Victim Was ‘Bleeding Profusely’ From Stabbing in Arcata

Officers looking for the blood trail.

Officers looking for the blood trail. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

About 9:45 p.m., a man came to the Patriot Gas Station in the Valley West area of Arcata saying he’d been stabbed in the back. He was reportedly bleeding profusely.

The victim was taken to the hospital and law enforcement, including the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and the Arcata Police Department, are attempting to piece together what occurred.

Officers at the scene. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]



  • So there’s a robbery at 9:15 and a stabbing before 9:45, both in the same area? Perhaps related?

    • Wait a second! Somebody actually got stabbed in the back?

      I always thought that was just a saying people used to describe their worthless, no good, friends, relatives and co-workers!

  • Why is Arcata so stabby? Shouldn’t a small university town be relatively safe?

  • can arcata make it a month without a stabbing? arcatas getting stabby again, classic arcata

  • The area across Giuntoli Lane from the Patriot station is a homeless camp, with an incredible amount of garbage, stolen shopping carts, etc. Maybe people living there are cranky after being rained on for a few days. Someone used to come in occasionally and mow the grass and brush down to discourage camping, but I guess they’ve given up.

    • an incredible amount of stabbings too. they used to live under the bridges but this year they put tons of big pokey rocks down there. they still live all along the river and arcata pd knows this they just dont like going down there.

      • the rocks are a complete waste of taxpayer’s money.

        • its the end of the year they have to spend it somehow. geez. i know and you know we dont elect the people who make these decisions but we supposedly voted for more road taxes

          • more road taxes? do you even know what measure 6 was?

            • yes more road taxes

              California Proposition 6
              Result Votes Percentage
              Yes 4,883,114 43.22%
              No 6,415,988 56.78%

              the yes would have been to repeal the extra taxes

              • and what does the “no” mean? does it mean more taxes? no it doesn’t. it means it stays the same as before. mean while cal-trans is in the homeless deterrent business.

                • A yes vote supported this initiative to:

                  repeal fuel tax increases and vehicle fees that were enacted in 2017

                  stays the same is a relative term. if you were born yesterday then it means it would stay the same but if you were paying taxes before last year then it would constitute as an increase in taxation (that we the people did not vote on in the first place. it was passed by the state senate and state assembly)

                • i watched them (caltrans) cut down a two story tree house the homeless made back there along the river and put the whole thing in a truck and took it away to dump it. this was a couple of years ago

              • Hard to believe isn’t it? Reminiscent of the wage initiative and Z resale tax in 2014. We’re supposed to believe that the voters do not want more take home pay -even tho this same day three other states and five California’ cities voted ‘yes’ on a wage initiative – and do want to pay more taxes.

                Just doesn’t have the ring of truth to it.

                When the countess counts the ballots, the ballots don’t count.

                • i agree. and i find it funny that people like to complain about caltrans wasting money yet they want to just keep giving them more. geniuses

                • i would like that little ballot machine to print me out a receipt showing what i voted on or what it counted my votes as. and i want the receipt to have a number attached to my individual ballot, just for my records, so if i decide i can send a copy to a watchdog group

                • 40 million people in california and only 10 million voted on this measure

  • Damn screw that place

  • Rule of Law not Leftists


  • West side story ! Abracadabra ! they will reach out and stab ya !
    Watch out for America’s scareiest college town how about mural of someone getting stabbed with blood all over it . It would be a like a Pacaso with a white outline of a body and some yellow tape for holiday cheer. Good grief !.

    • If only the McKinley statute was safe this stabbing wouldn’t have happened. There’s more violence around the Plaza sports bars.

  • Arcata should hire another officer to serve as a homeless ranger, and they need neighborhood watch groups, they have a good permanent police chief now.

    • OMG. If your comment has any viableness to it – IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE LONG AGO and we wouldn’t continue documenting our demise.

      Corporations, being the unconstitutional construct that they are, ONLY look at the bottom $ line. They are criminals and thieves or they wouldn’t be doing what they do.

      • A stabbing in ultra-liberal Arcata, and it’s the fault of Corporations?????? No, it’s the fault of local politics that turn a blind-eye to an obvious threat. Arcata is a thug-magnet.

        • most of the thugs we read about in Arcata grew up in Eureka. Valley west isn’t really Arcata, its an annex for low income housing. the majority of crime is a product of local conservative values. maybe focus on education. if you disagree please post your data that supports your statement. the stabber at the Jam went to Zoe Barnum like most of our local criminal you can search data on.

        • The local politics in Arcata IS a corporation.

          You guys make up your mind – Divide by Zero labels Arcata as “ultra-liberal.”

          local observer says its conservative.

          Maybe we can flip a coin to settle this?

        • You’re So right.

  • Maybe Arcata Inc. should spend their abundance (extra time extended from fiscal year 2017-2018 to spend it), of ill-gotten gains (county sales tax chg’d in an incorporated city), in Arcata instead of helping out Garberville with an upgrade on their County-owned Vet’s Bldg.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave . . .

  • You get the society you deserve. The People’s Republic, Maoists all, reaps what it sows.

  • In the old days of hippies lots of people carried a gun. No one knew who was armed and as such left everyone alone. Still works.

    • Obviously not. The rates of violent crime in California have been declining since the early nineties.

      Also, who conceal-carries a blackpowder pistol? In Arcata? Your powder would be too wet to fire in minutes.

      • you mean the “reported” rates of crime

        • Do you have access the super-secret non-reported violent crime statistics? Do people just tend to walk it off nowadays when they spring a leak?

          • it is not super secret. its not like i am making this up. lots of crimes go unreported. when all my tools were robbed by the homeless then the cops were called and they came but they refused to write a police report, so theres one less crime reported. then another time a guy was walking way off the road in front of my house (about 15 to 20 feet) and this truck went all four wheels off the road just to hit the guy at like 45mph. when the cops came they wrote it up that they guy went into the road and got hit by accident, so there is one less murder on the books (they wrote it up as an accident). people rob “shoplift” from stores all the time and the cops dont write police reports because they dont want their town to look dangerous. i am glad you have never had a crime committed against you and not reported

        • Statistically, a gun is much less likely to be used in a crime than a Senator.

      • That`s not a black powder pistol. It`s a sawed off break action shotgun. It does have exposed hammers, an obsolescent design although I believe they are still being made.

        FYI, any shotgun with a barrel length of less than 18″ is quite illegal. A weapon such as the one in the photo is very effective and will produce an instant and permanent attitude adjustment.

  • Kym, you really should do a, “Best Comments of the Year!”

    • As a Blackbelt raising a family, and supplying the glue that holds us together in here, i’m betting Kym’s plate is full.

      Rather, what’s coming at us a g a i n on Wednesday (6-day notice of date change from Thursday to Wednesday), is Richardson Grove v CA Department of Transportation, dba CalTrans. In my Humboldt opinion, from the onset, the litigation is without merit/not withstanding, brought before an inferior court that doesn’t have subject matter jurisdiction.

      The spirit of the law v the letter of the law.

  • Arcata, Arcata, Arcata. “No Surprise”

  • Shak, mind if I use your quote and give you full credit?

  • If anyone is contemplating shortening up a rifle or shotgun, the minimum legal length of barrel for a shotgun is 18 inches and for a rifle 16 inches. This is measured from the bolt face or breech face if it`s a break action gun. It`s a good idea to go 1/8 in or so on the long side just to be safe.

    There is a minimum overall length as well which I forget. It should be easy to find online.

  • I was at the Patriot station yesterday and spoke to the employee who was on duty when the stabbed man showed up. “They stitched him up and he’s out again,” he said.

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