Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Now Using WeTip Anonymous Crime Reporting Hotline

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is now using the WeTip program to fight crime in Mendocino County.

WeTip provides a hotline number which anyone can call if they have information about any crime or potentially hazardous condition in our communities. All callers to WeTip remain anonymous. The program also offers rewards of up to $1,000.00 for tips that ultimately result in a conviction.

If you have information that could help law enforcement agencies bring criminals to justice, please call:

WeTip at 1-800-732-7463

Additionally, tips can be submitted online at:

How Does it Work?

WeTip hotlines are answered by bilingual tip operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All calls are anonymous, not just confidential. No one will ever know who made the call.  The operator will then ask a series of questions, designed by law enforcement, to obtain the maximum amount of information about the reported crime. After the information is taken, a code name and number are assigned to the informant. The caller always remains absolutely anonymous.

The WeTip operator will take the information and pass it on to appropriate law officers who then conduct their own investigation. Only calls made directly to WeTip will be eligible for reward.  If your information results in an arrest and conviction, you will be given up to $1,000.00 cash, depending upon the importance of the crime solved. Your identity will never be known to anyone.  The reward drop is made at a secret postal location, using the assigned code names and case numbers. No personal contact is ever made with the informant.



  • Mendo pays considerable more sweat off their brow than we do – smaller population.

    Too bad no one in Mendocino has the slightest bit of curiosity to research records. They just might find court rulings that say anonymous calls are unlawful. It’s called “snitching” and it serves to keep us divided.

    If you feel compelled to report a CRIME you witness – go fill out a report and SIGN IT -take some Due Process responsibility.

    • Hmm. I would highly suspect that it builds community and forces out the people who threaten or imply retaliation against their fellow community members. I wouldn’t associate feeling threatened by others with a sense of community, but maybe you would? There plenty of dangerous people in mendo and I am all for any efforts to weed them out.

      And I’m not sure what case you’re referencing, but if your referencing the anonymous tip that got the driver busted for weed, the Supreme Court ruled that the anonymous tip was sufficient to pull someone over. And their ruling was broad enough to include other anonymous tips.

  • Did they take off the caller ID? Already three people know.

  • The ICE app is better, it’s called the 3 clicks, click 1, take a picture of an illegal, click 2, send it to ICE, click 3, on go the handcuffs. If you are here illegally, you are a criminal, and must be sent back to try again through legal means.

    • I like giving the occasional report to the hotline that sends out the word ice is near….

      Asymmetrical trolling liberal, anti Americans is a fun hobby.

      As the weed leaves, the crime and liberals will, too….

      Be patient, it’s happening as we watch.

  • And did we hear what Casio Cortez, a true nit wit, said about Roe V. Wade ? She said those two methods were how illegals crossed into US. Brilliant.

  • I was told by a policeman whose opinion I respect that cops place very little value in anonymous tips. He stated that usually it`s someone attempting revenge on someone else, generally a family member.

    • I am remembering a few years back, the teacher – before Kneeland- and his wife, with, if i remember correctly, three children. They had lots of cash in suitcases. It was a case of a “Tip” from a neighbor that turned into a full-blown State issued warrant that Downey bent over for.

      A corporation – the State of CA., can’t suffer injury. Without an injured party there’s no jurisdiction. There’s no contract involved to be settled between the parties of interest. Neither the State of, or, The County of are factual parties of interest. No brains, no hands, no eyes, to witness.

      But good to hear there’s a badged one you know who can see what’s really goin down. There’s probably more like him or her, here, than i realize.

      • Can anybody make heads or tails of what Central HumCo is trying to say? I tried reading it out loud and felt like I was having a stroke.

        • Jackelopterus,

          “NO POWER ON EARTH HAS A RIGHT TO TAKE OUR PROPERTY FROM US WITHOUT OUR CONSENT.” –John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States.

          • None of that was in your original post.

            • I don’t want you to have a coronary related stroke.

              • I don’t want to play doctor here, but you may have some form of aphasia. Just try reading that first post aloud to yourself, it really is gibberish.

                • Okay, let’s just focus on the first paragraph:

                  “I am remembering a few years back, the teacher – before Kneeland- and his wife, with, if i remember correctly, three children.”

                  What does “before Kneeland” mean? Kneeland is a place, not an event, and you never explain the relationship of Kneeland to your story

                  “They had lots of cash in suitcases. It was a case of a “Tip” from a neighbor that turned into a full-blown State issued warrant that Downey bent over for.”

                  The subjects of your story had a suitcase full of cash. Maybe the Sherriff impounded it? It’s not clear what happened to the suitcase or why.

                  The second and third paragraphs completely defy any attempts to parse their meaning.

    • It just gives cops a right to come on to your land….. “ it was an anonymous tip?!?” By the way sir, what’s in the greenhouse?

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Well theyve made it nice and easy now for all you spineless cheese eaters out there.dont have to be dry snitchin on here anymore !!!!!!!!!

  • It seems the sheriff is hoping to solve some old cases. Maybe this will get the clue they need to find hard evidence. Still too many missing people, too many unidentified bodies.

    • why so concerned about missing people ? who gives anyone the right to know where anyone else is ? plenty of people wish to disapear for many differant reasons. what right do you or anyone else have to bar them from their privicy ?

  • If an adult is missing who doesn’t want to be found, law enforcement just confirms they are alright and then doesn’t give any information other than the person is alright to the person who reported them missing.

    However, many of those reported missing have had something bad happen to them and they are grateful that people are looking.

  • I am wondering if the Mendocino Voice would publish this press release from the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office. Not yet. Mendo Voice I can’t hear you.

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