Pancakes For Paradise: Breakfast Fundraiser for the Victims of the Butte County Fire


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Press release:

Pancakes For Paradise: Sunday, Dec. 2, 8-11 am

The Great Freshwater Community Pancake Breakfast is happening once again this Sunday, December 2nd from 8-11 am, at the Freshwater Community Hall. It’s still only $6 for adults, $4 for the older kids, and the younger kids always eat for free. The Freshwater Community Hall is located at 49 Grange Road in Eureka (though really it’s in the historic Wrangletown neighborhood of downtown Freshwater, and in the big red building you can’t miss next to Garfield Elementary School).

Everyone is welcome for what’s considered the best breakfast deal on the Humboldt pancake circuit, according to our local hotcake aficionados. And here’s something extra-special you didn’t know: 50% of the net proceeds of this breakfast will be donated to those affected by the Butte County fires.

It’s Pancakes for Paradise– and your breakfast this Sunday is for an especially good cause! You can help support the mission. How? Just by eating pancakes and eggs and sausage and ham and mini-cinnamon rolls and hot French Roast coffee and Laura’s famous homemade salsa and then eating some more. Solidarity with neighbors helping neighbors while eating. That’s the American and Santa way! And don’t worry about cleaning up the dishes after eating pancakes with your friends. We’ll take care of that. Just eat and be merry and thankfully so.

Garfield Elementary School will also be holding their Holiday Dutch Lottery upstairs until noon, too. You can win a variety of gifts and goodies at the same time with those proceeds helping benefit the academic activities of Garfield School’s students. Come join in the fun and enjoy the holiday cheer with us.

Humboldt has been good to us– all of us– and now is time for thinking about others and giving back.

Kym has reminded us through her articles here of the good efforts of our Humboldt folks who helped those affected by the devastating fires in Butte County. Our volunteer fire crews, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Posse Search and Rescue, Diana Totten, and so many local residents responded in force with their caring support. The residents of Freshwater and our all-volunteer Freshwater Community Hall want to join in and help, too, by donating half of the net profits of this pancake breakfast to those in need.



  • Good looking out for our brothers and sisters in paradise!!

  • I’m so grateful to live here!!!
    Thank you, all of our rural small towns need to stick together, theres too few these days.

  • I’ve read many folks helping the fire victims with donations and supplies have left the area because the fire has now been contained. It’s out of the news for the most part. But it’s not over. Not by a long shot.

    The victims who lost their houses and livelihoods are still there, camped out and struggling in the cold, wet, and rain in tents until they can figure something out or where to go. People and pets are still missing. It’s a devastating and muddy mess. I doubt any cleanup or reconstruction has happened except for the basics of restoring water and power and roads. Help is still a necessity.

    Everyone doing their part is good. We care about others. We can’t change the world much less this disaster. All we can do is make a ripple. But if enough of us make ripples, it can add up to a really big deal.

    Thank you, Kym.

  • We need to help those in our community. Local first. When no homeless person, no unemployed person, no needy person is left, move on to another community.

    It is easy to write a check. It is difficult to hold out your hand to the stranger on your own street. Everyone in this county proves that every day. I put a posting on Craigslist for assistance recently and it keeps getting flagged by bad people. Hypocrites all.

    I have been homeless myself (no drugs, alcohol or mental illness issues either). No one in this county helped me. I helped myself. That is a long and difficult road (two part time jobs and finally a place to live after many months).

    This time of year, show some actual CHARITY (mistranslated in the KJV, it means “love”) and love a person in need today. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite (especially all the fake Christians here).

  • My niece and her husband are victims of the fire and are living with me in a very tiny home. They are in need of so much. They do have mental disorders so things are especially difficult. Just curious as to where the funds will go from your pancake breakfast.

    I work in Eureka a few times a year, so I am familiar with the kind people there.

  • The next Freshwater Community Hall business meeting will decide how the funds should be used. There have been many ideas of how the members and community wish to do that and they haven’t fully decided yet. They will talk and coordinate with the local Paradise Community Guild as to where the need is most and best used. If you have suggestions, please make a comment, we’d like to hear it.

    Thank you.

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