Autopsy for Trinity County Resident Killed Near Dinsmore Scheduled for Tuesday

Close up of shooting scene.

Close up of shooting scene. [Photo provided by a reader]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified the victim of a homicide occurring Dec. 7, 2018, as that of 47-year-old Anthony Joseph Calderone of Trinity County.

Calderone’s autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to contact Investigator Mark Peterson at (707) 445-7251.

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  • An autopsy, what for?

    Oh, so Billy the pretend Coroner can sign the death certificate that is was Not a gunshot that caused this unfortunate guy’s demise – like the lady that did NOT freeze to death last week while Billy was drooling over a new Bearcat military toy.

    ~two cents.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Double dipping the public funds should be labeled for what it is ==theivery==

    • Sedition, impersonating a public servant, collecting paychecks from the people’s public treasury while committing fraud, charading as a Sheriff (non elected), for 15 months, and so on and such . . .

      Please consider:

      We, the People, knowingly or unknowingly, let this happen. They reflect our weakness of the uninformed.

      ~wish i could think of something ‘more than just words’ for his family and friends. But, i’m stuck on a reason for an autopsy. It eludes me.

      • He won his election.

        Even if Bill Honsal Jr. Is a reptian demon in human form, and he seized the office of coroner by force, that still wouldn’t be sedition. [edit]

        • I’m referring to the law of nature, and you’re correct Billy doesn’t have what it takes to go against the status quo. He’s been trained to believe the codes, rules and regulations that hold us down has something to do with land jurisdiction. Taking an oath to uphold the established land jurisdiction and then sweeping it under the rug, I see it as sedition. . . .Bearcat.

          The Only Law Held Common By All Species is: Do Not Injure Others and/or their property.

  • This is funny! No one is even talking about the guy that was killed!!! WTF is wrong with people today?

  • This is my Nephew your talking about…shame on you. he was an awesome man, dad, partner, son, brother, nephew. He has family and friends who love and miss him very much. His life was taken away too young!! Be nice, be respectful, Please….. We’re all mourning a senseless death here and so young. our hearts are aching for our boy!!

    • My heart goes out to you Ginny, and to all of AJ’s family and friends. AJ was a great man with a lot of love in his heart, and who treated people with kindness and respect. He will obviously be greatly missed. I am heartbroken over this news.
      May they find the people who did this, and punish them to the greatest extent of the law.

  • Michael P. Acosta

    Condolences to the family for such a tragedy during the holidays. Why did air transport “decline” to assist due to inclement weather/ fog, when the weather wasn’t bad that night. Who specifically made that consequential decision? There was delay in picking up the EMT “rider” at Carlotta Fire Station. Dispatch is heard trying to confirm STAR ambulance’s “traffic” and then asks STAR to confirm that it is en route to RMS. This goes on for a few critical minutes. Mr. Calderone was alive through Carlotta by ground transport from Dinsmore. The EMT that rode with Mr. Calderone from Carlotta to Fortuna stated on the scanner that he had a GSW to the right temple….”possibly self-inflicted”, that he had lost a pint of blood from his head, and that his pulse was “20.” The RPs that called 911 reported that the “driver” (Mr. Calderone) had a gun, but none was found by the police. Is it possible that Mr. Calderone accidentally shot himself in the head when his car crashed into the rail? Why was the STAR ambulance driver solo from Dinsmore to Carlotta under these circumstances. Why didn’t anyone stop the bleeding at first contact or assess the situation and insist on air transport? I realize it doesn’t change anything, but Mr. Calderone’s family may want to look into these areas of accountability when ready. A playback and/or download of the radio traffic is available at but only for 180 days from the incident. Prayers for and best wishes to the family and friends of Mr. Calderone.

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