[UPDATE 5:14 p.m.] Big Rig Rollover on 101 Near Big Lagoon

overturned semi icon featureA big rig rolled over on Hwy 101 near the Big Lagoon Park Road north of Patricks Point, according to the scanner and the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The northbound lane is blocked.

A witness at the scene reported to emergency dispatch that the driver was out of the vehicle and appears okay.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the semi is a Peterbilt tractor loaded with logs.

UPDATE 2:06 p.m.: Hwy 101 is completely blocked, according to Myles Cochrane of Caltrans.

UPDATE 2:32 p.m.: Now there is a request for ambulance for the driver who has chest pains.

UPDATE 3:17 p.m.: Cochrane reports that the road is open to one-way traffic control.

UPDATE 3:32 p.m.: Cochrane said, “Unknown when, but we’re told the road will be closed again briefly in order to upright the big rig and remove it from the closed lane.”

UPDATE 3:43 p.m.: Cochrane said, “Closure should start any minute now and we expect it to last up to 30 minutes.”

UPDATE 4:36 p.m.:

The tow truck maneuvers to upright the downed semi.

The tow truck maneuvers to upright the downed semi. [Photo by John Gullam of the Northern California Community Blood Bank]

The semi has been pulled upright. The photo above and the video below were captured by John Gullam of the Northern California Community Blood Bank. He and three bloodmobiles were on the way back from Del Norte High. (They always welcome your help should you want to donate.)

UPDATE 5:14 p.m.: The roadway is fully open now, according to Myles Cochrane from Caltrans.



  • I do not like them trucks. Final Destination 2 all over again.

    • Willie i guess that means No trucks for you if you don’t like them. Obviously you won’t eat, so you won’t need butt wipe either. They bring everything so stop using thing they bring.

      • lots of idiots in the trucking industry driving those heavy machines. it’s no wonder willie is scared.

      • Drivers of big rigs are NOT idiots. Try it for yourself. Actually, the idiots are the drivers who get in their way, or are not aware of passing rules. The only way to shut down trucking is to stop buying things not made in your village, grow all our food locally. Do you buy a shirt from Honduras, or one here made by local US citizens, preferably made from hemp. If not, shut the fuck up, and be respectful of those who work so hard to bring us all the things we want.

      • Elric of Melniboné

        I like them big-butt rollovers.

  • Was a flatbed trailer with a logs and log/carrier on the trailer top.
    It tipped over on a CalTrans ‘truck-tipping’ corner.

    • The correct name for the “log carrier” is “Turkey Rack”.

      A very useful piece of information, eh?

      • Eh ? Turkey Rack is a usually a short log truck & pup carrier for… er… ‘short logs’.

        This truck had a ‘mini log deck’… small steel V with no ‘extensions’ on it.
        Was probably hauling fir logs to the mill (Socomi – South Coast Lumber Co)
        north of Brookings… then return south with lumber.
        Can’t find a good photo of that deck on the web.

  • Blood bank dude seems a little sick…Hopefully his three bloodmobiles were full…

  • that is what you call an over confident idiot driving too fast.

  • Those turkey racks are piss poor log haulers In fact they aren’t. Just flat beds meant to haul lumber that have stakes high enough to pile small hardwoods on so the mill is making money coming and going

    • >”… pile small hardwoods on so the mill is making money coming and going”

      No, these were medium-sized fir saw logs for the mill,
      coming from south to north in this case.
      This practice (around here) started 50 or so years ago.

      This is actually better ‘use’ of the trucking resources.
      The ‘other’ way you have a driver/truck and fuel being wasted on the trip north…
      hauling an empty trailer up to the mill.

      Best way to fix this problem (now that CalTrans has lots of money) is to re-engineer all the ‘tip over’ points on the road.

  • I can never tell which way the logging truck parade goes. Once, after exiting onto 36, there was a loaded logging truck ahead of me. I thought he would turn into the graveyard of Admirals from another time at the bottom of the Hydesville hill. He didn’t. He kept on truckin East. Where to? I have no idea. Sometimes i think maybe they just drive around in circles for the hourly pay. I’m probably wrong on this, i don’t know any log-hauling truck drivers.

    • Probably headed east to Weaverville (Schmidbauer) or over to the valley… Sierra Pacific.
      Only a couple (bigger) mills left in Humboldt County and a couple smaller ones.
      Scotia (Humboldt Redwood) and Schmidbauer. (Eureka, Korbel and Weaverville).

      >”Sometimes i think maybe they just drive around in circles for the hourly pay.”

      Nope. Logging companies/timber buyers know how long it takes for a load to travel to the mill.

  • Those hairpin turns in the hiway by Big Lagoon tip trucks over once or twice a year. (Remember that terrible diesel truck spill?) This morning I see 3 or 4 big logs left on the side of the hiway so the road will have to be closed again if they are going to remove them, I think.

  • First off for all of you people that want to criticize truck drivers kiss my ass get your ass in a truck and try it for yourself it’s not really all that easy. Because people are always playing with their damn cell phone or have their head up their backside not paying attention to what’s really going on.

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