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Luna, left (submitted) | Jackson, right (HSU Police)

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After videos went viral of an arrest last summer during Oysterfest in Arcata, then 20 year old Samantha Luna pleaded not guilty to a number of charges and now her lawyer is saying a civil case against the police is possible.

Luna has said she’s a former honor student at Eureka High. After reviewing the case the DA decided to charge her with resisting arrest, battery on an officer, public intoxication, and providing false ID.

“… Any experienced officer will take a look at what (HSU Police Sergeant Janelle Jackson) did and say that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do to de-escalate a situation,” said Luna’s attorney William Panzer who believes the arrest was unlawful. “You don’t get all emotional, you don’t just open a door and grab somebody. That’s not how you de-escalate.”

Jackson received a community policing award last year and has reportedly taken a significant amount of de-escalation training.

In the interview, which begins at 8:15, Panzer disputes each of the charges and answers questions about what’s depicted in the videos. He also disagrees with reports suggesting Jackson’s hair had to be cut off in order to be released from Luna’s grip.

Luna has a pretrial hearing December 11. Panzer says he is working to obtain police footage of the entire incident and that once he and Luna beat the criminal charges they’ll consider a civil case.

You can watch the arrest below. There are more videos here.

Other stories in Episode 106

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  • Support the badge

    Throw the book at her! If she had any kind of respect she wouldn’t be in this position.

    • Where I live the cops would have unloaded all of their guns into her car at the first sign of a struggle. I am not exaggerating.

    • F’ That! This clearly sober woman was doing nothing wrong as far as I see it. Some angry cop opens the door of her car for no legitimate reason and pulls her out by her hair? And now the cop says her hair was pulled out? Total BS. This is clearly an abuse of power and police brutality! I hope she Sue’s APD and wins.

      • Sgt Jackson works for the Humboldt State University Police Department. If you’re going to try to impress everyone with your faux outrage and virtue signalling, at least send the signal to the right place.

      • APD needs to just roll over for any POC. That way no discrimination charges will ever be filed against them. Liberals win again because of race card. White woman guilty because of her color.

      • the misadventures of Bunjee

        Good to know she sent in her best head shot for the article. But a little late for that as her mugshot has already been available online. Also for Ms. Luna, being a HS honor student only has meaning when still in HS or applying for college. When you hit your 30s it doesn’t mean a damn thing. And the GoFundMe fell far short of projections. Imagine that. I am not impressed by this little brat that needs to grow up a bit.

      • What the video doesn’t show is this clearly inebriated child hanging out of the sunroof and windows of the car; Which is what caused the stop in the first place. Who then provided the officer with a fake ID. After she had been drinking and fighting on the plaza all day.

    • Pathetic an adult is too petty to not get emotionally violent over a typical teenager with adolescent behavior. Bleach blondie must be jealous of her beauty & hair to grab it like that.

  • The cops in Arcata were pretty cool, even though she deserved being tased and beaten into next Wednesday.

    She even played the race card….

    I called and complained about the kid glove treatment, very wrong and against what property owners want from their local Law Enforcement.

    These type people have wrecked the community and deserve hard labor camps to usher them into the Human Race.

    Very sad…..

    • so the local tweakers that raise continuous daily havoc on our society are not wrecking our community? yet this young lady that has a job, does positive things daily, is?

  • Seeing double? And I don’t mean two women. Apparently it is replicating both article and comments in two categories. Kym?

  • Ive been in some pretty rough shit with the police, most of it was my fault. I never took the cops to court because I knew I was wrong. The video clearly shows this girl acting like an entitled child and got combative. It’s not a race thing, it’s a case of under aged drinking, couldn’t keep her composure and she got arrested. It happens. Get the hell over it

  • They should escalate Luna straight into jail, and the ambulance chaser too.

  • I’m struggling to imagine what sort of parenting produces a creature like that.

  • I’m a Male I’m out of this.

  • That sort of “serving and protecting” is why many people find the police terrifying. I’m not saying that the officer involved should be fired, because the clip doesn’t show the entire encounter. But the clip speaks very poorly of any force that hired that officer, and is proof that the Humboldt DA is not interested in justice.

    • While acknowledging the edited nature of the provided “evidence” that is not enough to convict the officer, you think it sufficient to condemn the whole police force AND the DA’s office? That needs explanation of how that is possible.

      • why does the APD have a new chief? why did it just take 16 private investigators and attorneys to deal with the Lawson case? the DA is in a checkmate situation on that one and it will most likely make National News any day now.

        • Since you brought it up. Don’t it seem a bit strange that a group of people at a fight no one had a cell phone and recorded it. It must be the first time that’s ever happened. Just saying.

      • How is that possible? Easy. Whether they like it or not, a law enforcement officer is a public servant. Here you had a young woman who was not obviously drunk in public, had not committed any apparent crime, and, based on transcripts, was not even initially impolite to a law enforcement officer. Yet the law enforcement officer (in the heat of the moment) and the DA (disgracefully, after reviewing the information) was prepared to destroy the young woman’s life. As far as is obvious from the video, her “crime” was giving a correct driver’s license and only a portion of her last name.

        I agree with the young woman’s comment that this was racist, but even if no racism was involved, it is a demonstration of spectacularly unprofessional conduct on the part of law enforcement. It may be a bitter pill to swallow for many law enforcement officers, but society is not paying you to create problems out of thin air, and that’s what this officer did. Then, in what certainly appears to be motivated by an us versus them mentality, the DA filed charges against a young woman who had committed no crime until the officer forced her out of the car in which she’d been riding without incident.

        The DA’s office should face criminal charges.

        • Not really. Her crime was refusing to explain the variation in her name. She is calling the police officer was racist because the officer did not accept that any variation on her name that she chose to offer was her right as a Latino. Racism was an obvious issue but it was Luna’s racist tunnel vison that assumed it was an insult for everyone on earth not to know her rather arbitrary picking and choosing of what to call herself.

          • OK, 11:01. Let’s imagine for a moment that you are knowledgeable and correct and have determined that her “crime” was “refusing to explain the variation in her name.”

            You think that an officer is behaving responsibly in taking a 20 year old and slapping a police and possibly criminal record on her for this “crime.” We disagree. All that accomplishes is destruction of the potential in a young life, presumably because a law enforcement officer who should know better felt momentarily “dissed.”

            Once more, that is why many people are terrified of the police. It doesn’t have to be this way, really. Any candidate for law enforcement who is not able to control their impulse to dominate in such a situation is a bad candidate. Any district attorney who doubles down on such a ridiculous “crime” is either incompetent, in bed with corrupt law enforcement, or has no interest in the fundamental idea that citizens be allowed to go about their business without disruption from a powerful state entity.

          • Also, continuing, she is Latina or Latinx, not Latino, just as you, if male, are a “he” and not a “she.” And part of being a law enforcement officer is understanding that many minorities, quite justifiably, see racism in places where you may not believe it exists. People come to situations with different experiences, and it’s the law enforcement officer who is supposed to be the adult in the room when understandings clash. If the officer thinks bullying beats understanding, they should find another career.

        • Shes not a minority in this state, Hispanics are the majority now and I’ve been told by liberal media for years that reverse racism against the prominent ethnicity is not a real thing. Not my rules, but by their logic it being racial discrimination in this state is a impossibility.

          • Mike,

            That’s great to hear. So now Hispanics make up the majority of CEOs, state legislators, and millionaires in California? Even though I’m not Hispanic, I’m glad they were able to rise despite the obvious bigots that want to nitpick about what consitutes a “minority” during a discussion of police and district attorney misbehavior.

            Oh, and Mike… the word you were looking for was “predominant,” not “prominent.” And that thing that you sort-of didn’t understand — that’s the idea that racism is an attack by the powerful on the weak, and not the other way around.

            • What a nasty bit of pettifoging. Latino is commonly used to identify group affiliation in this country. Your attempt to chastise over not following your own choice of terminology is as bad as this woman expressing contempt for the police not being able to read her mind as to which of many personal choices she made over variations of her name. You are not in charge of anyone’s language use. Thank goodness. Because you confuse a principle with a weapon.

              Racism can not be redefined to suit a political agenda where those who express racism want to get away with it because it’s emotionally satisfying but still use it as a weapon against others. The word your trying to express is chauvinism where you think your own crap doesn’t stink as much as anyone else’s.

              • “…this woman expressing contempt for the police not being able to read her mind as to which of many personal choices she made over variations of her name…”

                Oh, was that the crime for which she was being arrested? An expression of contempt? At the police who were dragging her out of the car for no actual reason related to their job?

                You must suffer a lot of racism for being white. Poor you.

                • No. You can’t get arrested for being a racist. So her being a racist did not get her arrested although it may have caused her to behave in a way that did get her arrested. What her expressions of contempt did was put her claims of the officer being racist in the light. It is a meritless claim to say it is racist not to be fully aware of her decision to sometimes conform with the naming traditions in the US as a convenience or to use another tradition, if it suits better, without having to occasionally explain the difference.

                  If that is your definition of racism, than yes, I constantly have experience racism as I have an unusual first and last name, in addition to a nickname, where the pronunciation is under the culture of the name’s origin relies on accent marks not part of the English language. I have spent my entire life automatically offering to spell it immediately after saying it. And explaining it when asked. That is just part of getting along in the US. Being determined to be offended at that is what makes her claim that she was targeted because of race sound so silly. It was her reaction to what should have been a minor irritation that shows she was determined to see it as such no matter what. Just as the words of some commenters do the same. It is the constantly over using what should be a respected demand for justice as petty personal power play that makes her and others like her so contemptible.

                • I agree — racism is not a criminal offense. For what was she arrested, then, and why was the arrest necessary, in your opinion?

                  What threat was she? Or what harm had she committed? Not the driver, not the younger person who stuck their head out of the car. Her — the person arrested? Was it “asking police a question”? Was it “not offering deference to a police officer”? Was it “confusing a police officer with a correct drivers’ license and partial last name”? Was it “being a threat to an officer during the execution of her duties”? Or was it, as I suspect, “because I say so.”

  • I have never seen such a blatant example of a spoiled brat who wishes to be famous through the means of Injustice. Anyone who watches this video knows this was not a matter of race but a matter of a spoiled brat. I am Mexican-American and always take the side against Injustice and abuse of power. I see no such stance taken by the cop other than the abuse this child inflicted upon an authority figure who asked her for her name. Weather the cop questioned her – is irrelevant, this is Humboldt County and every other person gives a false name, they deal with it on a daily basis. If Miss Luna had just kept her composure, she could have explained this instead of escalating it to the point of her arrest. I grew up around the courts, my mother was a lawyer. Everything I learned from her in my exposure to the courts is your case has no substance Miss Luna. Humble yourself and accept the consequences of your actions. Leave the Courts open for real injustice cases that need attention, but must wait behind your BS

  • The right to remain silent is a right even before you get arrested. Exercise that right.

    Also, “de-escalation” may be in the interest of community, it is not a legal standard with which police need to comply.

    • Also, in California you are not legally obligated to present ID to law enforcement if you are not operating a vehicle or in a secure area. This is a perfect training video for lay people in how NOT to interact with law enforcement.

      • also a cop can open a door if it is not locked

      • I suspect that with the limited evidence presented to the public, Ms Luna was arrested because she was interfering with the police in the pursuit of their duties. With her motor mouth, it is a reasonable conjecture that she inserted herself as the officer was trying to talk to the driver. But in any case being drunk as a passenger in a vehicle on a public road can be charged as being drunk in public.

        • It’s not a crime to be drunk in public. There must be an injured party to sign the complaint/Bona Fide Affidavit, that Yes, indeed, a living being suffered harm -theft, or bodily injury.

          The crime would be intentional Public harm or injury. If we’re all aware of a certain ‘town alchie’., and we accept him or her and go our way – that is what a real Public Nuisance is – something the people may charge against another.

          Supes. are known Public Nuisance.

          The Abatement motion is on the table.

          Do i hear a ‘second’?

  • beautifully said SMH, thank you for being the voice of reason

  • I seen the video it was clearly asked to get out of the vehicle and refused she refused to say who she really was she needed to be arrested immediately and then she started fighting with them what do you think is going to happen when you fight with the police officer you’re not going to win the woman that has obviously no training how to act in public I don’t know who she thinks she is somehow she thinks she’s above the law well guess what she’s not and I hope they throw the book at her maybe it’ll teach her a lesson and she’ll know how to act in the future

  • I’ve known of this lady and her kids (adults now) for quite some years and I just wanna say if you’re physically abusive to your own children, what would stop you from hurting another? If your kids are willing enough to tell their friends/witness first hand experience your anger, that might be something you should work on..

  • Put me on that jury please! I’m so sick of the attitude displayed by Miss Luna. Disgusting. She needs to spend some time in the slammer. No doubt that she is using this incident to benefit financially. Give her jail time for assault on a police officer verbal and physical. Also let the officer bring a law suit against her for damage to HER person and character.

  • Straight up bullshit seriously theres 200 child molesters in every zip code of california
    You would think that they would put more time and energy into watching and arresting sick punks then going out of there way to mess with a girl that has two last names.
    The whole system is messed up
    Rob a bank no one is injured you get 25 to life
    Molest a child you get a slap on the wrist
    There is no rehabbing for child molester no cure you can cut there shit off that would probly turn them on. Point being is money is worth more then an innocent child in the systems way of thinking.
    I say this because it just pisses me off that cops waiste there time on messing with a young productive girl who had a little buzz going on instead of taking care of shit that really matters
    Ya all have a wonderfull and productive day and be kind to one another.

    • Did you know she or someone in her vehicle were standing up and hanging out of sunroof. Hooting and Hollering. Obviously drunk. So that is why the vehicle was pulled over. A humble attitude goes along way when dealing police. Live and learn spoiled brat.

      • Live, but learn your rights…and you may prevail.

        • You mean like, the right to be silent? To bad she didn’t know her rights!

          • Fine line we all walk. You need to understand the laws of the jungle in which you live.
            Rights or no rights, Stupid shit can get you or someone else you love killed, especially When Leo spend 95% or your time dealing with bottom 5%, everyday is a razors edge. That being said, hanging your head out the window having fun isn’t the same as staying up for three days and stealing from all your neighbors. Tweakers at least know how to deal when law enforcement. “Yes sir, no ma’am “.
            Problem with kids these days is not enough discipline growing up. If you are gonna do things that attract Leo attention, at least be polite, charming, and apologetic. Unless you are long overdue for an ass whooping, keep it real out there. Pick your battles.

    • Jodie,

      They are just “following orders.” It is not, and will not, come up on their programmed Agenda ” . .to taking care of shit that really matters.”

      We keep searching for logic ‘out there’

      ‘The Myth of Authority’ YouTube award winning documentary a couppla years back. 18:44

      ~in gratitude

  • political moderate

    In video female officer says”cut my hair, I don’t care”. Curiosity peaking again, what tool did she expect be used? Do officers carry scissors what available tool could be used during this altercation? Oh yeah I think the girl has problem with authority.

    • Certainly a sharp knife, but officers carry scissors in their trauma pack… just in case they need to cut clothing away.

  • I didnt hear her being read her rights or being told she was under arrest and being asked to step out of her car before the officer touched (assaulted) the woman.
    Uh oh…

    • It’s an edited video. Full video in past article

    • A suspect doesn’t require Miranda rights read to them until after they’re in custody; until then they are free to incriminate themselves… or, if they are smart, know to shut up and remain silent; except, perhaps to ask if they are being detained and if they are free to go.

  • Ms Luna will get what she pays for: William Panzer, Esq

    11/27/2010 Not Eligible To Practice Law in California Suspended, failed to pass Prof.Resp.Exam 07-O-10203
    10/29/2010 Active
    10/28/2010 Not Eligible To Practice Law in California Suspended, failed to pass Prof.Resp.Exam 07-O-10203
    10/3/2009 Discipline, probation; no actual susp. 07-O-10203

    • Lmao! I was wondering what bottom of the bucket, this lawyer was scrapped out of. Any real professional would never take this case. Guess Mr. Panzer was desperate to pay his past due bills. So what does he really care if she loses, his lights will be on.

    • He did write a lot of the proposition that legalized medical marijuana Just saying

  • Embarassed for Humboldt County that this is news . Luna sucks . In the city no one would even look her way . Maybe this will straighten out her attitude I don’t see any way of her winning

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Excessive force, police brutality, and shameful abuse of power caught on video.especeally if this girl was sober.fuck this swine hope they get sued.dont evan have to have a high school diploma to suck 5500 a month off the taxpayers and instead of being grateful they harass and screw up people’s lives,evan ones like this young ,hard working , contributing member of society. Hope this power tripping filth gets some good ole carma

    • Oh was she working hard while drinking under age, hanging out the car roof. Amazing contribution to society.

      • Just a little reminder for the well accepted idea that drinking under 21 is a crime, but you are 18, you can join the armed forces and kill another human being and get paid for it. Imagine if your 18 year old joined the military spent two years overseas, middle East deployment, came home. It would still be illegally for him to drink, and do stupid shit. illegal to drink, legal to kill. We can have a good back and forth about that.

    • Karma does not come after tantrums!

  • I’m thinking that miss Luna was being a little bit gruff with the officer but I’m looking at the video and im seeing that miss Luna was a passenger in the vehicle and there for not legally bound to give up her identification or even her name unless she was already being legally arrested for crime. there for the officer had no right to initiate violence against her to start with .miss Luna was giving up her information and the officer either misunderstood or couldn’t comprehend what she was trying to say but the officer didn’t seem to give her a fair chance to explain what the confusion was to clear it up without going to arrest mode and acting violent without trying to talk her out of the car first .but I want to stress that as a passenger in a vehicle that has been pulled over you are not obligated by law to give the officer you’re name and or identification so the officer had no right to start an arrest to start with .I personally am against police officers initiating violence with people over a verbal conversation especially when its an investigative matter and no element of a crime has been committed yet .cops need to cool there jets and not be so violent work on being our friends like mommies and daddies of the 60s taught us instead of being domestic terrorists against the public and start dealing with things on a better level .there both a little out of line but the cop initiating the violence when I saw no evidence of a crime was way out of line and I hope miss Luna wins her court case

    • Sorry cop was not wrong to question the underage passenger seen hanging out the roof w no seat belt on and was intoxicated. What you said might play out if say the driver just got pulled over for speeding, belts on & she wasn’t underage and intoxicated, but that’s not y they were pulled over. Stop enabling.

      • Enabling poor behavior on both sides is the real take away here. Although if you don’t exercise your rights, you have none. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. I would have to say it’s the officers job to take the high road. Many traffic stops are being used to pursue felony arrests. An officer with no arrests doesn’t get promoted, so their is the inherent problem of escalating to make the chief executive officer feel that justice is served. It’s a military law enforcement officer, no longer a peace officer. There’s a huge potential for education. That’s why am armed population was the intent of the founders. Doesn’t Take Much Digging Through History To See The Effects Of Democide, Death by government. It’s real, innocent people get killed everyday by people who are trained to kill. This does in no way excuse stupid behavior on the part of civilians. There is a good reason to keep law enforcement agencies in check. The problem is that there is so much real crime, by real criminals, that it’s a rather weak move to do this to the peaceful majority. The peaceful majorities rarely do anything to prevent a well trained and armed minority with its sights focused on “law and order” from prevailing.

        “Lord of the flies” vs “the matrix”

  • From her go fund me….”My name is Samantha Luna. In the past few days, I have received hundreds of loving messages asking me to create a Go Fund Me account. I appreciate everyone who has supported me with their kindness and words of encouragement. There are people all over the world, from Australia to Nigeria, from New York to Holland reaching out to me to show their genuine care. I am filled with emotion to think how many beautiful souls are out there. It restores my faith in humanity. I was hesitant to make this Go Fund me account because I didn’t want people to lose focus on the real matter at hand, but at the request of all the generous people who have suggested the need for one to cover my legal costs, I decided there’s nothing I could lose by making one. Anything helps and is much appreciated. There have been rumors that I have a lawyer representing my case pro bono, however I can confirm they are false and Kathleen Bryson is unable to take my case. As for the negative and hateful comments on here, depicting me as the antagonist in this situation, all I can say is everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I pray that none of these said people ever have to deal with watching their mom, sister, or daughter be treated so unfairly. There are REAL criminals out there, committing REAL crimes, I am not one of them. To all the hateful people, I send nothing but love and positive energy your way.

    This past weekend I attended Oyster Festival, a popular event in Arcata, California that occurs annually where hundreds of people come together to enjoy live music, beer, oysters, and to support local vendors from the community. On Saturday, June 16th, 2018 I was enjoying my time with friends, dancing, singing and simply having fun. I never thought our day would be cut off so abruptly. Later in the evening we were pulled over for a traffic stop, we honestly thought we’d get a ticket and be on our way. Unfortunately the videos included above show how our situation took a turn for the worst and two of us ended up arrested, me over being accused of lying about my name. I am grateful everything was caught on video.

    Although I cannot release a detailed statement to the media at this time, I will say this. We are ALL humans, regardless of a job or a badge. We ALL deserve to be treated with respect rather than instilling intimidation and fear to people who pose no real threat to the community. It is natural instinct to want to resist out of fear and confusion when feeling attacked and helpless and there is no need for excessive force from “Peace Officers” we should feel protected by. Many out there have called me an “entitled, spoiled brat who must have always been handed everything and got what [she] deserved”. Some have said I “deserved to be shot or sent back to Mexico”. I don’t blame those people for having their opinions as they do not know anything about me. To them, I am just another person in a video gone viral. However, the truth is, I was raised by a single, very hard working mom. We were never wealthy. I was taught the value of hard work from a very young age. I began to pay rent in high school, when I successfully held my own business creating a profit of $15,000 over the course of 2 years while also keeping a part time job AND balancing 6 AP classes. I was an honors student at Eureka High School, I dedicated myself to my grades and achieved everything I set my mind to. Before graduating, I earned the California Seal of Biliteracy for proficiency in three languages. Believe when I say, I have had nothing before and I have never depended on help from the government for anything. I bought my first cars by myself, I’ve worked three jobs at a time before while still attending college and paying all my rent and bills. Thankfully, there are many loving people who have crossed paths in my life and been there to support me every step of the way.

    Although as of now, I cannot afford tuition to Stanford, I know one day I will fulfill every dream I’ve ever had of becoming a successful lawyer. I refuse to let this situation impede me from reaching my future plans. I believe in justice and I have faith that one by one we can improve the system, so long as we stand together and do not simply conform with the mentality that things aren’t capable of change. We are better than this as a society! Please do not let this matter go unnoticed and help me make an impact on the world we live in.”

    Miss Luna, Too bad your demeanor speaks louder than your words!

  • Ms Luna’s actions do not dictate whether the officer employs any couth.

    The paid professional in this video, the one charged with serving and protecting and us, acts like a child who doesn’t like her carrots (the name she was given). The officer leaves herself wide open had the “suspect” actually been a danger to society, or even slightly competent in combat= curtains for the cop. This is who is protecting us.

    But I really do hope you feel safe from the bratty underage drinker!

    I’m gonna go cry in my pillow..

    • Looks like the paid cop did her job, arresting a driver & intoxicated minor, who were endangering the public with erratic driving, in a busy pedestrian zone, during a busy festival. Good thing their car didn’t become a lethal weapon, running someone over, while they were acting stupid. Im very thankful the cops are doing their best to try and keep the square & pedestrians safe, especially after the Lawson case was completely mishandled.

      • thick blue line of criminal corruption

        oh we are so much safer now. gimme a break. the cops don’t keep shit safe in Arcata, except saving us from a mouthy chick. why don’t they go where the crime is, instead of inventing crime where it is convenient and safe. like go roust a few sidewalk pooping tweekers.

        • Remember Marci Kitchen? That’s why she’s only getting 8 years driving drunk recklessly. she supposedly didn’t notice her daughter and friend who she run over. Do we need to repeat that in Arcata too? I have friends with children who walk the Plaza. What if she hit someone? Would you feel the same way? Would you still defend her? Would it really take someone getting hurt and their lives being changed forever for you to understand what they did was Reckless and wrong. Pedestrians have the right away and the right to be safe and not worry about Vehicles becoming a weapon that can kill them. Being aware of your surroundings and driving safe can prevent an unnecessary tragedy. Thankfully nothing of the sort happened because they were stopped before it could.

          • thick blue line of criminal corruption

            The driver, Luna, was not under the influence. A minor in the car was under the influence – not the driver.

            What if? What if? What if? What if you actually knew some of the facts concerning this situation. How the [edit] can you compare this situation with Marci Kitchen? Read the stories and watch the video [edit]

            • Oh so when the cop sees people out of their seat belts and hang out of the car, are they supposed to assume that they’re completely sober and doing nothing wrong & let it slide?

              I’ve read all the articles, I watched the full-length video, that came out in one of the earlier articles, it doesn’t change my, what if opinion.

              Is the cop supposed to be a mind-reader? So what if the driver turned out not to be drunk, if Miss Luna shut her flaps they could have finished talking to everyone & have ended this with a simple conclusion, a simple warning, “Don’t do that again!” and that could have been all she wrote, but Luna unfortunately Luna stoked the fire.

              I think a comparison of Marcie Kitchen is perfect example of a situation that got out of hand, and went South real fast. She wasn’t convicted of malicious intent, but she was convicted of accidentally running over her daughter and her friend. People driving around in Arcata without seatbelts, people hanging out the car and a drunk minor in the backseat, could have easily amounted up to something just as tragic and for you to sit there and act like it couldn’t, is just your ignorance shining Mighty bright Luna. I feel sorry you. Sorry you can’t see past your own anger. I’m sorry you can’t just seem to understand this was avoidable.

              Too bad when the Titanic sank, they didn’t sit down prior and discuss, what if something happened, instead of focusing on the efficiency of getting there faster, versus the safety of their passengers. It could have made all the difference in the world in that tragedy. So ya, What if, what if, what if, this car with people fooling around in it hit somebody. It didn’t happen but what if? We won’t know if there was ever a tragedy waiting to happen because the officer did her job and pulled them over.

            • Insults that sure going to win the argument

            • She was not the driver.

              • I realize she was not the driver but I reread my comment and see how it may have come off that way. While Marci was responsible for being behind the wheel, Luna could be just as responsible for being the distraction to the driver that could have caused a collision with a pedestrian, then All of them would be in trouble for manslaughter, not just Luna.

                • I was responding to the “Thick Blue Line” commenter who said, “The driver, Luna, was not under the influence.”

                  It was a fact I happened to know off the top of my head and I try to correct misinformation if possible. Your facts looked correct.

    • bboy,

      Another Ten.

      Keep ’em coming.

      ~i gotta tell you, bboy is the name of my cat. Was Bear Boy, cuz when he was little he was the exact replica of a little black cub – no tail. 13 years. He’s even shared the back seat of a cruiser w/me. I’ve put him thru hell.

  • I’m so lost as to why she thinks she is in the right. If she handed the cop a fake ID, then its end of story. Nobody gives two shits about her ethnicity, gender or her grades in school 12 years ago. She can get over herself and accept the fact she f@cked up and got caught. Why make this into something its not. Now, if in fact that was her real ID, then I can see why she is acting like a brat. Grow the f@ck up!

  • Prediction – Luna will walk on December 11 with a stern warning from the judge. Big darn nothingburger here. Just a cute young girl getting harassed by the man. All charges will be dropped. Big waste of taxpayer money.

    Good thing there is soooo little crime in Arcata that the cops can focus on little nothings. Who wants to go to Rico’s for some bad ass tacos?

    • A big waste of press coverage too?

      • The press is covering the news. The news is the news. The popo made this big nuthinburger into a news story. All because Luna did not respect their authoritah! Luna for President! She can sue the Arcata popo next.

  • “Why make this into something its not”?

    Okay. The court is in session. Let’s wrap this up.

    (It has nothing to do with facts or law. It’s a financial transaction. No crime. Just fraudulent commerce).

    “Jane Dough Doe”

    I am here about this matter, however, there are assumed facts not in evidence.

    How did you know to be here?

    My neighbor was checking a court date online and saw a name that phonetically sounds like the one i go by, and told me.

    Case Dismissed.

    The ONLY reason the living would step into the pit of vipers, is, to challenge jurisdiction Period

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