Recycled Youth Performance This Weekend

recycled youth actors

Actors Wayra Klocker Gregori, Zoe Guarnieri, and Alexander Stevenson-Leon of Recyled Youth

Recycled Youth is performing this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7 p.m. and there is a 2:00 p.m. matinee on Sunday. The play will be in the Redwood Playhouse at 286 Sprowl Creek Road in Garberville.

This year’s theme is a hero’s journey. A feminist tale with a young girl as the protagonist. It is about having the freedom to be and express who you are. It is about listening to one’s inner voice and following your intuition despite the pressures of group mind and cultural expectations. It is about having love for oneself and the interconnection we all share with each other and Earth.

Brave the wonderful rain and come and support the teens. It is an amazing show that the kids have definitely put their heart into.

Come join your friends, watch a great show, have some homemade refreshments…and enjoy.



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