Accident at Buhne and J Streets; Ambulance Responding

Buhne one lane controlled traffi

[Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Two vehicles collided at the intersection of Buhne and J Streets about 12:19 p.m., according to the scanner.

An ambulance is responding.

There is one way controlled traffic on Buhne. J Street is closed to through traffic.dented panel on silver suv



  • Is it the holiday spirit or are people in to much of a rush.

  • I want to say, up the penalty for running stop signs or red lights. Too many of these needless “accidents” lately.
    You know, a few thousand dollars… or impound your vehicle… if you fail to stop and wait.
    But then again, if the threat of an expensive and possibly deadly collision doesn’t make these drivers pay attention, i don’t know if financial penalties would.

  • look both ways twice but then again, probably ran the stop.

  • Drivers are INSANE out there. I usually see two or three cars rolling through stop signs when I take a short walk in Eureka. Yesterday this was really evident and people were driving like lunatics generally, especially in parking lots. They ignore parking lot stop signs, etc. They roll through stops all over town. Yesterday I saw a city worker truck with two workers inside roll through a stop sign in front of the library. As usual, EPD is nowhere to be seen.

  • Yesterday I saw city workers in a city truck roll through a stop sign. No one cares. People are dying out there. I am shocked more pedestrians are not killed in Eureka by these insane, inept drivers. EPD doesn’t stop them. They speed and run stop signs all over town. Especially the giant SUV’s and grow dozers. Like there is no one else on the streets and city streets are a motor speedway. Parking lots are far worse. Demolition derby. Horrible.

  • Good grief, keep this up Eureka and Vegas book-makers will be giving odds on transitioning this area unscathed.

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