100 Acts of Giving by December 31: The Humboldt Area Foundation Gathers Stories on Local Generosity

100 Acts of Giving


The Humboldt Area Foundation may be dipping into our comment section and choosing stories of generosity to share as part of their new 100 Acts of Giving campaign. (See press release below.)

Who’s got a good story to share?

Press release from the Humboldt Area Foundation:

Guy Kulstad was many things to many people: A civil engineer, veteran, ocean explorer, father, grandfather and great-grandfather who hosted notoriously huge Christmas parties at his home in Trinidad, he was also a steadfast volunteer for the Humboldt Literacy Project for more than 11 years, helping adults improve their lives by learning to read. Only after his death in December 2017 did the Humboldt Literacy Project learn the true extent of Guy’s generosity: Along with volunteering, Guy had anonymously been donating money through the Humboldt Area Foundation to cover medical insurance for the nonprofit’s employees.

After his passing, the Kulstad Family Fund continued this legacy. Guy Kulstad is just one example of generosity of spirit we see in our region, where many people donate not only money, but also their time and talent to make our communities stronger. To honor and amplify this philosophy, Humboldt Area Foundation is gathering stories for the 100 Acts of Giving campaign, with the goal of sharing at least 100 stories like Guy’s by December 31.

Based in Bayside, Humboldt Area Foundation serves a region roughly the size of Maine, including Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Curry counties. In the 2017-2018 fiscal year HAF awarded $3.5 million for 1,417 grants to local nonprofits, charitable organizations and other entities. HAF’s employees witness and help facilitate a lot of generosity, but there are always more stories to tell. From local businesses and elected officials working together with donors to bring gift cards and Thanksgiving meals to survivors of the Camp Fire, to volunteers gathering warm clothes to help the houseless during the onset of cold weather, we see ordinary people doing extraordinary things every day in our region.

Let’s honor that generosity by gathering some of those stories. Every act of generosity – big, small, monetary or otherwise – should be honored with recognition. You can find these stories on our website at www.hafoundation.org/100ActsofGiving. Do you have a story to share? Here’s how to do it:

Use our hashtag on Facebook, Twitter (@WeAreHAF) or Instagram (@humboldtfoundation): #100ActsofGiving

Email us: TalkToUs@hafoundation.org

HAF Office/Safety Manager Jill Moore delivers food to Food for People’s Choice Pantry Coordinator Erin Tharp.

Humboldt Area Foundation Office/Safety Manager Jill Moore delivers food to Food for People’s Choice Pantry Coordinator Erin Tharp.



  • Yup. A great way to start the day.
    Today is Giving Tuesday. I’m going to donate to our community radio station, KMUD.
    Happy Holidays, everyone.

  • THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I COMMENT ON this webpage after reading all the Good Stuff, the Bad Things ,and the Ugly Shit that ya ll post from the comforts of your own homes, for many moons.
    I have to say that i really am thankful to Kym ( first of all) and Krew who keep RHBB
    up and running. That should be one of the 100 stories – right?
    This event exemplifying human kindness overflowing ( as brother Neil D. useta sing about ) is Exactly what we NEED to be focusing on . .Regardless of all the extreme Hubris,Arrogance, and Ignorance that has run amok in recent 21 century life and times .
    I just e mailed a great tear jerking story to the HAF directly , i hope that story gets told. About the woman ( friend ) who gave her prize possession , a fully restored and artistically embellished Airstream to a family in Chico who has two young teenage daughters and even their grandparents and uncles ( etc. ) ALL lost all they owed in the Camp Fire storm. That Airstream Unit is All she owned. She drove it over herself and only told me cause the tires weren’t the best on the trailer and she wanted someone to know what she was embarking on . Bless her Heart !!! Big Up !
    Give Thanks- all the while – seen ?

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