BLM Reminds King Range/Public Land Visitors to be Careful with Fire During Dry Fall Conditions

This is a press release from the Bureau of Land Management:

Abnormally warm and dry weather conditions across California are contributing to high fire dangers, and the Bureau of Land Management is asking visitors to be extremely careful with campfires.

The BLM said conditions are worrisome along the Lost Coast Trail on California’s Lost Coast.  Rain gauge data dating to 1992 shows that the King Range averages almost 19 inches of precipitation from August through November.  This year the area has received only 1.5 inches of rain during the same time.  This light fall rain total follows a warm, dry summer.

“Backpackers on the Lost Coast Trail must be sure their campfires are completely out before breaking camp,” said Greg Wolfgang, manager of the King Range National Conservation Area.  “It’s common for hikers to have campfires, but conditions are so dry this year that a small unattended fire could easily cause a major fire.”

“We need a soaking rain to really bring down fire dangers in the King Range and elsewhere on public lands,” Wolfgang added.

Campers in all public land areas should avoid having campfires in windy conditions, always keep campfires small, have a shovel and water nearby, and ensure that fires are cold to the touch when leaving the campsite.

Even though seasonal campfire restrictions have been rescinded, campfire permits are still required.  Permits are free at any BLM, CAL FIRE or Forest Service office, or visit online at



  • They should have been banning camp fires, permitted burns until the humidity rose to a certain level anyway. Commen sense people.

  • They are saying it’s okay to have campfires in these conditions?!! Just be careful?!!! I stopped having outdoor fires months ago.

    • I stopped having outdoor fires a month ago. I have no choice but to rake and burn, and rake and burn all around me, out to the roads, for winter flooding and fire safety in general –including bringing my neighbor’s piles over and burning theirs too. My current problem, is, Satan bought next to me two years ago. He hasn’t even been inside of his place for eighteen months -and longer as far as raking and branch removal goes. I offered to rake his place in September, no exchange of material funds. He declined.

  • This is a warning? Or a alibi for the fire they will start! Be on guard neighbors.

  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock, should be common sense, but then again when an individual is as smart as a rock they have no common sense

    • Pretty soon the collective intelligence level will be so low that the public will be banned from all forest lands. Already I have stopped encouraging city people to come enjoy nature! They are too stupid and therefore are dangerous to all wildlife. Better they watch it on computer screens!

  • Bring rakes! 😉

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