EPD Chases Down a Fleeing Suspect

The suspect is handcuffed. EPD

The suspect is handcuffed. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Eureka Police chased down a suspect who fled on foot near the corner of 4th and R Streets in Eureka tonight a little before 9 p.m.

Reportedly the suspect threw a bag while fleeing. Officers are now searching the area.

EPD vehicles at the scene.

EPD vehicles at the scene. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]



  • That’s awesome…

    I’m reading about a home invasion–and it wasn’t Fish and Wildlife!–in Myers Flat any progress there???
    How about the bullet riddled man in the burning van.. hows that case progressing?

    I know none of these open, actual criminal cases count as cheap stats for DEA grants but…

    Find that little white baggie yet?

  • Cool shorts, bro!

  • Willie Caso-Mayhem

    What were they chasing him for?

  • They were chasing him for the crime of running.

    Hooray for the red, white, blue and gold.

    The best democracy your money can buy.

  • Ticket for advoidance.creepy cops.from personal experience.small claims free for handicapped.demand letter for $1000,skip court,and add a $1000 for next,till $10,000, limit is reached and I’ll appear with you,and talk for any distonic victim.

    • Zoltan,

      I’m not handicapped and i don’t pay for justice – five filed – and haven’t done the Small Claims scene in Humboldt.

      Any thoughts on what to do when Satan buys the place next to you? 24-months now. Is an absentee owner turned Prez. -it gets worse – Mrs. Satan has the checkbook as Treasurer/At Large (or so it seems).

      Satan was surprised, later in an email, when i wouldn’t open my door to him Friday aftn. Why be surprised? What is there not to get? in: “Do not stop by. You are not welcome here.” -in response to an ‘i’m coming’ intrusion announcement email – weeks prior.

      No one could ever guess why Satan knocked on Friday. Sit down for this one.

      I took the time today to come out to the Acres and speak with you. You wouldn’t even open the door and rudely told me to go away, that you didn’t want to talk to me.
      My reason was to offer you assistance in removing your barricade/fence.

      This FF Mother Lover is pushing, thru Plotz (pun intended), of Merrill something , Eureka’ Attorney abscess,
      to remove my fence of 50 years, 37 i can witness for. What a DiCK.

      37 years v 24 months – what do you think?

      Feels like i’m living in a loony bin.

  • Good job Leo’s; they did their job, too bad the courts probably won’t keep him.

    Seems like it’s been safer around here since we’ve had a permanent police chief again.

    Any description of the suspect, age, ethnicity?

  • That’s a handy trick to know for those who need a cot and a hot meal for the night.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Don’t feel safer to me with that permanent police cheif, matter of fact im a lifelong resident of humboldt and thinking its time to move because of the rogue, constitution violating law enforcement. Fish and game are a public funded band of rip offs no different than those hombres doing the myers rip. The cops and theives are looking identical these days.!!!!!!!!

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