The Longest Resident of the Humboldt County Animal Shelter Wants to Go Home for the Holidays

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  • Poor furry one, wish I had room for 1 more. Just adopted one recently.
    Thanks Kym for giving these loving companions the chance to be seen, to put out there a story with each pet that longs for a forever home.

  • I highly recommend volunteering at the shelter.
    Walking the dogs&playing ball in the outdoor enclosed areas helps get their ya-ya’s out and you get to see more of their true personality.
    I have more times than not been surprised how different a dog is than the idea i had of it based on its looks. Very good lessons of dont judge a book by its cover.
    On that note if you do go to meet a certain dog to potentially adopt, spend some real time there. The dogs are used to half hour walks so after that first half hour most calm down. If you dont have any extra time, i think you can call ahead and ask to have a volunteer walk the dog before you arrive.

    The weekend home visits with dogs really give them a chance to be themselves. I fostered a dog for a wknd who slept 13 hours straight, the kennel life was hard for him to sleep/relax in. So cool to see his true self emerge after that! Was so happy he got adopted a few months later.
    I so hope this sweet girl gets a forever home soon!!!

  • Adopted my Honey Bear from here, 1 and half years ago, and if she was good with other dogs, I would already have her!!!

  • Poor thing is like the
    Rest of us. Just a lookin
    For a home

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