Two Suspected Arson Fires Stretch the Resources of Volunteer Firefighters

Telegraph Ridge Volunteer Fire Company

Telegraph Ridge Volunteer Fire Company [Photo from the fire department]

Two suspected arson fires set yesterday on Wilder Ridge in southwest Humboldt in abandoned vehicles (one and RV and one a trailer) stretched resources of the local volunteer firefighters.

According to Peter Lawsky, Chief of Telegraph Ridge Fire Department, the first fire was about 10:40 a.m.  He said that a Telegraph Ridge engine and two Cal Fire engines responded to an abandoned RV on fire on Wilder Ridge near Kings Peak Road. “The fire appeared to have been purposely set.” he told us by email. “It was quickly contained and was not a threat to the wild land.”

The second fire occurred about 8:45 PM yesterday evening. Lawsky wrote that  Telegraph Ridge Fire, Honeydew Fire and Cal Fire responded to an abandoned trailer that had been set on fire. “This was less than a half mile from the fire earlier,” he stated.

He pointed out, “Both Telegraph Ridge and Honeydew are all volunteer departments. These suspected arson fires waste a lot of time, energy, and resources.”

Lawsky asked, “If anyone has any information about who may be setting these fires, or has seen a vehicle leaving the scene, please help your local firefighters, by contacting Cal Fire.”



  • No one sets these on fire. They burst spontaneously into flame by some little understood force.

    It`s believed by some researchers to be related to the malevolent force that causes hydraulic hoses on loaders and other heavy equipment to burst mid morning. This is late enough to ensure the oil is hot enough to burn the operator when it sprays on him, yet early enough so he has to work the entire day covered in hydraulic oil.

    • {..SmoKey the bear..}

      Actually neither one of these things had engines… Some tweeker thought he’d clean up the property his parents bought em’. And then clean up the streets. But if locals would start putting game cameras near these things, they might figure something out.

    • Same force caused drummers to spontaneously combust.

  • Abatement cleaning…. CHPs responsibility now.

  • The county should have 10 days to clean it up or they get fined.

    • Yep, hauling ones trash to somewhere else & making it someone else’s responsibility is real mature, Mike. Abatement fines help to curb the rat population that hoarders and junkies have created, for there neighbors.

  • Hurray peter! Thanks for not letting it spread to wildland, must of been hard.

  • There is a trailer on Myers Ave in Myers Flat with a CHP tag…been there for a month, begging to be lit. And a car abandoned by the fire hydrant just down the block on Orchard that has been called in to CHP but no response. As long as these vehicles are allowed to linger, there will be fires.

  • Seems like it’s connected to the pot bust. They started fires while fleeing

  • Blame the tow companies not SO & CHP. My office deals with abandoned vehicles/trailers constantly and if you don’t have something extra to offer they will not come out to get them, unless they are on a major road. Tow companies are only in it for the $$ now, f^@k the community!

    • Why don’t you either pay to have them towed or tow them yourself? If you don’t think you should be expected to do that, why would you expect it from the tow companies?

      • The tow companies need to wait for the abatement process to run through sometimes the DMV runs out of money for the abatement program everybody who has a vehicle registered pays into the abatement process part of the process is to make sure that the vehicle that is abandoned doesn’t belong to somebody who wants it some vehicles that appeared to be abandoned we’re not abandoned by their owner and there are a whole lot of other circumstances that could happen to lead a vehicle to be left on the side of the road To privately tow most of these vehicles is most likely against the law since they are out of registration tow companies have special permission to move them they also carry insurance which cost a whole lot for the vehicles that they move as well as their own vehicles and the tow companies don’t get paid much for moving and abated vehicle since most of them are trash most go to Eel River disposal it is illegal to abandoned vehicles on the side of the road but there is no enforcement Wild Wild West rules apply not very long ago they rounded up alot of vehicles that were abandoned on people’s property and what not at one of the big pull out when the price of scrap metal was up unlike other abatement issues this is a real nuisance

  • Trashy trailer setting across from the Carlotta Volunteer Fire Dept., on 36, couple of weeks now.

  • Land of the stupid dummies.

  • Wilder Ridge is in SW Humboldt. Kym 💖💓💖

  • I heard from someone who’s brother is on one of the fire dept’s that the arsonist who was arrested in Gasquet was released already. Is that true? Not that he necessarily started these 2, but still…

  • The Bulgarians, during the bust. put the pieces together.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    I agree with the county should be charged 10 thousand a day after 10 days of these vehicles appearing on the road. After all they’re a NUISANCE to the tax payers

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