIP each other off. The ones who get ripped off will retaliate on the rippers. And on and on.
    Isn’t regulation great??!!!
    See, we were doing something positive for our community!
    We haven’t seen the worst of it yet….

    • You think this guy was once a trimmer?

    • Sheesh,
      Do you think this type of behavior will die out?

    • Pot thinking at its finest. A man runs around with an incendiary of some kind, which gets him no money or drugs, yet somehow that is related to a loss of income due to pot growing regulations forcing him to turn to drugs due to a lack of income which hasn’t stopped him from buying them.

      Too bad Humboldt County has a long record of about 4 times the national average for arsons long before pot was legalized. And this man in particular has a long record of arrests here and in other states for many years.

      • The whole underground economy has been turned upside down.
        People at the bottom will lose their market share first. These people could afford to buy their drugs in the past, by selling small amounts of weed, or doing labor for growers.
        That’s all gone bye bye. Even ma and pa regular Joe who trimmed or worked the industry and made a few thousand extra bucks per year to supplement their income won’t have that anymore.
        You ever wonder why our county was resilient to the 2008 market crash? Very few of our locally owned businesses went belly up.
        That won’t be the case next recession.
        Thank regulation!!

        • Pot growing made a few (very few until the huge over expansion starting in 2009) very flush with cash. However you way over estimate the trickle down effects of where that cash went. While important to a few small towns outside Eureka, the majority of the county came to rely mostly on government, in two tiers – welfare and employment, starting with 1980. Those things are less effected by a recession that causes private sector job loss. At least til after a recession ends.

          The touting of the economic advantages of an underground economy ignores the costs, from environmental degradation, tax evasion and the social disruption of a drug culture. It was and largely still is an industry that pays little to support government services while creating a huge demand for them. Like any criminal industry, it creates a very few rich people who get that way by taking from the general populace and avoiding regulation that drains legal businesses.

          • I agree to disagree.
            We are obviously looking at this from different ends of the spectrum.
            You are law based in your reasoning.
            I am not.

            • this guy is a thief from Grants Pass with a long rap sheet. he has a previous address of 2900 California Street which is tweaker central for Eureka.

  • I am glad they are getting these public hazards off the street. I just hope they can keep them off the street and behind bars. Look at all the fire damage already done this year across California. We don’t need anymore of that here, or anywhere else for that matter.

    • I’m ascared we’re up next.

      Paradise Lost #40 ~ Visiting the Crime Scene 27:41 December 18, 2018

      • ooooh thats trooth

        • Until they become conscious they will never rebel and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious. Orwell

 will debut later this week with the exhaustive and irrefutable evidence that this was a satellite and GWEN tower-based electromagnetic weaponry attack on Paradise, California. Watch for it.

          The apparent motive was the town’s name, “Paradise”, which of course, the Hell fans among us despise, and the town’s location — in the way of a planned NWO rail corridor.

          We have THEM in our sites. It’s time to send THEM where they apparently want to go — straight to Hell with a one-way ticket.

          What they tried to do in Alaska and what they got away with in California is genocide. They all need to be rounded up, tried, and either shot or hung by the neck until dead, as the murderous criminals and armed insurrectionists and commercial mercenaries that they are.

          Start the ball rolling, folks. Especially all formerly brain-dead Californians. Jerry Brown left us all open to this kind of assault.

    • yeah. like pge folks who just signed ogf on crap while playing golf collecting paychecks …….

      • Rothchilds aka Pacific Gas and Electric Company aka PG&E Inc., aka Redwood Coast Energy Authority aka Community Choice Aggregate aka Spark of CA etc (depending on where you live in California), are Not welcome in Paradise – for obvious reasons. If we see any of their trucks out and about doing “Planned Maintenance” we should stop and ask them what they’re doing – just a thought.

  • Good job Leo’s.
    He should have been held without bail, remanded.

  • $7,500 is all he has to give bail bondsman to get out until his trial? Is that correct?

  • He should have been remanded (no bail), due to the danger he is to the community and due to his record (there are several articles about the suspect doing something similar before).

    If he did it, ( I think they have him on video), he should never get out.

  • Next comes the garbage strike.

  • This comment thread…ROFLMAO!

  • Same guy 2016, there had been a misdemeanor warrant out for his arrest at that time for something else.

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