Emerson Asks, “Are You Calling Me? Cuz I’m Ready!”

white older jack russel

EMERSON – ID#A087773

Emerson is a happy, curious and intelligent Jack Russel mix that was found in Southern Humboldt near Bell Springs Road.  He wants to be out of doggy jail as soon as possible.  He wonders if you have room for him in your home.

The American Kennel Club describes this breed as, “a bold and clever terrier, swift enough to run with horses and fearless enough to dig in and flush a fox from his lair. Independent problem solvers, they can have their own ideas on how to go about things.”

Emerson can learn a host of skills including how to keep the deer out of the garden and the raccoons out of the chicken yard.

Emerson is about a year old and has been at the shelter since November 8th.  His ID# is A08777

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter is located next to the McKinleyville airport at 980 Lycoming Road.  The phone number for the shelter is 707-840-9132

Some of this information is provided by Petharbor.com. If you know someone who can help get Emerson into a forever home, please pass this along to them.





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