Tips From EPD to Protect Your Vehicle From Burglaries

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Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

The Eureka Police Department has seen an increase in the number of thefts from vehicles during November. Since November 1st, there have been 66 reported incidents of items being taken from vehicles, both locked and unlocked. A large number of these thefts have occurred near Henderson Center and in the area of the Eureka Mall including areas south to Highland Avenue. The majority of the thefts are occurring during hours of darkness. Items that are being taken range from purses and wallets to backpacks and miscellaneous clothing, cash, coins from the cup holders and even two firearms and a taser.

We would like to remind people not to leave items in plain sight inside their vehicles. Even if the item has no value to you it has value to a thief and it could cost you the price to replace your windows. Even placing items in the trunk is not a guarantee to prevent a theft. It is never a good idea to leave a firearm in a vehicle, but if you do the regulations governing the security of the firearm can be found in California Penal Code section 25140.

Remember a theft from a vehicle can take only seconds to accomplish, so here are a few additional tips to think about when it comes to the security of your vehicle and belongings:

  • Do not leave recent purchases with receipts in the car.  Burglars have been known to steal gifts and attempt to return them to the store for a cash refund.
  • Do not leave items, valuable or not, visible in your car. Even a gym bag left in the car can look inviting.  Take out all diaper bags, gym bags, shopping bags, backpacks or anything else that looks like it could be of value.
  • Close all windows and lock all doors before leaving your vehicle.
  • Park in well-lit, heavily populated areas.
    Trust your instincts.  If something doesn’t feel right, find another place to park.
  • Avoid parking next to occupied vehicles.
  • Do not leave garage door openers in parked vehicles.  Burglars have been known to steal garage door openers and use them to make entry inside garages and houses.
  • Don’t think your dark tinted windows will hide your valuables. Thieves often use flashlights to see through tint.
  • The best security against vehicle burglary at your residence is to lock your car in the garage.




  • Buy and train a Rottweiler. They’re easily trained to lie in wait so the offender is unaware of their presence until they enter your property. Wonderful asset for law enforcement who simply follow the blood trail to get their man.

    • While I might be running the risk of being moderated, I often advocate for the responsible use of claymore mines for personal property protection. On the condition that you put up a sign saying that there is a claymore mine hooked to your personal property and if you attempt to steal it you will detonate it. I kinda feel like it would be Darwinism. It would force the thought of do you value your life more than you value feeding your drug addiction?

        • I hadn’t considered that, obviously I’m joking, but that being said I’m not suggesting you should be able to put out them your property line or your gate but I would be more than willing to put one inside my house or inside my vehicle. And honestly it would be a greater threat to myself than wildlife, coming home from the bar and forgetting that I have a live claymore in my living room but totally worth it in this day and age in Humboldt. And if a bear breaks into my house, well he might have it coming anyways.

  • Don’t go to the beach. Don’t go to the redwoods. Don’t have nice things. Have a nice day. EPD 🙂

  • Vote republican next time so we stop pampering theives and drug addicts. Ever thought of that? Let’s get rid of guns from law abiding citizens, and let theives go without punishment and then wonder why all of our sh!t is getting stolen! One day those donkeys will pull there head out of there ass.

    “Laws and rules without punishment are only guidelines for manipulation.” (Me).

    • I like how the actor (I mean “burglar”) is leaving full left and right side palm prints and fingerprints on the vehicle window. In truth, a car burglar wouldn’t have anything to be concerned about if he actually did leave such blatant prints, since I doubt LEOs dust for prints on something as lowly as a vehicle break in.

      • Leos don’t even dust for prints on when they steal the vehicle. My neighbor had her rig stole, it was found and she asked if they were going to fingerprint it and they said it was too expensive so she offered to pay for it because she was so upset, then they just quit talking to her

      • Lol, this isn’t CSI. They don’t dust for prints on minor crimes. Look at how long it takes to get lab results back for stuff like murder, 6-18 months. Imagine if we backed up the line to get a car stereo back. 12-20 year wait on lab results? I think not.

        Best tip- Get fake stickers on Amazon that say you have a car alarm and get a fake light to plug into your phone charger that blinks like an alarm. Works almost as well as an actual alarm.

  • And, also, ‘Tis the season for looting mailboxes: Greeting cards with Cash and Gift Cards and tons of Gifty Merchandise!!!

    Last year, about this this time, we lost a package of Nurse’s scrubs. This year, I don’t know whether to laugh or curse.

    Tracker says that my obscure, bizarre bit of electrical equipment was delivered to the mailbox on the street. I never saw it.

    It’s not so much about being out 70 bucks, it’s the sheer pointlessness of it.
    I have to laugh over the sheer bewilderment on the geeter, scumbag’s face when it eagerly tore open the package to discover, “What the hell is this dang thing?”
    Only an electrician *might* know what it is; much less which specific make and model of fitting it might fit. Geeter couldn’t trade a half-pack of smokes for it on the street. Probably isn’t two other people in the whole county who would care to own one.
    So there goes my 70 bucks, floating down Strongs Creek, or somewhere, in an eddy of junk mail; for the benefit of absolutely no one.

  • My car got got it’s window broken by someone who wanted my half of sangwitch and some chocolate milk. I only left my beater, outside the dispensary for 8 minutes, and know have to drive with card board and duck tape till next semester. Bad hippies in this town and I can’t wait too graduate.

    • yup got broke into at clam beach and all there was was water and granola bars and a jacket and no i didnt bother to report it (another unreported crime)

  • Is it unsafe to leave your dog in the car
    even if you lock the car and have it alarmed and have stickers saying it’s alarmed?

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