Victim Describes Myers Flat Home Invasion

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On Saturday afternoon, a woman alone in Myers Flat said she was robbed for multiple pounds of marijuana on her property on which she has an interim permit.

“I heard a knock,” the woman who wishes to remain anonymous told us. “I opened the door a little bit.” She said she saw one Hispanic male about 6 foot tall with a clean shaven, round face. But behind him she saw two or three more.

“They had masks that go across the lower part of their face,” she said.

She tried to push the door close but the men quickly shoved it open and grabbed her.

“There were three or four, she said. “One holding me.”

“They were speaking Spanish,” she said but she understood what they said. “Get all the phones,” she said the one unmasked man said. She thought she saw the men gather them all up.

She said she thought there wasn’t any left but later she discovered she had been wrong.

At this point she said, she saw her dog lunging towards the men. Things happened quickly and she says she has trouble remembering the details but she said at one point, “I saw my dog had one arm up on the couch. They had a bungee thing on her leg.”

She doesn’t know how she did it but somehow she broke free and went to her dog. “I held her because I was worried if she went after them they’d do something to hurt her.”

The woman says the men let her hold the dog. “I think they realized I wasn’t going to be doing anything,” she said.

Sitting quietly with her dog, seems to have lulled the men into discounting her. They began taking things outside and presumably to their vehicle. And, to the woman’s surprise, they all went outside at the same time.

She rushed to the door and began closing it. “One guy was shoving against it but I managed to get it closed,” she said. She deadbolted the door, she explained.

“As soon as I got the door locked, I looked around and saw one of my house phones hooked up to a landline.”

She dialed 911. “I screamed at them I was calling the police…and then went around to the backdoor to make sure it was locked,” she said.

The woman said, “I couldn’t see the vehicle [well] but it was a black SUV.” From what people in town told her later, she believes the vehicle was most likely a black Cadillac Escalade with tinted windows.

She heard them drive away. “I think they were in and out in 10 minutes” she said.

The woman said she was giving us as many details as she could remember because “I just want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Note: A quote has been removed because the victim didn’t believe it accurately reflected what she was feeling.

Earlier Chapter: Myers Flat Woman Reported Three Males Robbed Her of 30 Pounds of Marijuana



  • Don’t deal drugs. End of story.

    • She has a legal permit to sell. Pharmaceutical companies also “deal drugs.” Vineyards also deal the raw product that creates alcohol a powerful reality alterer. Should they also be told not to “deal drugs?”

      • Apparently “Mr Right” uses a misplaced moniker.

      • I am not “in the scene”, but I have a question.
        Couldn’t a compliant cannabis company obtain insurance against theft?
        Naturally the insurance company would need to have a minimum of security, and maybe living on the premises of the business would be one of them.

        Just a question in general because all businesses that warehouse anything of value need insurance.

        • Yes, there is some. My understanding is that it is generally expensive. However, the main problem is that cultivators are having to change their mindset from hiding everything to talking to people and getting legal services. Look at how some of the commenters on here respond to a theft. The victim is treated as a criminal. It takes courage and knowledge about the options to purchase insurance.

          • “However, the main problem is that cultivators are having to change their mindset from hiding everything to talking to people and getting legal services. “”

            The problem is fraud, deceit and illusion -and the supporters of fraud, deceit and illusion – the masses.

            “Talk and get “Legal” service.”

            Go get your LEGAL service – cuz, it’s done such a grand job in Humboldt for the past 2 -3 years!

            I believe i can fly.

          • You mean they would have to admit they have permits but are still breaking the law. By selling product outside of the state Track n Trace system. Everybody I know w permits is doing this.

            • No I believe she means that because this industry is knee deep in the transition period from illegal (for more than 100 years) to legal (a matter of months) that many, if not most, long-time growers are skeptical of this change after years of having to grow under the radar due to decades of arrests and propaganda fed to the masses, who believe anything they’re told. Every article on this site having to do with pot or pot raids has plenty of comments clearly showing that there are still plenty of you fools out there that just continue to cry “ criminal this and criminal that”. Yeah we get it! Anyone who grew pot before it was legalized was a criminal breaking the law. So what? It’s a new day so get over it already. The day will come when us criminals will have those crimes erased from history. All of you might as well start looking for something else to complain about.

              • Sleepy Alligator,

                ~when you stir, you get right to the point.

                luv it

              • Yes but one must not forget, it’s still federally illegal… and unless you’re claiming everything you grow and selling it all through a legal California Market, you are still breaking the law. Alcohol is federally legal, yet if you make your own distilled Spirits you’re breaking the law and they take it quite seriously. It’s like owning a car is legal, but if you drive it without insurance or a driver’s license you’re still breaking the law. Just because something is legal there are still rules that need to be followed and seeing as how they’re changing the rules on a monthly basis that might be kind of hard.

      • Permitted growers need physical security!

      • Everybody knows liscenced/permitted growers dump most of their product on the black market, surely in violation of the permit.
        The people who robbed her were probably tangentially connected to the mafias she sells too, or they just used information publicly available to translate the parcels Apn# listed on The county’s Who’s who liscenced grower list & translated it into a actual location.

        • next year once everyone is required to have a full state license. There will be criminal charges against anyone who diverts from the track and trace system. Also your premises will be required to have cameras filming everything. You can get insurance but i don’t know if it will cover you in case of theft.

          • “. . . once everyone is required . . . ”

            “No State shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and charge a fee therefore.”
            Murdock v. Pennsylvania 319 US 105.

            “If the State converts a right into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license fee and
            engage in the right with impunity.” Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham Alabama 373 US.

            “People of a state are entitled to all rights, which formerly belong to the King by his
            prerogative.” Lansing v Smith (1829) 4 Wendell 9, 20 (NY).

            “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; while
            sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains
            with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts.”
            Yick Wo v Hopkins, 118 US 356, at pg. 370.

            “A sovereign is exempt from suit, not because of any formal conception or obsolete theory,
            but on the logical and practical ground that there can be no legal Right as against the
            authority that makes the law on which the Right depends.”
            Kawananakoa v. Polybank 205 U.S. 349, 353, 27 S. Ct. 526, 527, 51 L. Ed. 834 (1907).

            “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no
            protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had
            never been passed.” Norton vs Shelby County, 118 US. 425, p. 442.

            “Every citizen and freeman is endowed with certain rights and privileges to enjoy which no
            written law or statute is required. These are fundamental or natural rights, recognized among
            all free people.” U.S. v. Morris, 125 F 322, 325.


            • State all that to the cops as they are kicking your door down. They do what they want without regard for our liberty.

              • It’s recorded into the public record. In a “COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION” (when the Clerk does her/his duty and recognizes, has to take into the court record from the public record )–which one do you believe triumphs? The @System@? Fact or Fiction? Truths or Lies? Light or dark?

                I have two signs One says, My neighbor doesn’t have a gun. The other one says, Nothing in here worth killing for. Really three – BYLAWS FREE ZONE is my third.

                The mass opposition to the Tyrants is a relatively recent phenomenon, historically speaking. We are slowly burning down the camouflage. This requires the hunter instinct and patience.

          • I hate to tell you this or admit it to myself but I’m not sure that metric will go into effect. It isn’t up yet and I am fairly certain corporate farms will lobby against paying to sticker their thousand acre farms. Also due to the sheer volume of product I think the price drop will be too significant to make it worth it. This is going international and with that the midwest is converting from soybeans to cannabis/hemp….why so you think they legalized

        • next year once everyone is required to have a full state license. There will be criminal charges against anyone who diverts from the track and trace system. Also your premises will be required to have cameras filming everything. You can get insurance but i don’t know if it will cover you in case of theft.

          • Like in Oregon? There are now thousands of outdoor pounds available on the open underground for 400/lb coming from permitted OR mega-grows. I was hoping Track n Trace would work but it was all a scam to divide and destroy to make way for corporate takeover. The rich get richer.

            • Yep it’s ruining the price here as we speak

            • I think track-and-trace would actually hurt the market even more. There’s no way Californians can consume all the pot grown in California, the market would be so flooded out it won’t even be funny. But this is how industry takeover has always worked. When a commodity first becomes regulated, it is over regulated to the point where it cost more money to grow it then it’s worth. Then big corporations take over and Lobby the government to reduce the regulations and then have a monopoly and or are big enough to ignore regulations and just pay the fines. Or if it’s a manufactured product, they simply take it to a country without all the regulations and red tape.

            • I wouldn’t pay 200 a pound for Oregon dirt weed seems like whoever you know is getting ripped off! Meanwhile just sold 20lbs legal in California for 1800 a unit so you are full of shit on you prices. Dispensary shelves in so cal are half empty!!

          • Please report back where it says anything about mandatory cameras for cultivators anywhere in the state regulations! Ya…didn’t think so!

      • Pharmaceutical companies don’t keep the drugs at their homes.

    • Wow, don’t be a di¢k. End of story!!!

  • She was being watched. 👀👁

    • The article does not mention how she came to the attention of these thieves.

      • Applications for anyone in the permit process including addresses, plot plans and aerial images are all public record unfortunately. Not saying these guys were that savvy.

        • Until somebody like u puts this shit out there for all the stupid ass rip off to see. Thanks

          • Umm it’s all public record and anyone with half a brain already knows that. No secret to reveal . Better to get mad at Planning Dept. or all your friends who voted for “legalization”.

          • Unless you live deep in the woods or have some kind of cloaking system which makes your big Garden invisible, it doesn’t exactly take a rocket surgeon to figure out your growing pot..

      • Hill logic 101

        She heard a knock on the door and they met when she opened the door. The door set the victim up as it opened. On my property I know of the evils a door can cause so I cover my door to the front with a gate. I cover the door from behind with a shotgun just in case it tries to open on its own. In my little squat everyone I know they just holler and open the door. Some don’t even holler they just open the door. Now if ya knock on my door your probably gonna get blasted with a shotgun cause I know ya left the damn gate open!

  • Time to start actually paying the people you hire. Sorry this happened but I’m certain theres more to this story then what is being expressed.

  • Pot and Crime together, imagine that!!

  • Polite home invaders?! Hmmmmm. A front door camera and a 12 gauge shotgun and this wouldn’t have happened. Good though the way it turned out

  • Wow, it’s possible that people can just see your grow on google earth, and rob you these days. I hope they nail these scum buckets. There is a utube video about a guy in Oregon. A legal grower. The robbers tortured this guy horribly. It turned out the people who did it where his business associates. Luckily they caught them. But he shares his experience on utube openly. I am glad no one got extremely hurt in this case. Be safe out there peps! Lot’s of parrisites in this world today!

  • political moderate

    Just feels like big part of the story is left out. Why not give details how the weed was gathered up? Was it taken off the drying rack was it bagged up(likely)neatly in pounds sitting in the living room? No mention of polite robbers asking where weed was located ransacking for valuables.

    • I’m thinking bagged and ready to go. They were “in and out in ten minutes” and prior story states 30 pounds not a guesstimate of what was on the rack.

  • “The moment when I looked and saw masked men, I was like ‘No, this doesn’t happen here.’” Dorthy, you are not in Kansas anymore. You were never in Kansas because they would have already put you in prison. Legal or not, if you have 30 lbs on hand you are a target for a robbery.

    Is this what happens when the buyer and seller can’t come to terms on price? The buyer just takes the stuff.

    • I paused at the, “No, this doesn’t happen here” statement too. Anyone who knows the local scene and/or follows the local news knows this type of robbery is common in the area. Enter “invasion” in the search bar on this site and see how many stories come up (16 pages worth).

  • I smell something, fishy.

    I’ve been in the minority on public opinion before on news stories , and I’ve been right.

    I’m not buying this story at face value. I can’t put my finger on it right now but something sounds “off.”

    • groba dude trustafarian osnt

      I, also, do not care for the odor emanating from this account!

      I am left wondering what the level may have been on the wine bottle and what was the approximate amount of local agricultural product smoked before the alleged encounter with the alleged “pot thieves”, and wondering why someone would open the door, at night, for any reason, in a remote location in Humboldt County!

      The whole story lacks a tone of veracity, like many accounts of dope-jacking in Humboldt! I am reminded of earlier this year, when it was reported that 8 pounds of (some kind of) cheese and 13 pounds of “gelato” were stolen from a Benbow home… I didn’t like the odor of that story, either, although I was worried that their food had been stolen until I realized, “oh, that’s a kind of bud!”

      This story, above, is less than fully baked, and I have doubts that it is true.

      • It is my experience that you don’t care for anything related to the marijuana industry. However, it is always helpful to stick to the facts. The incident did not happen at night and it was not a remote location. The call was dispatched around 3:15 per the first article I posted which is broad daylight even on a December day. The incident occurred in the small town of Myers Flat.

        Making up facts to fit your preconceived notions does have the useful to you effect of reinforcing your perceptions but it isn’t very helpful to people you are trying to convince.

        • groba dude trustafarian osnt

          In my world, the “made up facts” most certainly could be the real problem here!

          I contend that whatever I said makes as much sense as the story presented above. If my understanding of the story is flawed, it may be due to the state of the story, itself, or the manner in which it was reported.

          You, like many other commenters, tend to focus on a few words that you do not care for, rather than the Gestalt of the comment. I get that you feel outrage that somebody might steal a lady’s weed, but your outrage is not the real story.

          The story above appears to have been concocted for the occasion, regardless of the reporting or the phrasing of the item, and, as an old newspaperman, the facts is the facts, but the writing needs to capture the truth.

          Sometimes the truth just can’t be taken captive because it wandered away, into the [edit] afternoon…

          • I give up. You never admit that you are wrong. And it is absolutely pointless to have discussions with someone who will never take in new information.

            • groba dude trustafarian osnt

              If I am incorrect, I will admit it and take steps to make things right.

              I admit that I was under the impression that the reported alleged hijacking occurred at night.

              Sorry for the confusion, but I still don’t believe the reported crime occurred exactly as alleged by the “victim”. The idea that a lone woman would be hijacked in her home is repugnant, but the whole story appears to be missing here.

              I have lived in Humboldt, and I was constantly worried about encounters with drug fiends, drug dealers, and extremely intoxicated persons, who in my vocation, seem to always be present.

              I have previously written ” If you make your living in the drug business, pirates will be watching”.

              If you deal drugs, you are exposed. Change your methods, protect yourself, and try not to get hurt or hurt anybody else. Take good care of your family and your people, and if it’s too dangerous for you, you may want to change your occupation…

            • ~just weighing in . ..

              not as referee,

              “Made up facts” to distract. To keep us from the Godhead, are, yes, rampant –dancing deputies, the “growdozer”, let’s not shave = wanna-be currency.

              I feel your angst groba dude.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Myers Flat is not remote. It’s a small town right on 101 south of Fortuna. It has roads and residential homes. You don’t know what you are talking about, groba dude whatever gibberish. I realize you don’t care, but others might.

  • Does anyone who is NOT scum drive an Escalade? Seriously.

  • Toyota pickup truck not nearly as nefarious as Black Cadillac Escalade. My neighbor THE LOSER has one and he always shorts his workers and drives like Mario Andretti.

  • I find it Uterally messed up that people blame the victim here. If someone home invaded a woman in her own home in any other situation, people wouldn’t be blaming the victim. What if it was your home or your family? Think about that?
    Just because she had something of value doesn’t entitle someone else to violently take it, even if one might disagree with what that item of value is. If people blame the victim here… you might as well be on parr with the ediqete of the thieves!

    • Well said Small Fry.
      It’s uncannily similar to how people treat the people who point out that they’re being robbed at gunpoint by those who swore an oath to secure their inalienable rights but who instead write laws,acts,treaties to destroy them.

  • I would think they are regulations as to how to store your “legal” product. I would wager she does NOT have a temp state permit and I would wager she is selling all black market. Change my mind. Ask her where we can find her product on a rec store shelf and I will start buying it to support her. I’m not holding my breath on the truth.

    • Fact is not truth. Fact is an event, something that happened, that can be the evidence that leads to truth.

      So, you don’t have to hold your breath for truth – it’s always there. Universal. Can’t be destroyed.

    • Any cannabis packaged in a “turkey bag” is not legal. Period. You know that, right?

      • What does cannabis aka marijuana aka weed aka pot aka grass, in or out of a “turkey bag” have to do with the cost of bulloney?

        It’s always been lawful. It was just made legal for the tax theft.

        The curtain is torn to shreds. The wizard is on the run.

  • We see one tenth of what we read.

    I see the iceberg. I wonder if it will roll over and we will see it’s enlarged underbelly?

  • Legallettuce right on
    The world we live in whether it be SoHum or wherever. We all should know how to
    Protect ourselves from intruders. Wake up people.

  • Remember:
    Do not open your door to anyone you don’t know, including cops and ambulance workers if they come un-announced.

  • legalization sucks

    So much for going legal. Legalization = Crime!!!

    • Like pot theft never happened before legalization. It was not reported to the police for the obvious reason. But you’re right about less crime as previously the growers were criminals until legalization and now they’re not. At least many of them.

      • Crime includes intent to harm – rape, murder, theft – nothing to do with growers.

        “Stand for something, or fall for anything” — Kendrick Lamar.

        • Nonsense. A drunk driver rarely intends to harm yet driving drunk is a crime. The government gets to define a crime despite any talk about “natural laws.” There are no crimes in nature as there are no judgements in nature except failure or success.

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