Man Pronounced Dead After Being Shot on Hwy 36

Law enforcement and the victim's vehicle on Hwy 36.

Law enforcement and the victim’s vehicle on Hwy 36. [Photo provided by a reader]

An apparent traffic accident occurred at approximately 1:54 a.m. on Hwy 36 at mile marker 43.09 near the Riverbend Trailer Park east of Dinsmore. Later investigation determined the driver was a male who appeared to have a gunshot wound to the head.

A dispatcher from the Emergency Communications Center relayed that he had “massive head trauma.” Reports from people who came on the scene later state that there may have been a car chase with multiple shots fired.

Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there had been a shooting. She said, “The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. Deputies are still out on scene investigating. I don’t have any other releasable information at this time.”

Scanner traffic indicates that two women are being questioned in connection with this incident.

Close up of shooting scene.

Close up of shooting scene. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • How many homicides this year?

  • Reboot the entire culture

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Thaught the permit process and prop 64 was gonna end all this!!!! Lol. Its only gonna get worse as the survival money is bled from the people to the corparations. Thanks estelle were loving your plan for the industry of our region. You forgot your constituents in all your thief scheming

    • Rule of Law not Leftists

      You get the government you deserve.

      If people are voting yahoos into office based upon popularity and which smoozer will give them laws that benefit only themselves and friends, like Rex Bhone/Sunberg/Estelle, then you get what you got.

      Less than 20% of eligible voters even bother to show up and the majority are Baby Boomers who already got theirs and NIMBY any sort of economic development. So we got the elderly, many of whom will be dying in next 20 years, determining what the current economy is like, and as you can see they only care for themselves and large corporate interests. It’s why we have a housing shortage and no jobs.

      But hey, keep acting like nothing gonna change, maintain the status quo, and don’t bother to get good people to run again the yahoos while supporting their candidacy.

      • [edit]us baby boomers in this county are not pro corporate.most of us have not GOT ours-you sound just like a liberal so you could have said that and the rest of us could fill in the same ole rhetoric you people spew.and us baby boomers warned you punks what would happen if weed was legalized,but what would we know besides having lived it for the last 45 yrs

      • Would you please quit picking on the Baby Boomers? Who do you think is gonna pull your behind through this transition? And, no, i didn’t “get mine” – whatever that refers to.

        It’s taken 150 years for us to arrive at this place of despair. It ain’t gonna turn around over night. The land records look like a crime scene and will take us a decade to straighten them out – inmyHumboldtopinion.

        • Your generation sold us all out with your capitalism and dirty politics.

          • Some of us dirty Boomers have owned a business – and yes, ran it for service – NOT profit, profit, profit.

            For those of us who are accountants we know what the capital account is.

            Crony capitalism as opposed to actual capitalism –in which a buyer and a seller voluntarily engage in trade (Not fraudulent commerce). The product does not cause harm, the people involved are honorable, the exchange for value isn’t regulated.

            Serve the trinity without name: love, light and life.

          • And do you define yourself by ALL the people born in the same 25 year span as you? What a horrid way to go through life! Let us know how that works out for you.

      • Crime is not caused by the laws, people and reps you have been brainwashed into hating. It happens in big cities and small towns. It is caused by people, not some law, or lack thereof. But I realize that its easier to sit behind a keyboard and blame an entire generation for all your problems because of when they were born, and claim the world would be perfect if only you were running it, right? Heres a news flash pal, there are good and bad people in every ‘generation’, and most ‘old’ people I know give a damn much more than you. Grow up please.

        • Crime is not caused by the people and reps you have been brainwashed into hating. It happens in big cities and small towns. It is caused by people, not some law, or lack thereof. But I realize that its easier to sit behind a keyboard and blame an entire generation for all your problems because of when they were born, and claim the world would be perfect if only you were running it, right? Heres a news flash pal, there are good and bad people in every ‘generation’, and most ‘old’ people I know give a damn much more than you. Some people just need to Grow Up. Please.

          • if there were no laws there would be no crime. if no laws were passed there would be no law breakers.

            • There would still be plenty of killing, thefts, abuse and cruelty. Not calling them crimes and subjecting people the law for their actions would not magically change them into good things.

      • Look I’m a Baby Boomer, but I haven’t gotten shit yet, I’m still working my ass off just to keep my head above water. So take a back seat punk.

        • thats because the baby boomers all sit around with their hands out complaining about what they should have based upon what others have and they have the vote numbers to get their way hence crap unions who care more about anti bullying wording than enforcing tech training and i showed up raises instead of preformance based saleries, but ya know nursing homes are being built as we speak and i cant wait till they are filled with the generation thst spends more than they make not just with their money but tax dollars as well. funny they used to be about freedoms now they are all about there needs to be a law about this or that no fireworks i am scared bs. just calling it like i see it . end of rant.

      • I’m a war-baby (pre-boomer), and yeah we got ours. Sure we attended college, after we were discharged from the military. No sweetheart bureaucrat jobs handing out food stamps and welfare; there was no welfare. Yep, we had kids, after we saved enough money to support them. Credit cards from mummy and daddy; nope didn’t exist. Missed a car payment, bye bye car. Missed an electrical payment, bye bye lights and heat. Health coverage, you bought or didn’t get it and spent the next 3 years paying for a broken leg. Wake up and smell the bacon, you’re walking on cake.

        • Divide by Zero you are right on! You young ones that think you know it all! Let me tell you something; we all were young once. You will be old before you know it. I do not blame my parents and the generations before for my mistakes or results of choices. We live with those til the day we die. Take responsibility for your own life and choices; quit blaming others.

    • I’m not sure how much this has to do with this incident but I do have an innocent question to ask. I heard this same sentiment just the other day. It went something like this:

      ‘Our problems in SoHum stem from Estelle selling out local growers for big corporations coming in to grow weed here. These corporations/businesses/people are bringing in their own people for working, selling, and buying weed. They are demanding of the local folks to what, where, and who they can buy from. This goes beyond weed to groceries and everyday supplies and businesses to patronize.’

      This person described this as serious, devastating, wide scale ‘economic terrorism’ and placing the blame squarely on Supervisor Estelle, and not of stereotypical ‘greedy local growers causing problems’. This person mentioned Harborside Dispensary out of Oakland and others in particular. This person seemed reasonable, smart, and engaged in the community.

      Can someone explain this in a nutshell for me? What gives? I don’t understand, this is new news to me. Maybe it’s a column in the making. Thanks.

      • Why would a big corporation come here to grow weed? Because we truck in the best soil amendments? I doubt it. Big cartels and big time crooks, yes. There have been many big grows busted this year. Not nearly enough, I know, but still.

        I buy most of my groceries at Winco but I don’t feel coerced. I have lots of choices too.

        • The name. They come for the name. When weed is legal and sold nationally and internationally, the Humboldt name will come with many years of recognition behind it.

          That’s worth a lot to the branding and marketing of products from the US.

          That, and we have the lowest cultivation tax rate in the state. It’s not that complicated to see why companies would find a reason to want to have at least some production capacity in our county.

          As to politicians getting kickbacks for favors, that’s an old tradition and needs no explanation.

          • There are very few places in this County were a corporation could grow enough marijuana to make it worth their while. The plain fact is our geography is wrong for mass production of any field crop, there are too many Hills and not enough big open valleys. And a lot of the natural dirt around here is clay-based, which is not good for growing much of anything in. It seems a lot of people forget this is a Statewide law, not just Humboldt County but it is now legal to grow in all of California. The only reason prices are tanking( and have been since 2:15 was passed) is simple supply and demand, there’s too much supply for the demand. It wouldn’t matter if there were no regulations, the market is oversaturated and prices will not be coming up anytime soon.

            • Elric of Melniboné

              On prices: Agreed.

              On production capacity: Look at wine grape production, the best grapes are grown in the crappiest, hilliest land found anywhere.

              its not always about volume.

              • The idea that certain locations bestow unique qualities to their products is a marketing gimmick. You can grow grapes where grapes can grow; given the right soil conditions, moisture, etc. you can grow anything. It’s much easier to grow cannabis (or any crop) near major points of access and distribution. Given so much HumCo grows are indoor already, why not just grow it in Oakland or LA?

                • Lost Croat Outburst

                  Oakland or LA are full of people and buildings. Indoor warehouses are possible, but electrical input is very expensive. Easily farmed flat land is limited and we still need food. It’s natural to grow trees and grapes and cannabis in mountainous, rural areas where other crops are difficult.

                  Cannabis production requires skill and good genetics. We in the Triangle have the expertise and genetics and dedication to compete with the world. Sadly, we have been beaten down a bit by over-regulation and excessive taxes and fees.

                • “The idea that certain locations bestow unique qualities to their products is a marketing gimmick.” ” . . . why not just grow it in Oakland or LA?”

                  Oakland and LA don’t have the latitude Humboldt does.

                  Jack Herer told us this in his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Hence, Jack wasn’t referring to the plastic, fantastic wanna-be’s churned out from forcing nature indoors.
                  But rather, rooted in what’s real, annual harvests grown in the sunshine.

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              Prices at the dispensaries I have been to are quite high. Over $30 per 1/8 oz. for bud and everything else commensurate. Somebody is still getting good prices at wholesale. Where do you see falling priced?

              • Have you tried to sell a pound lately? Just because it’s going for a lot in the dispensaries doesn’t mean the people growing are getting paid a lot. I mean an iPhone is expensive as hell, that doesn’t mean the little Chinese Factory workers is getting paid dick.

                Y’all are missed the point. It’s not that you can’t grow pot in the Hills, obviously you can we’ve been doing it for decades. The point is the price is getting so low, for people to maintain their profit margin they have to grow more of it. And the topology of the land around here for the most part is wrong for mass production, without investing millions in clearing Lands and running irrigation. Not to mention the logistics of transporting in materials and fertilizers and exporting finished products. Almost all the major wine vineyards are still grown in valleys and they’re still closed two main arteries of transport, there are very few wine vineyards in remote locations in the middle of hills. Rolling Hills in already cleared valleys are quite different than the extremely steep hills in the ruggedly forested mountain ranges of Northern California. Even The Vineyards in bricelyn are in Creek valleys that we’re naturally cleared of forests.

            • Poor old dirt farmer

              Ganja isn’t a field/row crop. Prime ag land is planted in grains to maximize its potential. By the end of the season you’re lucky to find a place to set your feet and the canopy is unbroken. You could do ganja like this and it’d only be good for poor quality extract at best.

              Thus the grape analogy. It would be a waste to grow grapes on flat black dirt because the workers need space to work. Wasted land. Makes more sense to grow that in marginal land that could only otherwise be pastured or fallowed.

              Climate and terroir are not gimmicks; it’s fucking science! Plants have preferences for sure. If the west coast can make good wine similar to old world shit it’s cuz they are similar growing conditions.

              At the end of a SoHum full sun blunt, I say to all: fear not. “We got a good thing going, a real good thing going.” Prices will rise (modestly now) with efficient branding.

        • Best fertilizer kills most salmon.much pot hurts IQ.Too much adds for a placebo.children follow this stupidity.ketamin werks.

          • I really like you.

          • Bunk. The best fertilizer is your own compost heap made of your kitchen scraps, and animal -chickens, goats etc.- and will not kill the salmon.

            My oldest, works for Arizona’s Attorney General, and has never touched the infamous plant.
            My second one, construction big time in Vegas – off and on tokes.
            My third one, a teacher, parties hardy.
            My youngest, a computer programmer, lives on the edge.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            So, what happened to you if it wasn’t weed? It’s easy to control fertilizer run-off with large containers on pallets. You simply observe your big pots and when you get a bit of drainage leaking out, you know to stop irrigating. Pots on pallets prevent roots from growing out and foreign roots from growing in, which they will if sitting on the ground. See how easy that is? There are many low-impact ways to grow quality cannabis with one or two crops under the sun.

      • The real problem is the criminal based economy is being plowed under.

  • Drugs, greed, lack of education, and bad attitudes is a toxic combination. These people obviously don’t read the Bible becausee the Bible speaks of self destruction. That is exactly what is unfolding here in Humboldt County and all across this dangerous coontry. Drugs is not the answer. All hubs needs to be taken from careless individuals. It’s a tragedy to lose a life but people should be loving.

      • it starts with a lack of education. I love most drugs, but I don’t take most drugs because I know the drugs don’t love me back. also the job and responsibility thing play a big role. there is one thing in common with all of the criminal articles we read. hell most went to Zoe Barnum or California High which is a stat no one seems to wants to acknowledge.

        • Prayers to this persons family. What does Zoe Barnum have to do with anything. I know a lot of people who went to school there and they are not into any of the drugs or drug activity. I lived close by Jacobs and attended adult ed there even when it changed to Zoe Barnum . The problems I see now are the younger generation that gets away with anything and everything. Yes, you do need to vote new people as supervisors. Hopefully things will change for the better when Sundberg is gone.

          • most of the mugshots we seem in the news are locals that grew up in Eureka or McKinleyville. its a fact. and lack of education and a path forward is the underlining reason why we have so much crime. its not like this area is unique, everywhere in the US that is similar is actually similar for a reason. please educate your kids. stop being lazy.

    • If you actually followed the teachings of the bible, you would be a criminal in every country. The bible teaches slavery, murder, torture, infanticide, polygamy, even *gasp* abortion (Numbers 5:11-31)

      • Jaekelopterus: The Bible is as much a history book as others, and if your not reading the entire book then your just seeing half the picture. Try reading the entire book & take some theology classes.

    • Church and capitalists together make constant overseas wars for more resources.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Many people read the Bible or Quran and do terrible things, so scratch religion. Drugs have worked better for me. Whatever works for you.

  • It’s the Alderpoint 8.

  • Just another bad happening on the infamous Highway 36

  • I wish people would stop blaming the Board of Supervisors they’re not drug dealers they’re not drug dealers they’re not murders did drugs or what destroying this county and you cannot blame them for that we need more law enforcement we need a crack down we need judges and courts to put these people away as I’ve said many times until that happens this is never going to stop

    • No your right they are crackpot, sellouts.
      Giving our business away to outsiders.
      Why not protect what we have worked to build over the last 50 years.
      Our brothers and sisters have spent years imprisoned because they believe in what we do.
      Humboldt used to be the top shelf of the cannabis industry. Everyone in the US and abroad knew Humboldt herb was the finest product on the planet. Now grown in Humboldt doesn’t mean shit! We’ve lost our competitive edge!
      Thank you California, and our dipshit board of supervisors!

      • it was only here for a reason and that reason doesn’t exist anymore. Michigan just opened up shop today. times change, I expect it to be federally legal soon so the VA can use it, liked they planned. you should look at the central coast 2018 Google earth images. most of them won’t make it either. there’s too much. its just like W. Virginia moonshine, people still make it, but it doesn’t go anywhere like it did before in great demand.

    • Sundberg sold us out when he took campaign money from emerald scamily farms . Yes we blame our supervisors who side with growers and don’t listen to us and only seem to care about the money from the grows or abatements.

      • I wonder if there’s been one dime of abatement tax added to ‘The County’s money pot’?

        The Supe’s favor greenhouse production of facsimiles, not growers. If you purchase soil, don’t call yourself a farmer – Paul Encimer.

        Fiction can only create more fiction. They won’t stop until Humboldt is as desolate as the front of the courthouse – trees, ferns, flowers and fauna destroyed.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Humboldt County and California taxed and regulated the small, family farms out of existence. Supes Fennell and Bohn should have known better. If memory serves, it cost $150 just to review your property map with Rodney and the rest at the County office. In advance. Only big-money people and corporations can afford to go legit. That’s why Colorado and other States are eating our lunch.

      Strict California regs regarding the growth and distribution of food could have been modified slightly for marijuana production. But no, that was too sensible.

    • maybe we need a differant frame of mind instead of more laws and enforcement. ever stop to wonder if maybe how you think you should act isnt how everyone else wants to act and the reason you feel like you need more laws and enforcement of those law is merely to attempt to force your way of living onto others who do not wish to live the same way you do ? at what point does one have the rigjt to enforce their values onto others .

  • Its in the chemtrails

  • This happens when a society of criminals are content with the money rolling in! The crime is put on hold while times are good. As soon as the money dries up or changes hands in this situation, the criminals are back in full action because all they know is crime and money!! It’s going to get much worse as the funds evaporate in this rural county….good luck lock your doors and pack heat there coming!

  • Now he’s a legend…RIP “AJ”….

  • Blame,joke all you want.What about some empathy for the victim?

    • I wasn’t joking I was trying to confirm who this really is because it would be really nice to know . It is actually a pretty common name and I am really hoping this is not who I think everyone is talking about. I don’t know how anyone could make fun of such a serious situation.

  • Blessings to his family and friends. May they catch the perp, so they aren’t out running loose to do this again.

    • I’ll ditto this!

        • It has a double meaning? I only know it as ‘copy, second, echo, and/or agree,’.
          I officially change my above post to “I’ll second that”. Or ‘ditto!” (meaning, I echo what was said, without having to repeat what was said).
          Definition of ditto:
          : a thing mentioned previously or above —used to avoid repeating a word —often symbolized by inverted commas or apostrophes

  • Geez, Kym. You continually delete my posts, yet you allow most of these, which obviously have absolutely zero to do with the story. Just a bunch of whiney a-holes looking to spout off about things they know almost nothing about.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Off the immediate topic, but whatever happened in the case of a homicide where the victim was at first believed to have been run over on 101, but found to have been shot first. The vehicle was found in the Pine Hill area, but after that, nothing, or have I missed something on that? The victim worked for a weed business in Redding…

  • Perp is probably one of those “crazies” from “Mad” River!

    Those folks are way too gun happy.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Just another murder brushed under the rug by our overstaffed and overpayed sheriff’s department.theres no 100 grand in bullshit made up fines to extort!!! For such big time rip offs there so cheap they wont evan spring for razors to shave their faces

  • The weed collapse continues apace.

  • The problem starts in the human heart where greed lives and hate and violence are justified. We learn what we want to, what I learned from the Bible is to love one another as we love our selves. The ugliness of human nature has depleted many people’s ability to love even themselves. I see drugs, alcohol, shopping, sexual addictions, and many other behaviors that ultimately destroy us as a way to briefly avoid the reality of ourselves and our own choices. Blaming others for ones own choices will lead to self disgust and lack of self control. Our media culture thrives on violence and mockary. A+B=C We all have a part in this.
    I hope this man does not have children. It will be so hard on those that love him. I hope for their sakes those responsible are caught and held responsible. It’s horrible to not know.

    • Psalm 137:9
      “Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock”.

      What a great moral guide.

      • Deuteronomy heretics and dreamers burn at stake.

      • Like I said you learn what you want and both your examples are old testiment. I learned to love others. Many people miss that from the numerous religious writings in our world and choose to attack and generalize what they don’t understand. Taking an old testiment verse out of context to argue what? That it’s impossible to learn to love one another from the Bible? Silliness. If you don’t like it don’t read it but why learn it to mock those that do find some sort of peace or moral compass there. The new teatiment is a story about a man that stood up against the old laws or maybe you stopped reading in Deuteronomy and Psalms? There are some very uplifting verses in Psalms as well, you will learn what you want to. If you seek peace, wisdom, and love you will find it.

        • If invoking your bronze-age genie makes you feel better, that’s cool. Just don’t expect others to take it literally or seriously.

        • Thank you Norcalwarmth. Your comment is right on.

          Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE). Not a religious book.

          • Naw, it just stands for Buy-Bull.

            • It’s written in parables – ‘pair of balls’. Perhaps you just can’t comprehend it.

              • It is well established you have some strange ideas about masculinity. So it’s a metaphor, and that’s why I should believe it? And suspending logical thought makes you feel masculine. Okay, weird.

                • “It is well established you have some strange ideas about masculinity”. [edit]

                  Current events indicate we may be at the end of this human experience. And many of us are aware that life is a school. Humanity is coming forth as never before. We can choose to connect with each other in an intimate way to strengthen the depth of our communication and to make a difference in the world at this time.

            • It's not all about you

              It might help such oblivious nastiness if, instead of thinking in terms of their own ethnocentric boogie men- here usually Christianity because of its involvement in western history- they start thinking about the reason insulting and belittling anyone is wrong. Always. Period. Especially on the internet, the person relying on guidance based on religion might be in a desperate situation looking for aid where ever they can find it or their reliance on it might be because it helps them to go from an embittered human to a better one. The possibility of abusing someone so vulnerable did should be enough a consideration to not go there.

              Religion does not generally create evil as much as humans use it as a tool to express their own evil. It’s sort of like the internet.

        • That was beautiful, NCW.
          Despite the swine trampling the pearls you tossed, the pearls still shone forth like the gems they are. The pearls remain beautiful.
          Speaking of pearls and swine, Matthew 7:6 comes to mind.
          “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

  • I don’t know if it would help but the mad River bar out there has cameras the Burger bar has cameras and the Dinsmore store has cameras and there’s probably multiple people with game cameras up and down the road hopefully the investigators can do their job and not let the perp get away with this

  • there are alot of good people with children who are suffering….and the kids know whats goin on as they suffer the most…the shits gotten serious…the goose is dead and wheels are off the wagon….rip ‘aj’…we miss ya

  • Why can’t y’all recognize or respect the dead … everyone wants to say stupid shit when a friend is dead … why do you have to comment on something you don’t know !!

  • So this was a weed business arrangement that went bad?

  • Rats out of the bag . Google “pizza maker acquitted in mob shooting ny daily news” …”crackhead and wanna-be mobster”

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