Several People Evacuated During Fire in Eureka Last Night

Humboldt Bay FIre

Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a fire on California and Harris Street in Eureka.[Crop of a photo by Mark McKenna]

Press release from Humboldt Bay Fire:

On 11/15/18 at 7:30 P.M. Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a reported Structure Fire on the 2900 block of California Street in Eureka.

Humboldt Bay Fire responded with 2 engines, 1 truck, 1 squad and 1 chief officer on the “First Alarm” assignment. The first arriving units found heavy smoke coming from the first floor of a large, two-story multi-unit apartment building. A “Second Alarm” was immediately requested for an additional two engines. There were multiple occupants still in the structure. On scene units simultaneously attacked the fire, evacuated the building, and ventilated the structure to improve conditions for occupants to get out of the building. As those initial resources were quickly committed to tasks at the scene, a “Third Alarm” was requested which generated a recall of off-duty Humboldt Bay Fire personnel to staff reserve apparatus.

Initially the fire began to spread between the floors in concealed spaces. Fire personnel gained control of the fire within 30 minutes. Personnel also evacuated several people and rescued a number of pets from the apartment building. City Ambulance was requested to the scene as a precaution. There were no injuries to civilians or fire personnel.

Humboldt Bay Fire wishes to thank its cooperating partners for their assistance. Arcata Fire Protection District provided coverage to Humboldt Bay Fire jurisdiction during the fire. The Eureka Police Department responded and provided traffic and crowd control at the scene. The Red Cross responded to coordinate sheltering of at least eleven tenants who were displaced. Pacific Gas and Electric secured the utilities to the structure.

The fire originated in a vacant apartment. The cause of the fire was undetermined. Investigators could not rule out human cause. The fire caused an estimated $75,000 worth of fire, smoke, and water damage.

Humboldt Bay Fire would like to remind everyone to have an evacuation plan and designated meeting place if they should ever have a fire.

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  • Homeless under extreme conditions will use vacant apartments during cold weather if the cold weather shelters are closed.

    • During a real cold snap last year, a person broke into our vacant home that was for sale. They broke the door from the outside into the garage, but had the decency to not break into the house from there. I found all of their belongings in our garage. No drug paraphernalia, no weapons, just basic necessities for life.

      After we repaired the door and installed a security door on top of that, an individual, presumably the same one, came back and tried their hardest to pry the security door open. They didn’t get the door open, but bent the heck out of it.

      I began to wonder why they wanted in so bad. Then I checked our washer and dryer in the garage and found some of their clothes and a sleeping bag in the washing machine. For a homeless person, a sleeping bag is crucial to survival.

      While I was pissed this person damaged our property, I had sympathy for them. The police told me to throw all their belongings in the trash, but I put them on the curb instead. I was grateful they didn’t set break into the house, set our house on fire or invite more people in.

      Situations like this could be averted if our society could provide more shelter. We as a society make it OK to blow up a foreign country in a war, and rebuild them at huge expenses. But we won’t build housing for our own people. There’s profit in rebuilding places like Iraq, but not providing shelter for our own homeless.

      George Carlin nailed it one time: he said if there was money to be made off of ending homelessness, the streets of America would be cleaned up really fast. But there’s no money in it.

  • How do you evacuate tenants from a squire building on California street? Yell, “ look! There’s a baggie of drugs on the sidewalk over there!”

  • I noticed it was said that Squires it’s one of his places why isn’t that man in jail it has no big any court orders he has no compassion for people and someday innocent people are going to get killed like a firefighter trying to clean up his messes I know the city has been trying to condemn his places to get him to pay up I haven’t heard recently though anymore about that that’s kind of person belongs in a cage

    • Why should he be in jail? Because someone might have used a vacant apartment to get in out of the cold? What about the other slum lords? They don’t print their names and they also do not tell us who owns the buildings where they have done the big drug busts.

  • Floyd is too sick for jail.his offspring are mostly responsible.

    • Count Every Vote ‼️🗳✅🧛‍♂️

      Then lock up the Squires slumlord hellspawn instead. ⚖️

      Enough is enough already with these crooked criminals!


  • Hahaha I’ve watched so many drugs get sold out of this place while getting gas being mean mugged by everyone in the area.

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