[UPDATE 9:50 p.m.] Two Story Victorian Home on Fire in Eureka

Burning structureA two-story wooden home is on fire in the 1400 block of John Hill Road north of Myrtle Avenue in Eureka as of 2:10 p.m. According to the scanner, tree fell into power lines knocking one onto the home which started a fire to the rear.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 3 p.m.: According to first reports, someone was falling a tree and it hit power lines. The fire appears to be out now.

Firefighter with hose in front of the house that caught fire.

A firefighter with a hose in front of the house that caught fire. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

According to first reports, someone was falling a tree and it hit power lines.

According to first reports, someone was falling a tree and it hit power lines. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

UPDATE 5:03 p.m.: A new firefighter at his first fire. Say hi to Michael Porter, folks!

UPDATE9:50 p.m.: Downed Power Line Starts Fire in Home



  • Well the owner of the tree whoever it maybe better have good insurance. Hope everyone in the house is alright. 🕊

  • The owner of the tree possibly may be liable but even more liable in my opinion would be the Fool falling it when they evidently didn’t know what they were doing!!!

  • PG And E will come work on any tree within 50 feet of a power line for you so this never happens…bur a lot of people never think to check…

  • How do I get P,G & E to get rid of a tree on my property? This is a large eucalyptus around 100′ tall or so. It`s not on their right-of-way; however, the branches overhang the lines and is close to a disconnect and voltage regulator. Knowing eucalyptus as I do, this is going to eventually drop a limb on the lines which will be very expensive.

    I`ve told P, G & E about it and they`ve only had it trimmed up a bit. Any suggestions as to how to motivate them? They`re not going to have to do anything other than get it on the ground. I`ll take care of getting rid of it.

    • good luck. we had a tree intertwined in the lines and we fought and fought and finally gave up. they just recently had that crappy Wright tree service cime out and play around for a week beforw cutting the tree down. it was a 9 year battle. good luck

    • Just call the regular PGE number and follow the prompts. 800-743-5000. They have cut several trees for me that were a risk to the power lines. The last time, it took them about 10 months and several visits out (different PGE reps coming to look and saying, “Yup, looks like that needs to come down”) before finally the tree crew came and did the work. It was worth the wait–just glad they didn’t fall over in a storm before the cutting.

  • I don’t get why people feel like PG&E is obligated to remove a tree for free? The tree is on your property – you are responsible for it.

    • Please re-read my posting. The tree in question has several large limbs that overhang the power lines, including a disconnect. One or more limbs is eventually going to fall on the lines resulting in expensive damage. If it wrecks the disconnect or nearby voltage regulator, it`s going to be even more expensive. Removing the tree would be prudent and responsible precautionary maintenance.

      I`d like the tree gone; however, it`s not that much of a concern. I`m sure as hell not going to pay to have it removed for P,G & E`s benefit.

  • What a beautiful old home–glad it didn’t burn up!

  • A home with a porch —

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