College of the Redwoods Offering Public Safety Dispatcher Class

This is a press release from College of the Redwoods:

Want to be the FIRST of the first responders? College of the Redwoods is offering the AJ170: Public Safety Dispatcher class for the spring 2019 semester. This class will give students the required certification to be eligible for a Public Safety Dispatcher job. Students will learn how Public Safety Dispatchers handle police, fire and medical calls for services as well as other related job knowledge and skills, such as radio procedures, call taking techniques and handling crisis callers. This class meets Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:45 to 9:10pm, with the first class meeting on Wednesday, January 23rd.

For more information about this class, go to



  • This is a great class to take for the certification.

    Imagine being able to tap away on a keyboard and send the Bearcat to trash some grower’s place?

    Imagine hitting the enter key and having SWAT raid those hippies down the road?

    Calling the Navy to arrest those pesky kayakers you see smoking weed is doable!

    Dispatching CHP to pull over a Toyota with a bandanna wearing pitbull in the back and dreadlocks behind the wheel then getting a high five from fellow dispatchers sounds like a real good time.

    Sending The EPD after Julia Butterfly and sending the message she has a flare gun, sweet benefits right there…

    Serious dream job right here….

    Best part is you get to work in an environment where felons and hippies aren’t welcome!

    Great class to start a great job!

    • There u are chump!?! I miss you. Don’t forget about dispatching the navy’s nuclear offshore battery’s and chain gun thermal imaging apaches on unregulated dope growing scumbag grow sites. Chanting* “bring back the chump… bring back the chump!”

      • Using the International Space Station as a kinetic weapons platform, can free Humboldt of the chains of dirty marijuana growing….

        That and a major upgrade on The Bearcat!

        A community can take back their lifestyle through the removal of soup sample cups at Co-Ops, making possession of solid gold pitbull sculptures illegal, passing a law stating Toyota truck owners must keep their hair cut no higher than one inch, and hippies must pay a toll of $1000 to cross the Honeydew Bridge.

        With this and slogans painted on logs, we can finally grasp a Humboldt that is hippy free.

        A railroad along the Eel River can be used to relocate every single hippy in Humboldt, bringing a new world that we all want for our children.

        Report growers and free the land….

        707 is meant to be weed free!

        • Okay, so Y Knot and Central HumCo are both Chump’s sock puppet accounts. They make up probably 40% of the site’s total posts by volume on this site and it’s always hateful trash.

          I wonder if he’s the Child Welfare Services lunatic that ruined the Craigslist Rants and Raves section, too. They seem like they have a similar style.

          • No sock here….

            You might want to put the bong down, take off the tinfoil, and do something constructive like calling in the hippies growing weed next door to the FBI.

          • Repeat: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
            -Eleanor Roosevelt.

            • I don’t know about great minds in the comment section but there are those who feel they must make everything a personal attack. Even when it makes no sense in light of their own words. There are other options. Don’t read being an easy one. When a person feels compelled to insult someone they claim to have universally despised, it then becomes a reflection of their own inner demons.

              • I agree with you.

                Seems dopers are paranoid and need the dispatcher to send the Bearcat to handle their anti social behavior.

                Keep posting knowledge and maybe these stoned freaks will get haircuts and jobs.

              • Thank you Anti troll league of the great mind’s idea comments.

                • Definitely no golden statues of pitbulls at anti troll’s place.

                  Betting no Toyota, no dreadlocks, and no Rod Deal disks on the playlist.

                  Makes me glad the South Jetty was cleaned up.

    • Oh, pu-leeze. Using this to get on a soap box about hippies and poor, innocent growers? Really? Your comment about “getting to work in an environment where felons and hippies aren’t welcome” is especially rich. They’re not welcome in a lot of places, in case you haven’t noticed. People’s things have a tendency of walking away . . .

  • Dammit… Get it correct people ! Pay attention.
    That armored vehicle is not a ‘Bearcat’… it’s a ‘BearCat’.

  • Ah, but imagine the Stutz Bearcat coming for you…

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