Extra Toasty Cheez-it Box Conceals Meth Says Humboldt County Drug Task Force

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On November 28th, 2018, Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force served a search warrant at a residence in the 700 block of P Street, Eureka. After a month-long investigation, agents established probable cause to believe that Pedro Peralta Martinez (age 30) and Sierra Ray White (age 21) were trafficking methamphetamine in the Eureka and Fortuna areas.

At approximately 1:15 p.m., agents observed Martinez and White driving their vehicle in the 4000 block of Broadway, Eureka, and a traffic stop was initiated. Also present inside the vehicle was an infant child who was secured in the back seat. Martinez and White were detained without incident and a search warrant was served on their vehicle. Sitting directly next to the child in the back seat agents located a Cheez-It box containing approximately 114 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Martinez and White were subsequently placed under arrest. Child Welfare Services responded to the scene and placed the child into protective custody.

Agents then proceeded to Martinez and White’s residence on P Street. Agents served a search warrant at this location and located an additional 224 grams of suspected methamphetamine, digital scales, packaging material, and two firearms.

Martinez and White were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked on felony child endangerment, transportation of controlled substances, and weapons violations.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.Extra Toasty Cheez it



  • Curiouser and curioser

    Ok grandpa Martinez. Time to take it down a notch with the meth and the child bride.

  • Exceelent work finally something/someone besides a “Nasty Unpermitted Cannabis Farmer for a change!!! Kep up the GOOD Work take out MORE Meth/ DEATH Dealers!!!

  • Young enough to make a new start in life…otherwise😫

  • Sure. Go ahead. Get your brain, ‘extra toasted’. (More like burnt!).

  • Oh no. Wonder if there are family members in the area to rescue the baby from certain harm or death by vax-a-nations?

    Healthy Infant Dies After Receiving 8 Vaccines within 24 Hours
    11/28/2018 10:23:00 PM

    Matthew and Angeline Le Grange of South Africa recently lost their youngest son, Malakai, to eight vaccines on September 22nd, 2018. He was only three and a half months old. Malakai was a vibrant, happy, and healthy baby boy leading up to his 14 week doctor’s appointment. Within a day of receiving his last round of vaccines at this doctor’s visit, he died.

    Vaccinations — Dying for Immunity
    New York State Senator Jose Peralta, a pro-vaxx guy, died last week. Age 47.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=142&v=td8-p7s90ww -Streamed live November 28.

    • Are you fn serious this child was in the care of meth heads, Venezuela may be a safer haven. As a parent this fn disgusts me. Grow up.

      • And what is the differance between meth heads as you call them and mommy on prozac and daddy drinking a case or 2 of beer a night ? your logic doesnt make sense. the child was secured in an infaint seat . there is nothing in this story that says the child was not being well cared for. simply that there was meth near tje child in a box of crackers. from my experances dealers seem to do it for the money and their children are well taken care of better than most.

        • Well one difference is that these people were peddling their version of evil to others.

          • as opposed to doctors who peddle the same substance just with differant names ? riddlein and verious other names of the same compound ? hardly acceptable to judge so harshly one supplier while praising another.

            • Yeah- that’s right. Someone who goes to school for 12 years to become a medical doctor, who BTW almost never sells medications, is no better than some random guy off the street with no training who apparently will sell anything to anyone make a buck. Yup. Samo samo.

              • my point is that doctors get kick backs from large corperations to perscribe drugs. drugs that are proven tobe harmful and infact be almost identicial to meth to small children. in my mind there is no differance between these folks and the normal channels. posion is just that. yet fools think because one went to school for 12 years the posion is somehow better for them….

                • Drs are dealers of death. One just got 20 years for “selling” 600,000 OxyContin s to “sick” patients…… so yes!

            • I agree with you,but most on here wont cause they are figure pointing judgeing cracky snobs! Lol I do agree with what ur saying!

            • Without demand for said product, supply would fall off
              Addict county california…

            • I agree with you completley
              Prescription drugs are just as bad if not worse
              There are so many young adults whom i have spoken to that had bright futures ahead of them until they had a sport injury or some kind of medical procedure and were prescribed opiates for pain.
              Once they start taking the pain meds they become dependent on it physically and mentally they feel they cant live with out the drugs that doctors prescribed them.
              What happens when the doctors says no more pain meds
              Is that they search for something eles and herion seems to be there new prescription it cost less and they dont have to see a doctor for a prescription.
              Instead these young adults sell there soul to the devil.
              The Doctors and the pharmaceutical industries are to blame for ruining so many young lives there has been more overdoses then ever before.
              So if the law wants to prosecute someone for selling and pushing harmfull drugs and putting chideren in danger then they should start busting doctors and pharmaceutical industries.
              Im not saying that these two were in the right by no means but they are young and hopefully they can turn there life around and be a better role model for there child.
              Getting busted is there wake up call. Hopefully the child remains with a family member who has there life together.

        • And, besides, one of the ingredients for Coca Cola used to be cocaine. It gave you a real lift. So, really, what’s the big deal about finding big chunks of crystal meth off in a box of Cheez It crackers?

        • Muddy Black Dodge

          I’ll speak up, ‘antichrist’ (not capitalize on purpose) meth dealers… in a small community like the Humboldt Bay on any corner, in every city, a rival dealer could stick a gun in your car window and accidentally kill your kid instead of you. Only one of the many reasons not to deal drugs in a small community. Everyone knows everyone, keep your kids and your drugs away from each other!

          Sad story folks.

          • yeah you are right on anyday on any cornor someone could stick a gun in your face ….. been that way for years not just from drug dealers. infact one could say on any day you can have your door kicked in and armed men shove uns in your face drag you and your children outside ….. yep police do this every day here in the usa

        • Logic, no your right meth should be accepted. Screw beer, Prozac and all the rest. Come on logic is don’t sell or deal drugs. There is something called living a clean life, but I guess that’s a thing of the past. Humbolt survival backings stay strong.

        • Antichrist – These parents took actions that caused their child to end up in state custody. There it is probably equally likely to be well cared for or to be abused. Does this really seem like quality parenting to you?

          • i can not judge their parneting skills based upon this articial other than to say they did their job as responsible parnets and secures the child in the car seat.

    • Frankly, I think you have made a poor choice of platform here – ranting about imposed vaccinations of an infant in state custody because of adults who use and sell Meth. BUT – you triggered a response.
      Did Jose Peralta die of vaccine related causes?
      Do we even know what those are?
      Mind you, I refused vaxxing for both my kids over 30 years ago. I had discussed the issue with my MD in the Bayarrhea – who specialized in autoimmune and allergies – and he suggested that MY poor reaction to the vaccines was a reasonable guideline to refuse them for the kids. I do NOT support widespread medication of the populace under any circumstances (this includes fluoridating the water supply).
      You addition of the death of Jose Peralta seems to be an irrelevant distraction. What did he die of, how does that connect to the dreadful event in South Africa?

      • And where is the platform for Pharmagedon locally? Shall i wait for a Press Release warning the Mothers and Fathers? Ain’t gonna happen.

        Jose Peralta got a flu injection. How could one not relate to the other? Genocide is genocide is genocide. And you can bet your right arm the baby “taken into STATE phukking custody” WILL be stabbed and jabbed. “I’m was just doing what i was told” – unconscious, low-life STATE Order Followers.

      • Shak and HumCo are on a disinformation campaign.

        They think posing unrelated questions with dubious link sources or youtube entertainers should help all of us become enlightened like they think they are.

        Unfortunately they lose every time when it comes to facts.

        They think super secret people are spending super secret billions on super secret plane lasers to create fires in dry-ass nor cal.

        Yup. That makes sense. And it’s related to vaccines and the 2nd amendment, and YouTube guidelines….and this article…and agenda 21…also the other 20 agendas.

        I would not be surprised if they both have watched multiple videos promoting the flat earth insanity.

        • I’d like to buy you for what you’re worth and sell you for what you think you’re worth.

        • don’t get them started. its fruitless.

          • You are correct local observer.

            The ultimate result of shielding man from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools. Herbert Spencer

          • It’s important to call out blatant and purposeful misinformation.

            Shak and HumCo are 1st on the list for bad propaganda and misinformation.

            Even if one new reader sees their comments for what they are, I’m happy.

            They come on the fire posts and talk about lasers. If this was my website, they would have been banned for promoting and spreading misinformation endlessly so long ago.

            Kym is too nice and her guidelines don’t address misinformation spreading.

            So I must spend a little energy bursting their bubbles.

            • @KYM, unless we, the attacked, accidentally stumble onto an attackers post, we have no clue of the attacks being made.
              Once again, Brian fails to prove that only his ‘education’ is ‘genuine’.
              Meanwhile, posters like self have pointed others to video’s, senate hearings, unclassified documents, patents, and other valuable sources that are worthy of further investigating.
              Investigating is usually preferred over blind discipline. Not on this blog however? Questioning any and all ‘authority’ is usually preferred over blind discipline. But not on this blog?
              When others act as judge and jury over other views instead of entering into discussions over those views, we have entered into a 3rd world portal.
              So, what say you? Are all views accepted on your blog or not? Are we supposed to only promote what censors declare is acceptable? Are we to ignore all other information that flows the opposite direction? Are we to never examine our own education?

              • It’s like arranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

                • Good one HumCo!
                  The Titanic is another one of those rabbit holes that’s been tunneled to the far ends of the earth and back. Fascinating stuff right there.

                  Some of us are into the 5 W’s of events, and some are stuck in the mode of party politics. I’ve never like ‘politics’ at all & don’t much care to get a ‘grip’ on politics itself, but I will admit that I am fascinated by the 5 W’s of it all, like I already mentioned.
                  The Titanic is a major role player.

              • We are examining your education with each comment.

                You link to bigots.

                You call it research.

                You link to lasers.

                You call it research.

                I call it B.S..

                And you want me censored.

                And you say I dont want “truth”.

                Do better. Your so so so far from your stated ideals of truth and research , it’s sad.

                • lasers have been around weaponized for decades. in the late 80s we the usa had one built inside a 747 that was capible of destorying nukes that were inbound part of the star wars program. later it was tuned to be used on hard targets and weapon systems. it was rumored to be able to target large areas of troops as well. but hey keep your head burried in the sand denying anything that isnt fed to you by the approved press.

                • Your on the misinformation list too I see.

                  Fires were around before lasers.

                  But that doesn’t make me right.

                  And it sure as hell doesn’t add to why your wrong.

                • “Your on the . . . ”
                  ” . . . your wrong”. You’re is a contraction for you are.

                  “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

                  God’s, err, Brian’s self-aggrandized “misinformation list” – just wanna keep score:

                  (you’re next Ull rover)

                  Again, i’m in the company of genius.

                • No, Ullr and I have politely disagreed about gun control.

                  But he know that to make grand claims you need evidence.

                  Evidence, in all your claims, is what you dont ever have.

                  In the end your stuck with finding an incorrect punctuation on a minute fraction of words that ultimately still convey the point I was making.

                  Way to go.

                  You’re amazing.

                • Brian, does it feel good to know that you are and have been being used as a tool to promote the lines agreed upon by others who do not have yours or anyones but their own agenda furtherance in mind ? doing or saying the same thing over and over again expecring differant out comes is a sign of a weak mind. ever wonder why nothing ever changes for the betterment of we the people ? could it be that it is because the end game goal is to destory we the people to take away our freedoms and to tottally remove free thought ? i have yet to see you prove any of your statements, merely state lines like nike commericals . they sound good but have little to do with anything.

              • What I see is Brian attacking the sources of your information and disagreeing with you that they are valuable. If you disagree with him, then you are able to counter with arguments. You are guaranteed the right to put out your information and he is allowed to attack that information. And vice versa.

            • If I had to point out every case of misinformation, I’d have no time to write.

              • How about focus on the Press Releases?

                • I see a donate button on the right side of my computer screen (scroll down to find it on mobile devices). If you would like me to do more, please help by donating so I can hire help. As it is, I’m exhausted and frustrated by people who don’t pay for a service, often have some sort of ad blocker, and want me to do more. You want more, then pitch in, says the little Red Hen/Redheaded Blackbelt.

              • Thank you for letting us know that it’s okay to attack posters instead of addressing or challenging the views expressed, even when those posters are not present on said thread.
                Me: not yet posted anything in thread.
                They: Attack poster who hasn’t said anything in thread.
                Kym: Poster deserved that attack!

                • Straight forward.

                  Fact plus fact plus fact = proof of claim.

                  However, i’m back to Kym reading and judging and deciding – based on, it would seem, false evidence? – when the equation produces – “Poster deserved that attack”!

                  I’m good with battering down the hatchless myself.

                • You and HumCo are frequent posters. Brian said, “Shak and HumCo are on a disinformation campaign. They think posing unrelated questions with dubious link sources or youtube entertainers should help all of us become enlightened like they think they are.” He is attacking your information on all your posts (rather broad in my opinion but he’s entitled to do so.)

                  You are entitled to respond or ignore him. You are not entitled to be told he has used your name. As HumCo says, I’m not your mother. I’m here to referee not protect you from someone not liking what you say. You seem plenty capable of defending your ideas and your sources.

                • “Brian December 2, 2018 8:51 am

                  Shak has said the media tints Trump orange

                  Shak said he had video of them “adding orange tint” to Trump “30 minutes into a rally.”

                  Two weeks later, Shak only can produce a link regarding light and video editing .

                  Your claims are backed by fantasy, nothing more.”

                  Yup, I said what I saw.
                  Yup, YOU demanded to see it for yourself.
                  Yup, I gave you a link to the list of ralies by them (OANN) online. I mentioned that it was in the first 20 (or 30?) minutes, and that it’s probably in the last 3 or 4 rallies of that series of rallies.
                  Yup, YOU didn’t want to do your own research and find it for yourself, even with a mute button you could use if desired.
                  Yup, I ran out of bandwidth. (a video takes an hour to load, 4 hours to watch an hour of it, etc).
                  Yup, YOU failed to offer to share in the bandwidth journey for YOUR quest.
                  Yup, YOU feel it’s a disinfo campaign.
                  Yup, You’re free to attack on any thread, on any topic, at any time, with Kym’s blessings.
                  Yup, Either you want the proof even if you have to search for it yourself, or you just want to attack others.
                  Yup, I have the right to ignore your posts, KYM SAID SO.

                • Shak,

                  Why can’t you just say, “I can’t produce evidence of my claims.”?

                  Then you would at least be being honest.

                  If you had evidence of your claims, you could provide a link.

                  There’s no way around it.

                  Let me just say it for you;

                  Shak was wrong. Shak has no evidence.
                  Shak is promoting falsehoods.

                  There you go!

        • Brian Brian Brian, Whatever are you so terrified about?
          I haven’t even posted in this thread until right this second, and there you are Harassing me.

          @Kym, isn’t it against your ruleS to attack the posterS instead of debating the issues? FYI, both Local Observer and Brian are harassing posters.
          I have no idea how many, because I don’t read every thread or comment section, but I’ve seen plenty enough.

          • Shak.

            You post links to bigots.

            I called you out for posting to people who are, by their own comments, xenophobic, racist and islamiphobic particularly.

            You defend and promote the biggest bully in the USA.

            You cry cry cry cry when Alex Jones is censored for breaking rules. In fact you scream censorship and connect it to every thing else that doesn’t suit your disconnected and unfactual views of life.

            But now, because I called your own views out (again), you want Kym to “censor” me.

            Your positions are so shaky and inconsistent because they aren’t based on anything real.

            It is very evident, more so everytime I engage you.

            • Brian,
              Saying and proving that POTUS is NOT orange is … what did you call it? Bigoted and all those other labels? I pointed you in the direction of links to find it for yourself, but YOU chose to not view them yourself.
              If you disagree with a view, then state your view instead of attacking the poster you disagree with.
              Blindly labeling others is childish.
              Blanket labeling others is divisional.
              Show me where the links descriptions describe their views.
              Show me where the links forbid anyone from filtering out the parts they don’t agree with.
              I am not what you say I am.
              I am not who you are.

              You’re on a mission, that’s clear.

              @Kym, once again, Brian exercises attacks on posters.

        • Thanks, Brian. Empirical evidence is not something some of these folks believe in, and they apparently don’t understand the difference between correlation and causation.

          • Hold the phone.

            The virus is the illusion of communication.

            (E)mpire? We have no-agreed-upon value.

            How connected do you feel to life beyond your daily routine? Have you chosen (or been forcefully placed) into a new life partnership (Public private vomit), or means of thriving in a shared economy lifestyle? How are you/your body negotiating the stress of change over which you have no control except how you choose to respond?

    • Cristal is not a vaccine,maybe?

    • 3.5 months is too young for vaccines

      • They get two at birth if born in a hospital -and the parents are not informed. Vitamin K in one thigh. Hep. B in the other.

        Q: Were you aware of the risks of vaccinating prior to Malakai?

        Le Grange’s: We had heard some information about vaccines being harmful to children. When Zachariah, our oldest, was born I tried to stop the midwife from giving him injections right after birth, but she informed us both if we refuse the vaccine we cannot leave the hospital with the baby. We had no idea up until now when we are actually researching what they are giving to our babies.

        Look carefully at the above paragraph. ……”if we refuse the vaccine we cannot leave the hospital with the baby.”

        Right there we see medical tyranny. We need families to be together at such a time and tell those doctors, nurses, midwives that they will not inject the baby with any substance.

        The public is trained (brainwashed) into thinking that medical personnel are God. We need to remind them that they are servants who should work with the family without making threats and forcing their agenda on the people.

        A pregnant woman can have an abortion even if the man objects. That’s called “choice.”

        If the child is lucky enough to be born, suddendly the parents have “no choice.”

        You will do what we tell you or you will not take the baby home. That ‘s a threat. That’s tyranny!!! Medical kidnapping!!!

        We should have a document ready to hand out to pregnant women whom we see as we go about our daily journey, to inform them of the dangers of vaccines.

        That’s an easy and inexpensive way of educating the public.

        • What hospital did you have your kids at? My wife and I have had three at the Mad River Hospital, my youngest being just under 2 years old. We refused all the shots and ointments, the only thing they would not let us refuse was the heel prick to do the blood test. Most of the nurses and doctors were very supportive of our decision, except for two. And our pediatrician was very supportive of our decision not to vaccinate at such an early age. Hospitals cannot keep you against your will unless you’re being 5150 or your brought in by a police officer for a mandatory blood draw. They might not agree to discharge you, but you can still get up and walk out.

          • Good story. Thank you. Yea, Mad River Hospital!

            For me, I was thinking of my grandchildren’s births in Vegas – Big difference.

            My experience here at Redwood in Fortuna has been mixed –
            Ten years ago, my youngest left here by a speedy-response ambulance 911 call. Bless ’em. My daughter was dehydrated – and frankly, out of her head. This is a four-point-0 achiever. They wouldn’t admit her unless i signed for her to be injected with -tetanus. I told the white coats, that she had just had a tetanus shot in Phoenix ten months ago and could easily be verified. This is the emergency room and this fathead is arguing with the Mother of the emergencee. The inject was forced against my will to gain admittance for medical help. Ended up being a slow drip of sodium for days. When my daughter brought the reactions to tetanus injection up – because the palms and the soles of her feet pealed – bad pealed – Sure enough, the ingredient list included whatever it is that makes your feet bottoms and palms peal.

            But i digress . . we should have our self-description of public record
            somewhere. Status.

    • HumCo! I was just reading an article about Bayer (from Nazi Germany) buying up Monsanto, and all that other stuff. Fascinating history. I still need to jump around and see what’s been verified and what hasn’t, but it usually doesn’t take too long to run across those. (depends on what everyone’s working on at any given moment).

      • Bayer aspirin overdose = the 1915-20? In-flu-enza epidemic. About every 18 mths. or so this comes up – and i dig thru downloads. Have ’em here somewhere . .

        And, yes, the Titanic was quite a “Press Release” story. History is written by the assassins.

  • Good job by our hard-working drug task force officers.

  • Glad I never found meth in my Cheez-its!

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    I find the particular product package used to conceal their stash interesting & I speculate that these folks may have been subconsciously hoping to get caught.

    “Cheese It — the cops!” = Get out of here because the cops are coming.

    • artist formerly known as wildman

      there’s a saying you don’t hear anymore. Cheese it. Nobody knows what it was meant to mean. Always thought it a strange expression. And now ironic.

    • On the board walk in Eureka they use cereal boxes. My neighbor at the flop house uses scented cat sand boxes (Tidy Cat tm) and traipse up to the local park to dispense her goods (in more than one way).

    • Don’t let the Ravens at their favorite snack food.

  • political moderate

    Well, you knew it was gonna happen. Tis also the season to start wrapping weed bricks for all the long lost family back east.

  • Why do the meth dealing hispanics get 30 round magazines and I can only have 10 rounders? Maybe he gets a special permit for being an honest, productive member of society .

  • you can tell they don’t use this material based on the size of those crystals and their eyes. it still makes my head quiver looking at this stuff. while it may have a few pros, the dozen something cons are something all end up regreting. and its toxic, it will give you cancer, it depletes your endorphins so rapidly that what once pleasured you will never again for years.

  • Does anybody have anything constructive to say? Listen to your yourselves.

    I don’t respond to comments so its our yours.

  • i’ve never heard of extra toasty cheez-itzs

  • This is the strangest string of comments I have seen on here. The spelling is atrocious. The grammar is pathetic and most of the arguments are juvenile. Is that what the combination of Meth and Extra Toasty Cheez-its plus vaccines creates?

  • Cheez-its may be as addictive as meth.


  • Does it seem like local Leo’s are finally doing the work the people have been asking for? The big Bulgarian grow bust and all of the recent powder drug dealer arrests (instead of the end users)

    • *Local Meth Labs Still Ignored*

      NO, NO, NO,

      The Leo’s are still not investigating our local meth labs/cooks that are making this poison. Please don’t tell me that it is ALL coming from Mexico. I know differently! I was overcome by chemical fumes from the lab next door, and passed out and fell on my face. I was flown out of the county to Santa Rosa to a trauma center because I had a brain bleed, along with a knocked out front tooth and eye damage. I also sustained a major brain (TBI) concussion.

      It has been almost one year and I’m finally able to have most of my short term memory back. My medical bills have been over $145,000 and are not over yet. I’m still sucking up fumes a year later!!! Don’t bother dealing with the Leo’s or the DTF for this problem, as they will not RESPOND!

      I’m now very sorry I chose Humboldt County to retire in. I talked with a Humboldt County Sheriff awhile back in a gas station and told him of my poisoning. He told me when he retires he will be leaving the county! I’m very happy I survived, but I would move in a heartbeat if I had the funds!!!

  • The light is very bright., the despots are in huge trouble and they know it.

  • Good for you HCDTF !! That is a whole lot of poison you got off the streets.👍

  • @ 11:36 (why not?)

    Brian of the fight, flight, freeze, feed and fuck* club,

    ~shall I take your hand, like a little girl, and walk you thru it? BTW – my charge for baby-sitting is $500/hr., upfront, payable in silver.

    This first one is a freebie:

    Go to your checkbook, a checkbook, anybody’s check -Get a magnifying glass and read the signature line.

    Let me know when you have accomplished this, and I’ll tell you step #2.

    You’re welcome.

    *Found Under Carnal Knowledge

  • ~you crack me up shak!

    Having fun on the way to it,
    is the reason for it.

  • I wish people would stop mething up there lives !

  • @4:34 yesterday (the one w/out a red REPLY button)

    I will donate $20, if, you Kym, will:

    #1) Change the 20-century status quo blurb, from: “ . .. proven in a court of law . . .” To: a court of competent jurisdiction.

    #2) Get a NAME to attach to Press Releases. An ”Office”, designated in a building, cannot “release” anything. Drug Task Force – same.

    • Of course the definition of office includes “a position of authority or service, typically one of a public nature such as “the office of attorney general.”” In other words the Office of the Sheriff and the Sheriff’s office are two separate things.

    • That’s one hour’s pay for one of the people who fill in to change all those “blurbs”….That wouldn’t even cover the last month of going back and changing things—to something you think is more accurate but I don’t. But thank you for offering to pay for something extra at least on a site you use daily. Hopefully, you don’t use an ad blocker.

  • Wrongamongo. “The County” is incorporated in the area of HUMBOLDT LEASING – guess who/what it’s tied to? John Bartholomew, as Agent (Stephen Strawn -XTax Collector as Mgr.)

    tied to -Tax collector”s Official Position. There’s fact and then there’s Fiction. The two can’t meet.

  • shak @1:55,

    Yes, we were attacked by a sock boy. No, Kym isn’t going to rep-remand him.

    Further down the line:
    Grand Solar Minimum

  • Worse than previously analyzed.
    Got Tesla batteries, hydroponics and land on the equator? Me neither.
    This has always been one of my main objections to a wall and a huge passion to fix the system (law) instead. Hopefully those who need to know will learn and plan accordingly.

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