The Camp Fire: One Week In Is The Deadliest and Most Destructive in California History (140,000 Acres and 40% Contained)

Embers from a house burning on Oakridge Drive near Paradise shower a tree and home across the street.

On November 8, embers from a house burning on Oakridge Drive near Paradise shower a tree and home across the street. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

This morning, one week exactly from when flames first clawed through homes and businesses in Butte County, the Camp Fire is a grim toll of numbers.

56 people are dead and the number continues to be called out at ever increasing amounts each evening after searchers have located more remains during grim days of searching through ashes.

Only 47 of the human remains have yet been identified. 130 people are still missing.

Overnight mapping revealed the fire to has swallowed 140,000 acres (almost 220 square miles) and it is still only 40% contained.

As of this morning, Cal Fire reports that 8,650 homes have been turned to ash and 260 commercial buildings went up in smoke.

The numbers through the coming days will likely tell an increasing story of death and destruction.

The Plan:

According to Cal Fire, the fire continues to be active overnight. Crews are building dozer lines and using backfiring operations to build low fuel zones that discourage the fire from spreading.

Today, the smoke is expected to lift at higher elevations which will allow tankers and helicopters to work more easily. But a smoke inversion layer will hinder air operations at lower elevations.

The Weather:  

The weather continues to be warm for this time of year, dry, and lightly breezy for the most part with no chance of rain for the next five days.

The humidity is up though. The minimum is 15%.

The Roads:

Caltrans District 3 is reporting these closures: (For the most recent information go to closure  for Camp FireNumerous county roads are also closed.

The Maps:

  • Camp Fire Public Information Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.Camp PIO 7
  • Camp Fire Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.CAMP ops 7
  • Camp Fire KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or, for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program. Warning this imagery was captured around 9:39 p.m. last night and does not show the latest borders.

Evacuation Information:

For the most up to date information, click here. Scroll down once there to find an excellent evacuation map.

Earlier Chapters: 



  • Praying for the firefighters and the victims or giving donations of money or time is all we can do at this time. To make some happy out there 130 lawsuits have been filed against PG&E.🖖

    • End of last thread re-post, in case . .

      “We do know that electric company PG&E experienced a problem with an electrical transmission line near the site of the fire, minutes before it broke out,” according to CBS News, and now criminal Governor has signed a bill allowing the company to CHARGE its customers whatever is necessary to pay for all of the lawsuits and losses that are coming. 10:59 Nov. 14

      • Wow in other words the costumers are being fined….about right! Governor moonbeam taking care of his constituents…

        • Unfortunately customers rarely have pull with either a utility or a politician. While shareholders have both. But I can guarantee that, if the shareholders suffer losses due to management problems, they will have the pull to get changes. And get politicians to help.

      • Just to parse this out — if the customers who benefit from buying PG&E electricity aren’t supposed to help pay for either the prevention, maintenance, or damages from the infrastructure that supplies that electricity, who is?

        The investors and executives should take obvious large penalties. But customers are the ones buying energy from PG&E, which keeps them in business, and voters keep electing weak oversight. So again, who should pay? I’m not trying to troll you, I don’t have a good answer myself.

      • That takes the heat off the subject of his vetoing the partisan bill that funded preventative fire safety.

        The wind is also under control of the weather controllers. Weather controlling is patented. How many patents are there? How did the enemies gain control of it?

        I challenge all who know how to do map overlays to do your own non-biased research into the western half of the USA.
        1. The natural & mineral resources maps.
        2. The most populated areas of “illegal aliens”.
        3. The agenda 21 maps pointed out above by CH’s video.
        4. The maps of most ‘civil unrest’ and by whom.
        5. The maps laid out by the 2020 Atzlan agenda.

        There’s more, but you’ll discover that on your own as you dig deeper. Questions will creep up. Jot them down, research into them later. Make more overlays.
        Notice all patterns, no matter how trivial they seem at the moment. Jot them down. Research the patterns later.
        Keep an open mind. Try not to form conclusive opinions.

        Who, what, when, where, why … and how.

        • you should look at the 2010 Census Maps. you can also overly them and gain a better understand of everything, especially the social dynamics and associated problems. The most populated area of Illegal aliens is Texas, primarily the farm belt border towns. when you are done with these maps its clear that the best thing you can do as a parent is to educated your kids to the furthest extent you are capable of, for them and you. elderly people without kids or with dysfunctional kids lose the most in the end.

          • Excellent choices to dive into discovery.
            Off the bat, Monsanto takes a nose dive in 2010 after being company of the year in 2009. What changed? Awareness? What happened to the crops? Where were the crops shipped to? Who banned the crops? Who worked the fields? How many became sick? Why was Obamacare & single payer pushed so hard? … so many questions, I’ll stop here with mine lest I lose focus on my previous searches.
            Off the bat, how much money was spent in foreign aid in 2010-2015 era? Which countries were taking the money but not helping their people to prosper? What was prospering in their countries? Why were people sending their children to the borders, alone and vulnerable? What happened to a huge percentage of the children?
            What year did the ATF’s Fast & Furious fiasco take place? Which countries were involved? Were any border agents killed? Tell us more…


            • Post Script:
              Don’t forget to include the “natural disasters” of that time.

              Who was in charge?
              Why do the Haitians chase them in protest?
              Is the media always factual?
              What is Operation Mockingbird?
              What is the Smith-Mundt act?
              Who repealed the Smith-Mundt act?
              Why? When?
              What happened to the children who were being escorted to the border?
              Who was escorting them?
              Who was contacted for help in being set free?
              Who changed their name to an alias?
              Where does she work now?

              the list is never ending isn’t it. But question we must. Then we must question the answers, not dismiss them. Shuffle through them all, overlay, separate, take note of common threads and patterns, include all facts despite liked or not, beware of confirmation bias which is the worst kind of bias of all to those who seek truths instead of ‘gossip’.

  • This extremely helpful link posted by a regular poster here (Nines?) is worthy of repeating, in hopes of reuniting loved ones.

    Prayers to all who didn’t make it and to those who need & appreciate the love and concern that only prayers can offer, to help them through their devastated hours ahead.

    • Yep. It was me. I think not long after I linked him, though, he decided to take a break or give the job over to the now fully-staffed fires operations. He’d been working his butt off for a week, creating and maintaining a way for people to connect with missing pets and loved ones and other forms of relief, also trying to identify and link solid organizations for donations from everywhere. It has been outright dazzling to watch someone so famous drop everything to use his fame toward pretty seriously humanitarian ends.

      The better part of each of seven days engaged in only this. Pretty cool.

      I’m guessing people will still be using his hashtags, though, even if he falls silent, to update each other on who’s still looking and who’s found and anyone offering shelter for people or animals.

      • Nines, Thank you for sharing them with us, and for describing the beauty to be found there. Help and love are the most beautiful things in the world when it comes from the heart.

  • The maps do help. But one I really liked was the one in another story that showed the progress over time from ignition. If that is available.

  • Thank you, Kym, for your comprehensive reporting of this truly grim story as it continues to unfold.
    The fire weather of the past several years has shown the vulnerability of communities all across the west. From Montana to Washington, New Mexico to California and Oregon, frequency and intensity have changed. The season has extended. The urban/rural edges are more populated, although many towns that have been impacted have been in existance for many decades.
    What I hope we all take to heart is the importance of what we, as individuals and communities, can do to protect our families and properties. It’s time to take stock of your home’s defensible space. Of your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and water supply. To review your families evacuation plan, supplies, where the gas turnoff valves are… little things…
    Not to mention if you need N95 masks on hand or an air purifier for those times when even far-off fires make the air unhealthy to breathe.
    Hoping always for the best, it pays to be prepared. And to be ready to help others in, and beyond, our communities.
    Thank you to firefighters, first responders, all the many helpers. And our condolences and sympathy to all those who have suffered such great losses. At this point I think we all personally know some who have.
    Check with Pay it Forward Humboldt for ways you can help.

  • PG&E Corporation stock sure hit the shittah. Off 50% in a few days.

  • Here is the link to the fire progression maps — they are a little slow to be updated (sometimes a day or two behind), but it is interesting to see the interactions of wind, terrain, vegetation, etc. , and how fast things can move when things align. Pick your year of interest, pick your fire — you can change from topo to satellite view. If you look at enough of these, you will start working harder on your defensible space!!

  • How about a list of way to do something more substantial than feel sad and pray?

    We sent sleeping bags and food to a friend near the area who donated them for us.

  • Can someone explain to me why the blame is falling on PG&E when the same power surge that was reported could have also been caused by a failed attempt at tapping into the power lines? It’s not the first time for that area.

  • The power of one. It is like a small pebble tossed upon a still pond. Rippling waves of giving one to one.

    Be it a donated small bag of food by a pensioner to Humboldt Pay It Foraward, the thirty individuals who donated gently used and new bedding, linen, sturdy work clothes, new bras and underwear, new toys, pillows, tents, household cookware, plastic totes and gift cards to Jessica and crew at Elkes Salon in Cutten, volunteers at the tent city at Walmart in Chico. Needhub, 530 Wants, Butte County Adopt A Family, Paradise Adopt A Family (for all Butte county residents), and the many social media campaigns facilitating one to one giving. All started with the power of one.

    Pedro GTP Relief face book group evolved out of the fires from the last three years salvaging the tons of “left” over donations the big National grouos could not logistically deal with. Working months after fire containment to continue to meet inividual needs as well as processing requests from other humanitarian relief grouos in rthe north state.

    And like Humboldt Pay it Forward the power of one coalesced into 501C3 status and continue on today, with the support of individuals Zander businesses.

    As I read of folks stymied by the arduous paper tiger process of recovery, dealing with alphabet soup governmental agencies, each of the fore mentioned community based groups are bringing to bear the power of one. Bringing together individuals to meet needs now and in the coming months.

    As folks who have made it through the many fires in the north state over the last five years, know….it is a marothon, not a sprint.

    Even though there are predators and scammers out there taking advantage of the recent fires, the wise, the kind hearted, the organizers, and the givers are legion

    Knowing folks who lost loved ones in Paradise, who lost their home, I want to encourage you to please have your fire safe plan, which includes emergency contacts.

    And if you can spare a moment to send your positive thoughts or prayers to those who have died, those who escaped, those who work on the fire as fire fighters, search and recovery, morgue and identification, notification of next of kin, those in hospital recovering from injuries and burns. The county wide community of Butte.

    Thank you.

    • 631, I heard that tonight and got sick.

      • That is a dramatic increase /or typo? First source I saw reporting that number was BBC out of the UK so I wrote it off ..But this morning LA Times is reporting the same stat. Seems like a sudden uptick in missing persons .

  • top photo is absolutely haunting.. prayers.

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