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peter the black cat


This information is provided by If you know someone who can help get this cat into a forever home, please pass this along to them.

Peter is just a kitten and needs somebody to play with him.

PETER – ID#A087077 is a male, black Domestic Shorthair. He is 3 months old. PETER is a suave, sweet little heart-throb of a boy. He exudes spunk, inquisitiveness, and the overwhelming desire to be with you. He is ravishing in his rich, wispy, willowy way.

See PETER at Humboldt County Animal Shelter and give him the opportunity to be in your life . . . and to be loved.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter is located next to McKinleyville’s airport at 980 Lycoming Road.  The phone number for the shelter is 707-840-9132



  • Looks like a panther, too.

  • I wish I could take them all,agian a great Christmas gift or even just a companion for an elderly person.

  • The shelter should not be allowed to put black cats into the general public. A full grown male black cat can put a lot of bad luck into a society Stop being reckless !!!!

    • Wait a minute – my cat is black. I’ve had all different breeds of cats over the years and i find the black ones to be smarter than the average – not saying that Siamese and tabbys don’t have their niche of smarts, they do.

      We create our own reality –leaving luck to the soothsayers.

    • People with that attitude are more than likely those that feel it is their ‘duty’ to kill or maim these sweet creatures. The best years I have EVER had was in the company of my male lbc and no, I am not of that wiccan/witchy/new age mind set, I just love cats and have taken in rescue cats amoung other animals.

  • Black cats are the cutest and weirdest little ones. Black cats aren’t unlucky your life was already shitty before, stop blaming the cats.

  • One of the major causes of the increased spread of the black plague in europe during the inquisition (400 years lest ye forget) was the practice of burning cats along with the midwives aka “witches”.
    No one to kill the rats around homes and food storage areas.
    That silly notiin of evil cats, like many things in our world, comes from fears the christians held like dogma. Manu are what we now call superstitions.
    The true part, as any cat owner knows, is that cats are quite intuitive and almost other worldly at times, mystical. My black kitty went hiking all over our property with me.
    Dogs are incredibly intuitive too but in a different way.

  • Beautiful,
    I hope the shelter is very careful, making sure to check references carefully, if placing this gorgeous animal, he deserves the best home, where he’ll be appreciated.

    I had a black cat, she was a wonderful beautiful companion, more intelligent than other cats or dogs.

    In Japan black cats are considered good luck.

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