Grandmother Found Dead on Eureka Street

Woman died of Exposure

Law enforcement gave CPR to a woman who died outside yesterday on one of the coldest nights of the year so far in Eureka. [Crop of a photo by Jamie E. Lopez ]

About 7:15 a.m. yesterday, a Native American woman was found unresponsive off an alleyway near the 1700 block of 4th Street in Eureka. Though an officer gave the woman, Debra Jealous of Him, CPR, she was later pronounced dead.

Jealous of Him, who most recently lived on the streets of Eureka, had earlier lived in Hoopa.

She was a grandmother and mother who at age 56 died on one of the coldest Eureka nights this last month. Temperatures dipped into the low 30’s. The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office says that the cause of her death hasn’t been determined. An autopsy has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Executive Director at Eureka Rescue Mission, Bryan Hall, noted, “Especially at this time of the year we should be reaching out even more so and loving our neighbors. Those who have homes and those who don’t.”

He pointed out, “[H]omeless people are people. Living breathing human beings who have feelings and emotions just like everybody else. Some have fallen on very difficult times and not been able to get back up. That doesn’t mean that we should push them to the side and treat them any less than who they really are as beautiful people created in the image of God.”

UPDATE Thursday: Channel 7 News is reporting that “her cause of death has been determined as natural causes related to ongoing health issues. Despite some rumors circulating on social media, the woman’s death was not related to cold weather exposure…”



  • Rest in Peace Grandmother!!! :-C

  • Does anyone know if she has a walker? If she did I know her she was at the Flamingo Motel up a little from the room my mother was in

  • Godspeed, Grandmother. My prayers are for you.

    This is so heartbreaking…

  • RIP nice lady.

  • sad, I was just saying last night I was concerned over the homeless being out in the cold last night. and she wasn’t that old, 56.

  • this is sad, yet to those who cry “grandma” why didn’t you give her shelter?

    • The same people who say let in millions of asylum seekers and refugees aba. They don’t want to house them,clothe them or feed them. They just expect other people to pay for it. All bark. No action. Sad? Indeed.RIP American momma

      • Red in a Sea of Green

        The same people (like you) who yammer on and on about “the same people expecting others to pay for it” never stop to question your own assumption that I want to pay for the endless wars that you people are happy to spend my money on.

        Those “smart bombs” ain’t paying for themselves, you know. All Bark, no thought. Sad? Indeed. RIP Logic and Consistency.

    • [edit]It’s bad enough she passed,I’m her daughter and I feel horrible enough that she’s gone.

  • So sad! Wow. What could have been done to prevent this? No one deserves to die this way!

    • It’s called helping the people who live here in America first small fry. No….. we can not let in millions of other country’s homeless when we have atrocities like this happening to American people that already live here. She is a Native American for crying out load!!!!!! Close the borders.

  • That’s my mom.
    She just turned 56

    • Ahh…condolences, Monique.

    • Love and respects, Monique. To your siblings also. She was a wonderful woman. Friend of the family for years!

    • Christine stachel

      So very sorry for your loss!!!!!

    • I am so sorry, Monique. I hope the next world is kinder to her.

    • SO Sorry for your loss!!!

    • Condolences Monique, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with your mom working/walking my dog in and around old down almost weekly over the last 7 or 8 years. She had a smile and an energy that would light up any room. This news breaks my heart and your family is in my thoughts. Peace and Love

    • I am so sorry for your loss

    • I’m sorry for your loss. I know it is hard, I lost my mom to cancer this year so, I understand the pain from loosing your mom. It is hard these days to tell which homeless are there because things have knocked them down & they want to get back up but aren’t able to get the help with the resources to do so. Then, there are the ones that don’t want the help & would rather bum money.(which then they may use to buy drugs & not food)There are also shelters but some of the homeless don’t want to follow the shelters rules. I read one post where the person said that she was our honored elder, then why wasn’t she treated aa such? Another one asked why didn’t her family help her? I would like to know as well. I hope it was that none of them had the room or finances not because of bad blood, whatever it was I’m sure they had their reasons. Again I’m sorry for your loss.

      • You’re only “interested” in throwing shade. “Judge not, lest ye be judged also” and the stranger at your door may be a god in disguise.

    • I am sorry for your loss.

    • I AM so sorry for your loss. I knew your momma many moons ago. Big heart.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. Aren’t there places for people to stay in at night during the cold weather months?

    • Monique,Sorry to hear about your mom ❤

    • The loss of a loved one, especially a parent, is particularly difficult at any time, but this time of year is even worse than most for many. My sincere condolences to you and your family. I hope you can take comfort in good memories and the knowledge that whatever pain she was forced to deal with in this world can trouble her no more.

  • 😢 Yes Bryan 🙏

  • ♡☆♡RIP♡☆♡

    The largest group of people newly homeless in our state are older folks with serious physical ailments/illnesses.
    Sorry but thats why some parts of the devils playground camps were good, one camp had the idiots partying and stealing with weapons. The other camp for the most part were people down on their luck, many with disabilities and many with jobs but couldnt save enough to get first, last, deposit. (Yes im generalizing, it wasnt that cut&dry).
    That camp would have found shelter/blankets/something for this woman.
    They watched out for each other, we never hear of how helpful many homeless have been in helping with missing persons cases.

    Now theyre all scattered and it works for no one; they are more susceptible to crime/weather and we see them everywhere.
    In big cities they push all homeless into one or two zones, as out of sight as possible.

    It is beyond appalling that a woman would die in the freezing cold in eureka. We’re better than that. Are there no cops looking for folks on freezing nights to get them to shelter like other towns do??

    • suggestion: start a citizen group or help Betty Chin or your local shelter/religious group. Its not up to the police — its up to the citizens if they want change.

      • unfortunately when all else fails, the police get to pick up the pieces.

      • Police are citizens too.

      • Think about walking in their shoes

        Our walking group saw a man in the parking lot next to the Shamis Restaurant. He was talking to himself and shivering. And NONE of us did a thing to help him out. We all skirted around him for fear he would see us. In America we have lost our compassion for our the needy and letting the others be helpers. In this season of supposedly GIVING I am ashamed of myself. There was a time when only a few would succumb in an alleyway. We are too quick to turn our backs on them. Them meaning whoever they are…………………………

        • Ronald Reagan shut down the institutions where we once housed those who were unable to care for themselves due to severe mental illnesses. Admittedly there were problems with many of these places, but Reagan was not interested in these problems or the people whose lives were shattered by mental illness. Reagan was interested in “cutting the size of government” (or so he claimed) and what he meant was freeing up more money for jails and means of coercion and one way to do this was to attack and close “non-essential” (to the ruling class) services like health-care, including mental-health, at least for the poor. Rich people or those with insurance can go to a modern facility and be treated fairly well.

          At any rate, don’t feel too ashamed of yourself. We are inundated with images and narratives depicting and reminding us of the insanity that lurks just on the periphery of our experience and there are indeed no shortage of mentally-unstable individuals who are as violent and unhinged as the society that we have allowed the oligarchy to create. This violence is a reflection of the violence that the oligarchy perpetuates abroad. This has a corresponding mental effect on not only “our brave men and women” (sic) – the who wear the imperialist jackboots on the ground, but also the general populace which is conditioned to accept the death of “others” and those who have been “otherized” through advanced psychological warfare techniques.

          I’m just sayin’ while it’s not a bad idea to offer help, this is a systemic problem and individuals can only have a limited impact. The problem is both structural in the sense of the facilities for treating these illnesses have been curtailed or eliminated as well as in the sense that there are increasing numbers of people who have been de-skilled by the advances in technology and have been rendered essentially redundant as human beings, at least to the bottom-line mentality that equates “bums” with the inability or lack of desire to live productive lives, while making exceptions for the idle rich.

    • I read she was staying at the Flamingo Motel.

    • We can thank the City of Eureka/City Counsel for destroying the devil’s playground.

      Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them. T.S. Eliot

    • Sick Transient Gloria Mundi

      The oligarchy doesn’t want to see large camps because that is what they call “bad optics” these days. These made bad images on Chinese and other national television broadcasts as the US tries to impose its propaganda on the populations of these countries. The ruling class of the US wants to avoid, as much as possible, the spectacle of these sort of sights and will take any opportunity to bust them up and disperse the populace under such guises as “health risks” – as if living on the street was not a “health risk” itself worth addressing.

  • Betty Chinn’s org violates state and federal laws. Forget her.

    Was this the little lady that used to go around making designs on the ground in stones?

  • She was a loving mother to all, she sacrificed all, to help others in need and even if that consumed her well being. She deserves better from those that took from you, as such it was my privilege to help you any time I was able. May all your ancestors guide you to the next world, your suffering fade into darkness and you find peace in the afterlife. You were our honored elder, we and the land, mourn the loss of your spirit in this tempestuous life.

    • When I was homeless and knew hardly anyone she showed me places to stay dry. RIP to one of our elders. Do not forget she WAS an Elder. Come on Humboldt can’t we do better?

  • Grandmother Moon has her in Her arms <3

  • R.I.P. Grandmother. May your death be not in vain as the community comes together to provide a zoning for the homeless to camp during their most stressful days.
    My condolences to her loved ones.

    • Absolutely, there should be a designated tent city that is patrolled by police, has port a potties and trash and recycling pick up. The cost on the city would be less than the other expenses occurred. Even just from people commiting petty crimes for 3 meals and a cot.

        • That presumes the lady did not have a place to go, which is totally unknown. There was(is?) a tent city- where several attempts were made to install porta potties (destroyed before a day went by), the people who lived there were doing the recycling, patrolling by police means enforce drug laws and arresting thieves, mental health holds, etc. And, unfortunately for any government, it means assuming liability for the tenants with their goods, their health and the damage they do from vandalism, theft, fires and disputes.

          Such suggestions assume that people are eager to live like other people find proper and are just missing the opportunity. It’s just isn’t like that for many, if not most. Freedom of action given by law hinders what a legal entity can do.

          • I understand your concerns, and have bounced them to and fro in my own mind for years while nothing ever gets accomplished for them. I’ll quickly jot down my new mind juggling notes.

            We can also assume that Grandmother has raised awareness for all others who are in the same state of despair.
            Providing a camping spot for the houseless, secures their right to shelter themselves. They can always subdivide their camp zone and not allow the ‘totally free’ to reside in their zone. Self governing spaces for all.
            As far as the porta potties go, sometimes we are so spoiled with our own modern conveniences we forget that there are other styles that used to meet our needs. The old fashioned or small spaces Squat Toilets could be installed, with easy clean non porous tile or stainless steel surrounds.
            Troughs also used to be useful in public ‘restrooms’. Troughs would work well for the ‘totally free’ people who can’t or who won’t abide by any other’s perspectives of self governing rules. Squat toilets would work well for those who completely appreciate a place to go. Western style work well in all other situations.
            Sometimes we just need to think outside the box stall.

            a small blurb on troughs.

          • The so-called “government” has “assumed liability” when it assumed ownership of we-the-people and claimed the right to tax us, number us, and draft us.
            You don’t get to claim right of ownership and then disavow liability or responsibility.

  • This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. There should be open public facilities for these cold nights. New York City does it for thousands of homeless people. It’s going to take a majority of us to demand this.

  • Keep moving when cold.hypothermia kills .dont drink,don’t crash after too much time awake.speed kills.

  • saddened too read this. I wish life would have been more kind to Debra. May the winds of mother earth carry you safely to your final resting place.

  • Fly with the angels young lady! Watch over your children, positive energy to the family and friends in these hard times.

  • Our family will miss Debbie, very much. She was doing a lot better, last I knew. Was staying in a place…. I don’t know why she would be out in the cold all night, unless she fell asleep from natural causes, or something else. It’s so upsetting, not matter what.

  • Gone are the days where the elders own family help them and take them into their homes.

  • Too soon. She left us too soon.

    Rest peacefully. And may your light continue to shine across the worlds.

  • There is a housing shortage in Humboldt,affordable is not to be confused with NIMBY.How many will die in the elements this year, while rents are thru the roof?

  • This is a f#$!@ disgrace to our country. Our county. This should never happen, to anyone, ever! $117 billion to defense. BILLION! Trump is a now known dictator. He cares nothing about regular citizens. Never has! If you still support this maniac, rot in hell. If not, VOTE BLUE!!! We must save our country from this lying dictator. This our chance! Stop the white nationilist, nazis NOW!!! Please people. Wake up!!!

    • Yeah because no homeless or dead BEFORE Trump! Get off the drugs or take your meds, whichever it is!

    • Maybe it’s you who needs to wake up. Telling people to rot in hell?

    • This really not the platform for hostility or rants about government.
      This poor woman’s family lost their elder.
      Have some respect for the family.

    • New Yellowcake Times

      Obama authorized 1 trillion for “nuclear upgrades” in 2015-16 and the media soft-peddled that news until “Trump!” and suddenly it was his baby.

      LOL You are led like cattle with nose-rings and jerked around from one illegal war to the next – some of which you “Oppose” (the ones that profit Republican donors) while others you turn a blind eye to (the ones that profit Hillary Walmart Clinton).

      Try independent thought. It’s a lesser known and not name-brand, but it’s a lot better than the coke vs pepsi politics you seem to be hooked on.

      Oh. Almost forgot to include a source for my claim:

      First, a link:

      (you’ll note that this is not Breitbart or some other shady source, but the Old Grey Lady herself, that claims to be the Paper of Record even!)

      And, for lagniappe, a pullquote:

      “President Obama has authorized a nuclear modernization program that would cost $1 trillion, that’s a “T,” over the next 30 years. This is unnecessary. Moreover, it will impose an increasing burden on the defense budget, making it difficult to maintain our conventional military superiority – the real guarantee of U.S. security. The next president should cut back nuclear modernization plans and use those funds to ensure that our more important conventional forces maintain their technological and quantitative superiority over all potential foes.” – Barry Blechman (Co-founder of the Stimson Center).

      But yes, you’re right. This country’s oligarchy spends too much money on what it risibly refers to as “defense” and should be held to account for their ill-treatment of we the serfs.

  • My condolences to everyone, especially her family. I am so very sorry.

  • It’s interesting that people are so sympathetic and understanding of this woman’s plight. Could it be because she’s native? It’d be interesting to see if the same amount of outpouring was made if it was stated she was black or Latino or whatever. Just sayin .. it’s be an interesting experiment. I sense a bit of white guilt here.
    Regardless, I have only love for the homeless women of this area. It’s so sad.

  • A life was lost here dosent have anything to do race! Im sorry for everyones loss that knew her.

  • Was her nickname “Tigger”? If so I to knew her ,RIP.

  • What has been released as the cause of death ?
    Did she ‘freeze’ to death or have some sort of another ‘medical event’ ?

  • Rest In Peace , hope your life in the next world isn’t so hard..

  • Terrible,
    how can we prevent this from happening.
    Condolences to the family.

  • It would be good to get the result of the autopsy.

  • I have a business here on 4th street and occasionally Debra would come in and say hello. I say until we meet again may you rest in heaven. My deepest sympathy to Debra’s family. and just a quick response to the rescue mission , I agree it is a good place if you have no where to go, but word on the street is that you turn away many homeless , Especially the ones that are mentally ill. so I hope this winter you change the way that’s ran.

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