Fight Night Returns to Bear River Casino

Wrestlers. [Photo by Karla Rivas/]

We’ve joined forces with Ray Hamill of to bring you local sports. We’ll be sharing a teaser and a link to his stories here for easy access. Click through to his site for the latest in local action, but here’s a teaser about Bear River’s Fight Night: 

Fight night returns to the Bear River Casino this weekend, with 12 MMA showdowns on tap, including several featuring local fighters.

And for the first time, the Hard Fought Productions event will feature four title fights, with Eureka fighter Andrew Guisa’s welterweight battle against Kaes Ishun topping the bill.

“We’re excited,” promoter Brian Wilson said. “It’s our last show of the year, and it’s a big show for us.”

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  • Doesn’t look as fun for the guy in front.

  • We need thunder dome Two men enter, one man leave!

  • Fight Night. Where those with room temperature IQ’s congregate with like minded sorts.

    • Cool see you there 😊

    • Your comment about room temperature IQs gives some insight into the likely range of yours. Do you know anything about combat sports or their fans? Is everyone stupid who likes something you don’t? Which is your favorite of the words pompous, arrogant, and pretentious?

  • And we wonder why the barbaric shit people pull all the time has become so commonplace! This “entertainment” completely ruins our youth, our culture, our future… What in hell happened to humanity? Fucking savages…

    • Pankration, gladiators, melee, jousting, medieval mob ball, boxing… what happened to humanity is that men pummeling each other with death likely now has rules a referee whose job has evolved from insuring that no one ran away from maiming and killing each other to hopefully keeping the participants from killing each other. Truly not that much evolution.

      I dislike violent sports in general but this one in particular is graceless and brutal. It’s raw aggression at its sweatiest.

  • I don’t think I have enough testosterone to understand why anyone, ever, would want this.

    • It is a way for a person (women fight too) to fairly test him(her)self against someone else. That is a rare thing. Some people do want it. It is primal. Many other people fantasize about it but don’t want to risk the beating. Those are the fans. The appeal is wide and always has been. Combat sports are probably the oldest ones.

      • Very true , not everyone can even stand from a solid leg kick …. let alone a good one to the liver is worse than a shot to the face …

  • So far from anything I would ever watch but grateful this exist. God forbid the kind of people who like to physically hurt people not have an outlet like this. These kind of people need to be kept away from others as they do tend to attack people outside of the ring too. Very, very, very scary kind of people that like to partake in such a barbaric sport that dates back to times when gays were killed for being gay and “consent” wasn’t something women had a choice to give or refuse yet. Most people grew out of such a barbaric past time when we got indoor plumbing and electricity and stopped behaving like ruthless animals. Not sure why some people are still entertained by this and boast about how ancient of a sport this is yet they won’t poop in an outhouse to save the environment? I guess old school stuff is only fun when someone gets hurt to these types of people.

    • Damn that’s a pretty far out story lol , yes we should all walk around barefoot eating granola and singing koombyaa. Btw humans are still the most ruthless of all animals.

      • Never been stalked by a mountain lion? Or even a bull elk? Or dealt with mosquitos, ticks and intestinal parasites? Human’s are just a bit more successful at controlling their surroundings but a flock of chickens are much, much, much more ruthless. Human’s are not as anything different as they think they are.

        • Yes I have, lions are especially scary, funny how your body can tell one is around before you even see it. I was commenting to the person above’s comment about us being more evolved. Parasites aren’t animals and animals are ruthless because they have to be to survive. If you can’t tell I was also being sarcastic.

      • This is true, just take a look at ruthless politicians. I’d like to throw a few of them in with Connor. Who knows, as dirty as they play they might even win.

    • And that’s the time for the saying “to each it’s own “ but you sound more like a abused child or adult that listens to emo music . The meek shall inherit California….

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