Sixteen and Stanford Bound!

Press release from the Academy of the Redwoods located on the College of the Redwoods campus:

Rami Awwad,Academy of the Redwoods (AR) proudly announces their first college acceptance of the year is Rami Awwad, who was accepted at the age of sixteen to his dream school, Stanford University.

Rami says he first knew he wanted to go to Stanford in his freshman year when exploring colleges in his AR Foundations class. He applied to other schools, but was thrilled to receive
early acceptance from Stanford and even though he doesn’t have to decide until May, Rami accepted right away. It is his dream school after all!

According to the acceptance letter he is “…quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus-a place where you can learn, grow, and thrive.” A dedicated student, Rami has always excelled in academics, especially in the STEM area, but he is also a big part of the heart of the AR community. Rami will go on to Stanford and study pre-med to become a medical doctor. His family and the community of AR are very proud of this young man and look forward to watching him achieve many other dreams and goals.

Note: This reporters three children all went to AR.



  • Great story about how hard work, staying focused, and envisioning your dreams.

    It’s the American Way!

    Good job to the parents, for not allowing their child to wear 707 hoodies, get tattoos and piercings, and grow weed.

    I absolutely love success stories!

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      Whats wrong with 707 hoodies? LOL

    • On the other hand many a degree were funded from farms.

      • On the other hand more than a few farmers and farmhands were jailed, robbed or killed. Rami and young adults like Rami own the future. Not a bunch of narcissistic criminal potheads.

        Congrats Rami! Go to Stanford and never look back.

      • Basket Weaving from HSU doesn’t count…

        This young man has a future to grasp and create his own adventure.

        Obviously, his parents didn’t drive Toyota trucks, have neck tats, and grow weed.

        They raised a healthy, intelligent, young man that is doing things and going places.

        Look what happens when your child isn’t around golden statues of pitbulls, 707 shirts, or 215 cards.

        These parents should give classes on raising children and why a degree in basket weaving is worthless.

        • Why the diss on HSU? Even Stanford offers basket weaving if that is what you want to do. I graduated from HSU, great school. I then went to University of Oregon for my Master’s. I competed with folks from Berkeley, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and did very well. My Dad was an alcoholic logger in Southern Humboldt before pot growing was even heard of. My Mom worked at Lazio’s so we could eat periodically and be clothed. I’m sure it was the inspiration of all the wine and whiskey bottles that inspired me to do something different. I congratulate the young man and if he has a family that supports him, more’s the better.

        • Annymous future doctor

          I was a grower for 8 years and I decided to get out of it and use what I made to put myself thru medical school. I will be back in Humboldt in 6 years or so. Not everyone has the education and suport to make those moves but don’t assume all growers are lowlifes. Some are dynamic people who still have things to offer to the community.

        • Elric of Melniboné

          Congratulations, Rami!

    • I put myself through college and earned an bachelors of science in biology by growing weed.

  • I wish him every success. There is always a need in his chosen profession. Congratulations.

  • congratulations young man!

  • What a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations to Rami and I hope he achieves all his dreams.

  • Congratulations and good job! I hope you come back after, we need some Stanford Doctors around here! I bet his parents are so proud!

  • It will be great if Rami decides to come home after all his schooling and practice in Humboldt County since we are in such need of Doctors and other medical professionals. Maybe the local grant funders and scholarships should offer funding with the idea our own come back to the area when school and training are done.

  • Many congrats!!!!

    Good job! Very impressive!
    We have some amazing youth here who go on to incredible things.
    A friends daughter from so hum is applying for PhD programs and is having prof’s/schools fly her to their schools as they all want her in their program.

    Im so very glad to see this in the news, there are so many good folks and kids here that get overlooked by the few always in the news.
    Like anywhere, theres a mix. I hate it when people act like all teens here are bad or get no education.

    & ps commenters, i know hoodie wearing pot smoking adults who smoke a joint and write amazingly successful lawsuits in their practices. You would be surprised. Not all the “burnouts” you describe go on to fail in life.

    And hey way to generalize and put teens in a box with that statement! Just what we need more of…not. So if he smoked pot and wore hoodies his accomplishments would be less???
    The humboldt i want to see continue is one where folks are feely allowed to display their own style without being judged for it, crazy or conservative.

    Ever seen David Katz who was on the cover of Forbes and many other financial zines? Your judgment of who he is by his looks would be opposite of what he’s accomplished!
    Mr zuckerberg is always in a hoody. A jerk, but damn smart.

  • Good for him! It’s getting harder and harder for people of Asian decent to get accepted to ivy league schools.

    Yes India is part of Asia.

    • And not everyone named Rami is of Asian heritage. Or even close to it. Sheesh. Besides I prefer not to be so agenda ridden as to need to see a very successful young man as be anything other than American. Not to mention Stanford is not an Ivy League School.

  • Go Rami!!!

    ps thanx for a pleasant read Kym…

  • Congratulations, Rami! Now, you go show those high-falutin’ kids over at Stanford what you’re made of! And remember, don’t let anyone else’s ego-rides or power-trips get to you, just because you’re young, because you earned this! Nice work!

  • A well deserved congratulations to you and to your family!

  • I wish him the best – that he returns to Humboldt – we can hope.

  • Academy of the Redwoods is an absolute gem in our community. If you have children, please consider enabling them to apply for this top shelf school , pumping out top shelf scholars . (Testing/application interviews happen in the spring b4 entry in the fall. So spring of 8th or 9th grade , to enter the following fall .. Competition is stiff now that people understand what they get and I believe they only rarely admit new students after sophomore year) In my opinion it is the best high school option especially for sohum students. (Sorry south fork but especially since Smolly disappeared your core staffing is weak, bored and boring. ) A huge thanks is due to all the inspired AR and CR educators!!

    Congrats Rami!!

  • Proud of our community

    Way to go Rami!! What a great influence to other young people.

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