[UPDATE 11:12 a.m.] EPD and Coroner Investigating Body Located Near Northbound 101 in North Eureka

Investigators at the scene.

Investigators at the scene. [All photos by Lauren Johnson taken from 6th Street in Eureka]

Multiple law enforcement and a coroner’s vehicle are recovering a body found by Hwy 101 northbound out of Eureka. According to one witness, “There are about six to eight police cars on the side of 101 North just before the 6th Street exit by Harley Davidson….There were cops and an evidence tech taking pictures.”

We’ve requested more information from Eureka Police.

Officers appear to be searching for evidence.

Officers appear to be searching for evidence.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 9:54 a.m.:

According to the North Coast Journal, Eureka Police Capt. Brian Stephens told them that his department was responding to a “suspicious circumstance call.”

UPDATE 11:12 a.m.:

Death investigation continues even though the rain keeps falling hard.

The death investigation continues even though the rain keeps falling hard. [All photos below by Mark McKenna]

Even in the rain, officers are still investigating. They called for a Humboldt Bay Fire ladder truck in order to overhead photos of the scene.Mark McKenna sends us these photos from the site of the death investigation.

A ladder fire truck provides a platform for photos.

A ladder fire truck provides a platform for taking photos. 

UPDATE: Man Found Dead Today May Have Been Struck by a Vehicle Yesterday About 7 p.m.



  • So hoping another homeless person did not succumb to the elements.
    If you have somewhere indoors to sleep count your blessings&shut yourself down if you find yourself complaining about your life.

    • Wendy Davis Windsor

      The jealous of him lady died of natural causes, I hope the person wasn’t hit by a car (pedestrians are hard to see at night) I think it’s an overdose.

      • Wendy. What are you talking about??? The Jealous Of Him Lady???

        • Debra jealous-of-him was a native american lady who died a week or so ago. it turned out she had died of ‘natural causes from an ongoing illness’ and not from hypothermia or other deaths from exposure.

          • ” it turned out she had died of ‘natural causes from an ongoing illness’ and not from hypothermia or other deaths from exposure.”

            And the appointed, uneducated as a Coroner is?

            One Mississippi, two Mississippi . . .

            • Autopsies in Humboldt County are done by doctors not by the coroner.

            • The Sheriff’s office does the administrative work for the Coroner’s office as a cost saving rather than have two separate bureaucracies. The actual autopsy is done by a pathologist “trained in this work.” https://humboldtgov.org/FAQ/Topic?topic=78&mobile=ON

              • Well, i had to go and click on the link.

                Sounds like a racket. Racketeering.

                ‘’An autopsy may find inheritable medical problems . . .’’

                Four myth perceptions: survival of the fittest, only matter matters, it’s in your genes and evolution is random. ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ -Bruce Lipton, PH.D., and Steve Bhaerman.
                Excerpt: The inconvenient truth that genes do not control their own activity and that heredity information does not flow in only one direction, as asserted by the central dogma, was established over 20 years ago. But, in spite of these flies in the ointment, basic science textbooks, the media, and, especially, the pharmaceutical industry continue to resist movement away from the notion of the central dogma. They, thus, perpetuate the layperson’s view that genes control their lives. Apparently if we continue to religiously feed it “dogma food,” even a dead dogma can be kept alive.

                The Coroner is authorized (by guess what?), to charge certain (TAXES labeled), fees. These fee$ help defer the cost by providing services. The fee$ are minimal in nature and have been fixed by the ”County Board of $upervisor$.”

                I.D. of body?’
                In almost all cases visual identification is not required.

                When will death cert. be available?
                A final death certificate will be issued following completion of any ‘special training.’ (?)

                “Coroner’s” report available?
                Yes. You may obtain a copy. There may be a fee. ‘’Homicide reports are not released.’’

                What items will not be released?
                Contraband, such as illegal drugs or weapons.

                That’s just six explanations out of twenty-six. Is there any County Dept., that Isn’t regurgitated vomit?

      • [edit] are u serious right now that’s my fuckin brother that died [edit] the pos that ran my brother over while asleep in his tent needs to man the fuck up and come forward at least me and my family and dead brother deserve that much of respect to why couldn’t they at least check to see if my brother was ok but they didn’t all I’m gonna say is who ever you are you will be found [edit]

  • “Shut yourself down??” That’s absurd. Sounds like someone needs a hug. 90% of these people ruined their own lives. Alcohol or drugs. Criminals and troublemakers. They steal daily from my business. And in liberal, permissive areas like Drugbolt County, all these illicit and negative behaviors are encouraged de facto.

    • [edit]Maybe if you weren’t so much better than everyone else they wouldn’t steal from your flourishing business, just the way you talk of others is disgusting. 90% of your customers have friends or family struggling every minute of there lives but they still support your business. Enjoy the weather, hope it suits you well…💨💨💨

      • Financial success is not a justification to steal from someone…

        • Stay focused…nowhere in the article does it say this person stole anything. Stick to the topic at hand and stop feeding the mongers. The article is about a body they found along 101. Nothing about said persons past was mentioned

      • people will steal from you no matter how nice you are. remember when the robbed betty chin and pooped in her microwave?

    • well what have you done to prevent such thiefs ?have you offered them jobs ? or just treated them like dirt because of their looks ?

      • Can’t tell if you’re trolling, which is sad. There is no indication that they have treated them any way but with kindess. Are they not allowed to express frustration with being stolen from? What jobs have you offered them? And don’t kid yourself, giving junkies jobs is not going to solve the problem. All but the most put together would actually keep a job, the rest would steal from their employer.

        • Not trolling at all. The dead body laying in the field has no defense, so I thought I’d chime in since nobody mentioned the person was a thief but “ mr right”. So I defended the person( someone’s loved one) in a manner I see fit. [edit] May they Rest In Peace

      • Only a fool would offer a thief a job.

    • What business do you own?

    • Sorry that the drug culture seems to feel entitled to the fruits of your hard work.

      Very sad…

      • Have some empathy. There is a higher correlation between childhood abuse and addiction than there is for diabetes and obesity. Most of these people either self-medicate to deal with severe emotional pain or became addicted after being prescribed opiates and then being unable to get off of them. Humboldt has high child neglect/abuse rates and therefore high rates of addiction. Sad.

      • He’s celebrating the death of a homeless person on a cold night. Of course he’s your kinda guy.

      • I understanding your drift and I wish more people held more empathy for the shop owners and farmers who produce our food and goods. Without empathy for all individuals, whether rich or poor, housed or not, the entire system would collapse. Farmers can’t grow food without being able to sell the food they grow so they can take the funds from the sales and grow again the next year. Shop owners, same principle. If the food they buy is stolen instead of purchased, they won’t have the funds to stock the shelves the following week. Everybody is involved in the magic carpet ride called life.
        Once the shop owners have nothing left to sell or steal, where will everyone go? The govt will fold without the tax income. The farmers will fold without the shops to ship to.
        Maybe someone will invent a grow-your-own-food back pack. Of course, it would have to have epa approved planters, toxic grey water disposal containers, and be registered with track and trace in case any of the plant water contaminated the earth during a catastrophic earthquake or jog through the rain.

        It struck me as odd that your remark would be attacked. Some people can’t see the forest through the trees syndrome?
        Or, maybe I misunderstood your post and the others didn’t?

        It was a worthwhile post, in any case, because it made the thinker think. Thank you for that.

        With all that said, my condolences to the loved ones of the person found alongside the road. My prayers for all individuals to be able to self sustain their own needs will continue to cry out to the Heavens.

    • Please feel free to kick rocks ….

    • I have a homeless daughter who lives in that area, that is why I read this paper on line. I am always in fear that she has overdosed. She self medicates after a life of abuse and being bi-polar. I am aghast at the comments about the homeless, especially during this holiday time and cold winters. I work with the homeless where I live. Most of them work. It is hard to get housing when the rent, deposit, first and last is more than a monthly check. My daughter got herself into this situation and drugs keep her there. I know that she steals. It is a way of life for her right now. But I would not wish death on her or anyone else that is lost and can’t find their way home. She hooked up with a drug addict that lived in Arcata. He was ten years younger than her and dazzled her. He spent her money, introduced her to drugs and then tried to kill her. Luckily she has a vehicle that she can use to sleep in. Until she gets help, which she will not accept from me, she will have to find her “bottom”. As to stealing, the stores have insurance. That is why things cost so much. I am told that my daughter’s picture is in local stores, as she is banned. This is not who I raised and she know this. But, she made her choices. Hopefully, your town has someone like myself, who works with the homeless to help them get the help they so despartely need. The homeless problem is not new. It started years ago, but was exasberated by the cannabis industry. The growers bring in trimmers to work the harvest and then kick them to the curb. The same phenomenon is happening every where it is legal. It is really bad from the tip of S CA to N WA. Even the temporary employment agencies are talking about it, as they have to give the prospective employees drug tests, and over ninety percent fail, due to the legalization of cannabis. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, also, have a heart, or, would you be like the people who turned Mary down and Jesus was born in a manger. They were homeless. Judge not, lest you be judged.

      • i just want you to know that the stores dont have insurance that covers all theft. most insurances have deductibles so if you steal only a little at a time then insurance never pays, and some stores get shut down because of theft. if she robs a bank on the other hand then yes they have insurance up to $250,000

  • So many opinions, so many options for cause of death!!!

    • We are all bright in someone's eyes...............

      Some are bound to die young
      By dying young a person stays young
      in people’s memory.
      If he burns brightly before he dies,
      his brightness shines for all time


  • More sad news. May he or her r.i.p.

  • Heartbreaking. Someone died. May they rest in peace. May they authorities be able to identify them to give their family and friends some peace. Reading the shittiest of comments on here sucks! You self righteous son of a bitches can go fuck yourselves. Tis the season yo be a dick apparently.

  • In my 1911 I trust

    Maybe someone was on the way to complete a dirty deed and the tailgate popped open Oops!

  • I am sorry for the loss of all who loved the dead person. I am also sorry for the losses of those who were hurt by the dead person if there are any.

    Some people seem to spoil their own success (financial, spiritual, social, intellectual) by cursing others with that success. I watch rich people disdain the poor and righteous people disdain the unrighteous. Educated people disdain the uneducated and compassionate people disdain those without compassion. Smart people disdain the ignorant or dull people they meet. The hard working put down the less able minded or dispirited. The purpose of gifts in a human community is to share them as best you can.

    Instead we invent pejorative labels and isolate our gifts and ourselves. Then we rant and blame others for our inability to enjoy our gifts. Life is a gift, either from God or from several million years of organisms living forward into this moment. Celebrate the gift. Mourn its passing.

    • I just wanna say thankyou for the kindness of my dead brother and a father of 2 beautiful kids he was good person and did not need to die like he did it fuckin breaks my heart that all these pos people with there rude and peirsing remarks towards my brother who you people don’t know but still disrespect me and my family with your bs it’s sad I hope you all are happy with yourself cause me and my family get to burry my brother for Christmas !!!😪🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

      • I’m curious I’ve been off the streets but overheard people talking that it may have been my friend Mike but can’t find any facts on that was your brother’s name mike

  • So many opinions with so few facts. Is it possible for people not to make assumptions and rush to judgment – at least hold off until you have facts to consider?

    The one fact we have – somebody’s son or father or partner or brother or friend died before he had to die. That’s what we know. Everything else is just mindless and callous speculation.

    • thank you Eric but i think sometimes people need a place to blow off steam and they might just be searching for that place. now that may be here nor there but i thank you for your reason

  • Another hit and run victim left on the side of the highway to die, and even if they do find the person that did this, they’ll be no justice for the family or the victim, years of Court, several continuations and a slap on the wrist, how do we know this person wasn’t on his/her way to work on the way home from work just because he/she walking doesn’t mean he/she is homeless. R.I.P.

  • so sorry for the family’s loss. i would blame the epd for kicking everyone out of the palco marsh. the city is responsible for making a spot for the homeless to sleep safely

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