Multi Vehicle Crash on Broadway

The pickup  struck another car causing a chain reaction, according to one vehicle.

The pickup struck another car causing a chain reaction, according to one vehicle. [Photo provided by a reader]

About 5:13 p.m. Tuesday evening, a multi car accident occurred in the 2800 block of Broadway in Eureka. According to one witness four vehicles were involved.The witness believed that one driver “plowed into stopped traffic damaging three other cars.”

The witness further went on to say, “Three of the four cars had to be towed away and the driver of the white truck was arrested for suspected DUI.”

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.




  • DUI at 5 in evening, that isn’t good.

  • looks like he just got some body work done on the front. he might run into things frequently

  • Loser! Humboldt is full of drunks driving with no consequences and don’t tell me, I don’t know what I’m talking about, money and fines don’t count, they can never pay the fines anyway. I have a family member who was killed by a drunk driver ,I have no sympathy for them. We get a life sentence.

  • Looks like he just replaced the front wrap from the last texting while driving incident

  • Start a Go Fund Me to fix his truck, then he can run into more people.

  • Is that the 5th traffic accident in 24 hours proximal to Arcata and eureka where an ambulance was needed?

    Unbelievably, the drivers are worse than ever, despite fair weather conditions.

    They need permanent check points around here, at least during the holidays; even if they have to hire another officer.

    • Indeed. A little terrifying to think what it will be like when we get an actual storm.
      IF you cannot put your phone down while driving, please turn in your drivers license now.
      IF you drink and drive, you can go to hell.

      • Sober Up Humboldt & Pay Attention

        I totally agree chasi! I was rear ended on Broadway a few months ago. It was during the stop and go 5:00 traffic. I had seen the driver that was behind me at two or three previous stops we had in the heavy traffic, not paying attention!. Suddenly the traffic starting getting up to speed again and here comes the same driver looking down, screwing around with his phone. Bam, he nailed us!

        He slammed into our car and caused about $1000 worth of damage and it gave my wife and myself a 30 mile an hour impact whiplash. We pulled over and the driver that hit us stopped also. He had a strange looking machine that he had hung out his open passenger window, just before he got out. I found out it was a breathalyzer that he blew into every so often, while I was getting his insurance information. He said he had to do this to keep his car running. I’m quite tired of all the drug and alcohol people that seem to live in this county. Do you really have to be on your phone 24/7? Are you really that important to risk the safety of others and yourself?

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