McKinleyville Man Missing in White Van

Hans Lippuner

Hans Lippuner has been missing since October. [All photos provided by the family]

Family of missing McKinleyville man, Hans Lippuner have been searching for a month.

“He went missing Tuesday, the 16 of October,” explained Susi Lippuner, Hans’ sister. “He had stopped eating, stopped being interested in his work projects and he had lost weight.”

Susi said, “He was living with his best friend and his best friend’s wife in McKinleyville. He had a little apartment and a shop…He traveled back and forth to Santa Cruz…He didn’t take any of his work gear or his climbing or his backpacking equipment.”

She said it took awhile for Han’s friend to locate phone numbers for their family. “My family and I became aware on November 1,” she said. After calling as many friends and co-workers as possible, she said, they quickly decided there was cause for concern and reported him missing on the same day.

“He has a pretty wide circle of friends,” Susi said. “He would always stay in touch with friends” so they are very concerned that no one has heard from him.

Susi said her brother “is a climber. He has been climbing for 40 years.” She added, “He loves working with tools and mechanical things. He is very, very gifted.”

Hans is 59 years old and had short cropped hair and a beard when he went missing. “He often limped as he has a lot of hip pain,” she said. “He is missing a couple of front teeth.” In addition, she said, her brother always wore a necklace. “It was a soft cord with a 2 or 3 ” glass dragonfly pendant.”

White van belonging to Hans Lippuner

The white van belonging to Hans Lippuner.

She hopes someone may have seen him or his white Ford Econoline van. “It is a cargo van without side windows and has a popup top,” she said. It has the California plate 4ANN813.

If any one has information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707 445 7251).

Hans Lippuner




  • Will keep our eyes open, good luck.

  • Sure pray this will be a positive ending.

  • He was driving a UNICORN!

    Jeez, He has a FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE Van! Making it much more unusual, much more identifiable. 4×4 with a pop up: very rare. There are probably 10 or less in California, just like it. Cmon people! Othrwise the information describes 20,000 men in California. How about using the most unique feature of his traveling set-up. The Van is parked somewhere, and is absolutely identifiable.

  • to most people its just a white van, and there everywhere, but pay just a little attention to detail and its actually a rare version indeed, ill keep an out for it.

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