Report Over Scanner of Attempted Robbery in Big Bar Area

K9 Johnny trinity countyAccording to reports over the scanner, around 8 a.m., several individuals wearing ski masks and gloves attempted a robbery in the Big Bar area.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office and medical personnel responded to the Big Bar Ranger Station.

From scanner traffic we believe that the victim had fired a gun in the air to chase off the perpetrators.

At this point it is believed that there are four subjects being sought. Although we have been unable to reach the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, scanner traffic indicates that K9 Johnny is on the trail and three masks as well as gloves and other tools have been located.



  • But cannibis is legal man?!?!! Bring an end to crime and deplete humboldt of billions of dollars in cash revenue and force long time working family’s to move elsewhere, leaving only tweekers,theives and bums to pillage the county. Yeah…… that’ll work says humboldt county supervisors!

    • its on the road to legality. still a lot of crap to wade thru. how old and closed minded are you?

      • “its on the road to legality”.

        Cuz it’s working so well – Pfft!

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          It’s working out. Too bad they put so many smaller, artisanal family operations out of business with endless fees and taxes and hoops to jump through. But don’t let the perfect be enemy of the good. Too bad the current strict regulations on food production were not simply modified slightly for weed and go ahead on it.

          That said, the road to re-legalize alcohol has been a bit rocky and re-legalizing cannabis has been the same. That’s not a surprise. After all, we’re opposed by people who feel just like you! Surprise!

      • Don’t have to be old to be close-minded.

  • The Supes. only parrot what they’re told by Esq. Blanck.

    Repeating the same mindless words, and the inevitable destruction to private property that follows, is not of interest to them. With no brainwave activity, they become dependent/ incompetent – deficient right brain Supes. all over The State of CA Inc.

  • Maybe it’s the same ski mask wearing crew that got the other place?

  • Play the game be prepared to play games!

  • Go K9 Johnny!

    “Chopper! Sic balls!”

  • amazing dog and so handsome

  • Got to dig out Stand by me or was it the Sandlot? I guess I’ll just have to watch both :>)
    I don’t know why people are so surprised, soon marijuana will be like every other legal drug sold for profit, besides maybe sugar and coffee. Do you see people distilling alcohol in their backyard? nope it’s federally illegal. Do you see people growing tobacco in their backyard? nope federally illegal. Do you see people producing opiates in their backyard? nope federally illegal. What made you think marijuana would be any different?

  • An ancient newly learned form of words:

    Federalist Papers #4

    We are rivals in navigation and the c a r r y i n g trade . . . c a r r y i n g trade is commerce consisting of the transportation of goods from one country to another.

    Briefly, back in the day a bunch of Satan’s you-know-whats declared that the highest point in America was sea level.

    The Law of the Sea Merchant – guilty until proven innocent.

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