‘They’re Playing Like Beasts’; South Fork Coach Proud of Girls Basketball Team

South Fork High School Girls team 2018.

South Fork High School Girls team 2018. [Photo provided by Shylo Wantt]

South Fork High School girls’ basketball team placed third at this weekend’s tournament at the School of Deaf. Coach Shylo Wantt said, “We took 3rd this weekend’s tournament. Our first game we played…we won 54-25.”

Wantt said several of the team scored very well. She said that Kaylei Valk made 18 points, Kylie Messenger had 15 points and Haylie Mulder had 12 points.

Kylie Messenger and Kaylie Valk

Kylie Messenger and Kaylie Valk

The next game wasn’t as successful. Wantt said, “We played hard but came up short…[W]e played CSD [and] we lost 47-67.” Kaylei Valk was again the high scorer with 15 points. Kylie Messenger made 13 and Haylie Mulder chipped in 7.

“Our last game we played Emery,” Wantt said. “We played with a lot of heart and the girls gave it their all. They really stuck together and played as a team. Everything kinda came together and it showed on the court.”

Again, Messenger was the high scorer for the team with 19 points. “Kaylie Valk had 14 with 3, 3’s,” Wantt said. “Haylie Mulder had 12.”

“Our all tourneys went to Kaylie Valk and Kylie Messenger,” Wantt said.

“I’m really proud of these girls,” she said. “[T]hey’re playing with everything they have and played through a lot of physical contact…[T]hey’re playing like beasts.”



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