Pedestrian Sent to Hospital After Struck by Postal Truck in Arcata


Witnesses and emergency personnel at the scene of the accident. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker]

Witnesses and emergency personnel at the scene of the accident. [Crop of a photo by Bobby Kroeker]

A woman was struck by a US Postal van in the Sunnybrae Shopping Center in Arcata today about 2:30 p.m.

An ambulance responded to the scene and took the woman to Mad River Hospital with lights and siren going which indicates the seriousness of her injuries. She suffered an injury to her foot, according to scanner traffic.

Arcata Police are at the scene investigating.




  • i fail to see how anyone can be more distracted than law enforcement while driving . they often have their phones to their ear radios going plus radar plus laptop computer plus plate scaners all the while they are supposed to be watching everyone else even chexking through tintes windows for seatbelts ….maybe more drivers training and less distracted driving laws . stop handing out permits to drive like they are candy.

    • Which is legal for them to do so. Stop whining and complaining about what others do. Set the example for those that look up to YOU and move along.


        We all share the same perception of law – it implies morality. Morality can’t be legislated. LEGAL doesn’t have squat to do with law.

  • Most likely jumped in front of postal truck.

    • That was my thought.

    • Really? You think THAT’s the most likely explanation?

      Criminy. 🙄

      • Local Skeptic Thru Observation

        Apparently you do not drive thru Arcata much. Ever since the playground was evicted, I cannot drive 2 blocks in town without some addict throwing themselves in my vehicle’s path. Every single time. Not saying this is what happened, just that I too thought it a likely possibility.

  • I thought the postal service was off today.

  • Considering the USPS was supposed to be off today, I suspect she assumed the truck was a figment of her imagination and was subsequently smacked by reality.

  • They are not off today. I work with UPS and saw several mail cars out an about today

  • That’s what happens when you toe the line.

  • I was almost struck by one leaving the post office just yesterday. Blasting out of the back lot😠

  • I was just missed by one speeding out of the back lot just yesterday.

  • I just saw a po truck with stuff blocking view out front and side one notices or does anything about it.

  • Postage is going up,delivery going down….

  • Antichrist…….WOW….

  • Ullr rover..thats funnny shit.

  • I was damn near hit by a “Postal Truck” running across five lanes of highway,north of San Leandro. HaHa!!

  • Not saying this was a planned event but it does happen frequently especially on Broadway in Eureka. I had a friend who had someone run in front of him, jump on the hood of his car, slid off, ran to the passenger side, got in, wrestled with my friend behind the wheel, they both go out the driver side while car is still moving. My friend fights him off then runs to stop his car while the perp went running off. He called cops and told them to look for a scuffed up guy somewhere in the vicinity (Tweeker Land). Keep your doors locked too when driving these streets! Drive slow through town. Always be aware. Either way people behind the wheel always should be on the alert. Put your phones down, too!

  • People walk aimlessly all over Arcata. Yes, drivers know you have right of way. But, honestly, walking out in front of a moving vehicle is a death wish.

  • Wow…what a bunch of ugly minds.Hey you people trying to blame the victim have you ever been run over?Wow Kym…every time something happens and you post it these jackels pounce on it and start throwing blame on victims….you’re pathetic and should just stop your nasty posts…poor woman.For shame…shame.Sorry Kym I’ve been run over and spent a year in a wheelchair..these people are so insulting I had to say something..

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