Pretty in Pink But All Alone

Girls bike
This bike was found against the fence at Don’s Auto Parts on Locust Street in Garberville.

The finder said, “If it belongs to you or you know who it belongs to, please let me know so it can be returned to its owner. If it is not claimed by Monday I will take it to the Garberville Sheriff office.”

Call (707) 223-3945.



  • Hmmm…fact check! ..”against the fence? “…

    The story has morphed .

    I read on the FB page, “What’s Really Going on G’ville ” (not to be confused with Hey G’ville What’s Going On) that it was found “hidden in the bushes” …

    Either way we don’t know if a child is a really missing this bike . Someone could have procured it through legit means: gift , thrift store, or garage sale.

    I think it’s pretty presumptuous to drag someone’s shit out of hiding and put the item on blast on social media “assuming it was stolen.”

    What happened to people minding their own business? Or having hobbies?

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