Two Arrested With Stolen Handgun, Meth, Etc., Says Fortuna PD

anet Mallett and Donnell CampbellThis is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On December 16th 2018 at about 8:55 am, a Fortuna Police Department Sergeant contacted the occupants of a suspicious vehicle parked in the 800 block of Main St, Fortuna.

During the contact, the vehicle was found to be displaying false license plates, not registered to the vehicle. Further investigation lead to the seizure of one assault rifle, one stolen handgun out of the State of Washington and over eleven ounces of suspected Methamphetamine packaged for sales. The vehicle occupants, Janet Mallett and Donnell Campbell were arrested, and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Mallett was booked on the following violations:

11378 H&S – Possession of a controlled substance for sales.
11379(a) H&S – Transportation of a controlled substance.
496(a) PC – Possession of stolen property.
Warrant out of Mendocino County
Donnell was booked on the following violations:

11378 H&S – Possession of a controlled substance for sales.
11379(a) H&S – Transportation of a controlled substance.
32310 PC – Possession of a high capacity magazine.
30605(a) PC – Possession of an assault weapon.
4462.5 CVC – False registration.



  • this is why the the assault weapons ban is bullshit, only criminals have them, and almost criminal does, any legally armed law abiding citizen is now outgunned by Johnny tweakbag and his 30 round skis.

    • True. That’s why I don’t own any “assault rifles, I own “defense rifles”. Arm law abiding, responsibly trained, tax paying citizens with firearms.

      • Sad part is the only thing that made it considered an “assault”rifle was the fact that the rifle had a pistol grip and a bayonet lug. Take those two “evil features” off and have a 10-round magazine, it would have just been a rifle. LOL

        • Assault rifle my a33. Assault rifles are full auto or select fire by federal definition. California, in all it’s infinite wisdom, has decided any SKS with a detachable magazine is an assault “weapon”. This SKS is in a drop in stock and has a standard capacity 30 round AK mag inserted. The stock converts the fixed mag 10 round receiver to accept a standard detachable AK magazine. The stock also lets the web of your hand rest on the grip slightly above the point at which the trigger enters the receiver, thus creating another banned CA feature, a pistol grip.

    • Looks poorly maintained and most likely would of jammed. Best thing to do would be to let the tweaker tweek and force him to clean the weapon to which would make the weapon inoperable. Since tweakers are known to start a project and not finish.

    • I choose to be an illegally armed law abiding citizen, its my life at stake. Keep your 30 round skis, you may need them to fight off the zombie horde.

    • That is more than a 30 round mag.

  • Damn dude that’s a lotta dope. Scary these idiots had guns. Fucked thing is it’s easier for them to get guns than law abiding citizens. Crazy!!

  • Fortuna PD is on it these days. They catch the robbers within minutes and take these fine Tweakers off the street. Thank you.

  • Yeah, yeah, yea. You go You! Nowhere fast! –OR– END THIS ENTIRE EPIC MESS.

    Please show me the success of this War on ‘Drugs’… I’ll wait… find me one, any. one. will. do.
    Any one single measure of success, any metric you like……………………………

    Decriminalize. Destigmatize. Create Safe Access/ Use Sites. ‘Drug’ Education that is nuanced, honest. NOW>
    Dear Tricky Nixon, (and N.A.)- LSD is not Coffee is not Chocolate Cake is not Heroin… ( Know which ones safest?? )

    Take all the money being wasted chasing drug addicts around and locking em up for years– ‘Cause when you gotta play cops and robbers, sometimes you gotta strap-up– and throw it at ADDICTION, RECOVERY, and EDUCATION!! There’ll STILL be enough money left over to bail Trump (Inc) outta SIX bankruptcies (can anyone explain to me how he still has underwear? we’re talking several billions here..) AND ‘suicide’ a few folks Hillary doesn’t like! “Drugs” is the most “loaded” term in our lexicon. It’s “high” time we had an adult conversation about OUR personal FEARS, and how your MORALISM is killing our friends and family at an ever-increasing rate.
    Get over yourselves. These are pained sick people.


    NOW: If these fools go runnin' and gunnin' with SAFE ACCESS (gasp!) to METHAMPHETAMINE (gasp!) at a Supervised Site (gasp!), requiring a Daily shift–in exchange for that access–say.. cleaning the city, Well then… GET THEM OFF THE STRETS!! NOW! For the Jail suddenly has plenty of room. And the addict on the street suddenly has plenty of time. How bout that..

    I know what you're thinking. "What's in it for ME?"

    OK- How about no more money for the cartels/ no more cartels, gangs, etc. How about cops capable of closing every rape, every murder, every home invasion.. man, they could even learn how to detect voter fraud!! I digress.. How about no more needles on the street. How about no one stealing and selling your car for a $20 bag of street Adderall, or just to get across town for a $20 bag of street Vicodin. How about if/when a family member develops a dangerous addiction (which would be both harder to do, and far less attractive) you know they will have the opportunity to LIVE through out.

    'Bottom' is an endless pit within, it's where all addiction leads. Yours to food-Yours to wine-Yours to lovers-Yours to shopping-Yours to gambling-Yours to prestige. It requires no facilitation. Not even from the most righteous upstanding of murderous moralists. #addictlivesmatter #recoveronyourownfriendsbones

    Sorry for the nuance, Fear is borne of ignorance.
    I Love You.

    • Stop and frisk. No profit

    • Oh gimme a break, these people are career scumbag criminals, zero sympathy, give them hard labor. Addiction is not anexcuse.

    • No. Most people do not think “What’s in for me.” Apparently that is the sole concern of those who become addicted to illegal drugs, despite the constant, very public evidence of bad results, and who are sure to want what helps themselves without ever caring about what their wants do to others. The unifying attribute of addicts is that all their agonising revolves around themselves, what they want, what they need. Those are the people asking “What’s in it for me.” And they are very, very scary sources of advice. Rightly so, despite the blaming of innocent people because they have been made afraid. Try blaming the ones who choose to create the fear first.

      • ok i will blame those who create fear. Christians, Goverments, and corperations. just about in that order as well. If Christins werent so busy judging folks and forcing their morals upon others then there would be no laws baning chemicials. If Goverments werent fighting for power over its people they wouldnt kiss the asses of christians by passing such laws. If corperations were nit attempting to cornor the markets of said chemicials they would not lobby for control of said chemicials.
        Face it if there were no laws banning these chemicals there would not be the crime in creating marketing and using them. Much like sugaror caffine.

        • I agree and disagree both at the same time.
          Propaganda and fear porn have definitely infiltrated all communities, orgs, govts, schools and churches.
          But not all the people from each branch or community are filled with or spreading the fear porn and propaganda.
          Blanket blame doesn’t help to sort the truths from the falsehoods. But, it does help to awaken us to the problems that are being caused by the infiltrators.
          We seem to all have a hero complex. Time to turn off the tv.

          • Call it Growing Pains…

            • I wonder if there is such a thing as growing pains? I remember the birthing pains -that i knew would end soon. But then, i question the population being at 7 billion too.

              • Which countries populate like rabbits and try to overpower other countries and overpopulate those ones too?
                Which countries that have become so pc that over the years they’ve discovered the hard way that they no longer have the future generations needed to secure their country’s future?
                Which countries blame and shame those underpopulated pc countries of being overpopulated greedy morons?
                Which countries pay more in aide to other less fortunate countries yet are criticized for being greedy stingy morons?
                Which state in the USA is large enough to hold the entire world’s population?
                Which countries have the cleanest air yet are blamed by certain other countries of being the leaders in poor air quality?

  • These two are notorious scumbags from Laytonville. I am so glad they are arrested and gone. Thats a lot of dope. Good job cops.

  • “Meth, etc.”
    I guess we’ve gotten used to the usual laundry list.
    That’s so sad.

  • Only losers do meth.

  • WOW, seen at Fosters a day after she was arrested. She is a thief, a lier, a drug addict and seller and has guns n drugs and gets out the next day. You know she is snitching her ass off for that to happen. What a loser. Get some self respect Janet!!!

  • Wonder who keeps feeding FPD all these small fish.

    • The end of October a friend of mine was inside paying for petrol at the Texico in Fortuna. He had a female in his car that some tweeker guy knew, and he jumped in my friend’s car. The cameras were rolling and the cashier inside recognized the tweeker, and called FPD. They were there in two shakes of a dog’s tail.

      Unfortunately, my friend had 2 pistols, all wrapped, not loaded, in the vary back of his suv. He goes to the shooting range in Eureka and was taking them there for some problem he was having w/them. He got cuffed and caged, and ended up costing him $500 to get his pistols back. And the expense to get his suv out of impound.

      Tweeker guy was arrested and released.

  • Probably related to people from fortuna.
    Fortuna, where drug addicts are from!
    The uptight, hypocritical community!
    Tweakers, junkies, and mob shot callers.
    Take these two out of circulation, the Fortuna townies will give birth to more!

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