Sheriff’s Office Seeks Public’s Help Finding Fugitives Associated With Drug Trafficking

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

The Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) seeks the public’s assistance with the apprehension of several fugitives associated with various drug trafficking organizations. These fugitives currently have felony arrest warrants issued from the Humboldt Superior Court.

Rodrigo “Shorty” Rios 10/17/1976 – Conspiracy to distribute heroin – $250,000 bail Rodrigo “Shorty” Rios

Ariel Arguelles-Sosa 11/26/1977 – Cocaine distribution – $200,000 bailAriel Arguelles-Sosa

Juan Barraza-Hidalgo 06/26/1997 – Transportation of controlled substances-$550,000 bailJuan Barraza-Hidalgo

Rudy Ismael Nunez 01/14/1992 – Transportation and sales of narcotics – $50,000 bailRudy Ismael Nunez

Oscar Carranza 10/09/1996 – Possession of controlled substance – $100,000 bailOscar Carranza

Juan Reyes-Perez 06/24/1988 – Transportation of controlled substances -$100,000 bailJuan Reyes-Perez

Ricardo Avalos 05/10/1980 – Transportation of controlled substances-$50,000 bailRicardo Avalos

To date, HCDTF has confiscated 27.36 pounds of methamphetamine, 34.57 pounds of heroin, and 3.06 pounds of cocaine. Some of these stats are based upon investigations involving these fugitives.

HCDTF credits tips received by the public which has assisted in numerous investigations. Anyone with knowledge of the current whereabouts of these fugitives is asked to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.



  • oh yeah give them bail or O.R. them what could go wrong. this is why we shouldnt give bail or O.R. to citizens of other nations

    • They were caught and released. Only in Humboldt, California and most of America. Why would anyone wonder why we have drug addiction that is so rampant. And if one dares to point a finger at where these criminals are coming from then you are labeled a racist. This also proves the point that just because a person is ordered to appear in court, most likely they will not show up in court for these type of crimes and even lesser crimes for that matter.

      • I do not think you understand the concept of supply and demand.
        There is NO heroin in the little town in Mexico I hang in.

        • Because it would not be tolerated? Because there is more money to be made by shipping it north? Because why? It’s no use putting the blame on the US without any idea of why. Maybe the poor in the US need to be poorer so that they too can’t afford to be drug addicts.

          • two reasons:
            1. they do not seek to get their own population strung out (border towns are a diff story)
            2. more money to be made up north, correct.
            cocaine is sold, cartel controlled. brick weed and speed too. but no heroin.

      • hey Kirk. You open your house to these guys? Help them Kirk. They need your tax dollars to get out of jail. This open border shit is just that, shit, in a shithole state that has hurt so many. Trump is now here, these forests will be cut and managed properly. Come on Kirk, help these poor misunderstood punks who poison us. [edit]

    • They have no reason to run they put there taco 🌮 shop up for collateral it’s like two taco’s in a bush look there nowhere to be found .

      • What’s to complain about? If they are Mexican or Central American citizens they have likely self-deported. They will have saved the cost of a trial; the cost of incarceration; and the cost of the legal process of deporting them. They will also have paid a fine– by forfeiting their bail– likely greater than any that would have been collected after they and we paid tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs.

        And– triple bonus– they will then be far easier to arrest and convict (flight to avoid prosecution) than if they were on probation.

        A previous article stated that some of them are Mexican nationals. To those that aren’t and are hiding out somewhere north of the border, my apologies.

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      Who said anything about them being citizens of other nations. There are more legal Hispanic citizens in California than whites.

      • Care to wager?

      • Not sure what your point is but show me proof where your statement is true.

        • General Turgidson

          Cali 2017 Demographics

          Hispanic Any Race (39.15%)
          White Non-Hispanic (36.97%)
          Black Non-Hispanic (5.47%)
          Native American Non-Hispanic (0.37%)
          Asian Non-Hispanic (14.37%)
          Pacific Islander Non-Hispanic (0.35%)
          Other Non-Hispanic (0.27%)
          Two or more races Non-Hispanic (3.05%)

          [edit] old white guys. You have been a minority in CA since 2014.

          • According to
            There were 2,350,000 illegal Hispanic immigrants or 6% of the Hispanic population which changes those numbers a bit.


            “Preliminary results from some experiments using the combined question show that when Hispanic origin is integrated into the race question, a large majority of Latinos (81% on average) mark just the Hispanic box and no other race category.”

            In other words, the choice of race within the group self identifying as Hispanic is not often made. The percentage of Hispanic could include a sizable number of white people and the surveys would never count it. It certainly reflects the bigotry of the choosing in conducting surveys in America at the moment. And it feeds into the encouragement of thinking of oneself as not American because American is just as much an ethnicity as Hispanic.

            • White (36.97%) v Everyone Else (63.03%), that would make white the minority.

              Free education – ‘American’ is a way to describe people from north, south, and central America; not just the USA.

              • heres a little fact you might not have noticed. in the americas there is only one country that has the word america in it. so if you were smart enough to realize that then that is why you can say american for just people who are from the united states of america. plus it is not whites against everyone else

                • Using your logic I will refer to myself as a Unitedan, since there is only one country in America that has the word United in it.

                  Visit Canada, or Mexico, or Argentina and refer to people from the USA as Americans. People will look at you like you are just another ignorant {edit} from the USA that was busy picking their nose during elementary school Geography class.

                  American is routinely used to designate things and of people from the US becasue our education system sucks ass. American is an ethnicity about as much as Cuban is a pork sandwich or my butt is an air freshener.

                • hey walter i have been to mexico and they do refer to us as americans quit trying to push your pc bull. and i have been to canada and they do refer to us as americans. in fact most of the world refers to us as americans. ever hear a french person say damn americans hmm i have

                  here this is from wiki

                  The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country composed of 50 states,

                • Core American culture was established by Protestant British colonists and shaped by the frontier settlement process, with the traits derived passed down to descendants and transmitted to immigrants through assimilation. Americans have traditionally been characterized by a strong work ethic, competitiveness, and individualism,[636] as well as a unifying belief in an “American creed” emphasizing liberty, equality, private property, democracy, rule of law, and a preference for limited government.[637] Americans are extremely charitable by global standards. According to a 2006 British study, Americans gave 1.67% of GDP to charity, more than any other nation studied, more than twice the second place British figure of 0.73%, and around twelve times the French figure of 0.14%.[638][639]

                • Other languages, including French, German, Japanese and Russian, use cognates of American to refer to people from the United States while others, particularly Spanish, primarily use terms derived from United States. There are various other local and colloquial names for Americans.

                • Several single-word English alternatives for American have been suggested over time, including Usonian (popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright)[18] and the nonce term United-Statesian.[19] Writer H. L. Mencken collected a number of proposals from between 1789 and 1939, finding terms including Columbian, Columbard, Fredonian, Frede, Unisian, United Statesian, Colonican, Appalacian, Usian, Washingtonian, Usonian, Uessian, U-S-ian, Uesican and United Stater.[20] Nevertheless, no alternative to American is common in English

              • Except the point is that Hispanics do not enter a race. If 50% of Hispanics are white for example, that would make white the majority if they had bothered to report it. Not answering it means not counting it at all or I suppose the methodology would be to include everyone not answering in “Everyone Else.” Under any circumstances it means nothing has been counted accurately.

                And American is routinely used to designate things and of people from the US. And it is an ethnicity as much as is Hispanic.

      • It said where they were from in the original post about their arrest.

      • Actually the press release from the Sheriff ID’d all as Mexican nationals. At least as it was reproduced in the Times Standard.

  • Kym, if we were not a sanctuary state or if Measure K did not pass, would these foreign nationals be in custody and facing justice to answer to whether they poisoned our community with harmful drugs like meth and heroin?

    • No sanctuary nor measure k would have prevented this. Catch and release policies are the issue in this case. They should have never been given bail options. No drug dealer should ever have this option.

        • But at least, if Immigration picked them up, they would have eventually been at least inconvenienced by being deported and some of them might have actually gone to prison as reentry after deportation is a federal crime.

          No government that cares for its citizens casually releases criminals to prey on its populace because it is too expensive.

          • this is true. if humbolt had called ice then they would never have been released back on the street so i guess measure k is to blame for this. good job guys. way to vote (or steal the vote) and from now on because of measure k i am going to assume every mexican is a mexican nationalist because they wont report it anyway, so if you want me to believe they arent mexican nationalists then you should have to specify that. measure k should piss off the mexicans that became americans

      • Mexicans in tj don’t want migrants around either!!
        It’s not just native born American folks!
        It’s not about race.
        We have our own problems.

      • Exactly, but in California where liberal policies have infected our brains and the way we deal punishment to criminals it makes it so easy, bail options plenty. But you hardly have to worry about bail when most times released on their own and scheduled for a court date later…….really, like they are going to show up for that!!

        We are idiots to continue to let this happen in our community, in our State. Quit voting for Democrats!!!

    • wrong question.

      the community wants it. that’s why it’s here.
      that’s the question that needs address: why does the community need so much heroin and cocaine?
      why the pain and anhedonia? why the need for relief, at astronomical cost. and while we grapple with that, do our friends and family that do need it for a while have to die in the process?
      the emotional toll is cost enough, as many of us know. must we make these guys really really really rich too??

      • Maybe not pain and anhedonia as much as boredom and self indulgence. The sickness resides in a community where hard work, honesty and responsibility are despised while bad and self destructive behavior is pawned off as being society’s victims.

        • most all low bottom addicts have severe sexual trauma in their history. the worse the addiction the worse the trauma. rape by ones father, for example, repeatedly. you could read one of a hundred books on addiction should you wish to educate yourself. compassion fatigue is a real problem. don’t wait till it’s some one close to you. educate and motivate. blame serves no one. love does. educated individuals do.

          obviously, you’re not a golfer.

  • I would check a little town named Tijuana.

    • Bart does Humboldt

      Little town? It is a city with 1,300,000 people. To a white cop from Merika that means 650,000 guys that all look alike. Good luck.

      • What a load of self poisoning venom. It drags everyone down including the purveyor of the venom. Apparently you think a whole race of people deserves whatever evil is done to them by outsiders.

        I wish you’d keep your self contempt to yourself.

        • It’s called free speech and currently is a right. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to read it but you do not have the right to shut some one else’s free speech down. It a fine line we walk when we censor someone else’s speech but think our own words are just dandy.

          • Unfortunately free speech (and apparently defense of free speech) is confined to insulting white people. According to Kym’s rule, insulting whole races is not tolerated. However, while applied to edit white supremacists’ posts, it never seems to apply to insulting white people. Although I expect she will say that she does remove many. Just not all as applies to other races. I object to racist insults. No matter what the race. And that includes white people too. To exempt insults to white people makes any such policy a joke.

            Also free speech – the version according to Shel- applies to my saying I wish she would keep her venom to herself. So Shel, your post is exactly an example of what you criticize in mine. Tu quoque, Shel, tu quoque.

            • How could you waste time posting these truths when there are migrants invading our country! Go build that wall with your bare-hands if you must.

              • I don’t favor building a wall. I’ll be surprised if it makes any difference even if built. I favor fining employers who hire illegals. That’s what Canada does and it seems to work.

                • It never made much sense to me that illegal workers get penalized hard and eventually deported but the employers get a slap on the wrist if anything.

                  Politicians, Republicans and Democrats both, will never favor fining companies or individuals who hire illegals. Where else will they find inexpensive nannies, domestic workers, gardeners, laborers, and farm hands willing to work outside of OSHA rules? America? Heck no.

                  How about this guy, Mr Immigrants are invading guy:

                  “Donald Trump quietly paid $1.4 million in 1998 to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleged he stiffed a union pension fund by employing undocumented Polish laborers to demolish a department store to make way for Trump Tower.”

                • LBH I thought about Trump’s history with there contracting a sub who employed illegals. Although the illegal employees were hired by a subcontract, there was pretty clearly a point that Trump knew that the people working for the sub were illegal and he should have known earlier than that this sub was using illegal workers as it was so cheap and a union leader was helping him with the sub’s failure to pay his workers even the cheap wages they were due. Trump played pretty fast and loose with the law at that point, even if he did not actually hire these workers.

                  So what does that mean right now? I have never considered Trump to be a sterling example of moral rectitude. His attitude has always been to get his goal accomplished and, while nothing actually criminal has ever been proven, he certainly was close to it in this case.

                  The citizens of this country have been routinely shafted by every President starting with Clinton and NAFTA. Although noises were made about some theoretical advantage to the US worker, every single time the negotiations threw the workers to the wolves while enhancing profits for business owners, while the Presidents basked in their international self importance. The result is the infamous “wealth inequity”. Some Presidents offer crumbs to Americans, mostly welfare to the poorest, but still less and less had secure jobs with good incomes. Welfare is always at the will of the richest and the plliticians. Wages are the right of the worker for which he can fight. As long as I feel that Trump is trying to improve this for American workers, despite everything, he will have my support. So far he is the only one who is even trying. And that’s the bottom line for me.

  • I can’t believe I look younger than all of these guys and I am actually older than them .
    Life in the fast lane is just how it seems hard and harry dirty and mean . They should form a Mexican Metallica band and sing El Motorbreath they might want to grow there hair out first.
    And I can’t believe they let these guys go they should have been given no bail considering the amount they were caught with but I guess it wasn’t so serious after all, all your hard work out the door DTF.

  • The Sherriff’s Office should contact ICE and work together to find these guys.

  • Could have posted this during Measure K debates…or wait til it passes….

  • Shorty posted $250,000 bail? That is a buttload of tacos.

  • Which judge gave them bail? Next time they’re up for reelection, we should remember to vote them out.

  • Corrupt like Mexico,they paid a fine and are home for cristmas.

  • You all voted the laws in that allows this. I voted no!

    • someone should sue california or humboldt county for these laws. i am pretty sure they could win if it hurt them or one of their family members died because of these drugs.

  • let me get this straight….All these guys were in custody? And then you let them out? And now you want regular citizens to help you get them again?!! But…isn’t that what WE pay YOU to do?!!!! Or..isn’t that what the taxes that are involuntarily extorted from us pay you to do?!!! (In any other company there would be people getting fired and reprimanded for botching all of this up).

  • Aint gonna find meeeee

  • Fun Facts:

    -There have been no overdose deaths at safe injection sites.
    -Cartels make no money off the heroin/cocaine/methamphetamine used at safe injection sites.

    Have YOU lost enough friends and family to the war yet?

    • Not one lost or paying cartels. But the abhorrence that prevented may have worn off in the most recent generation as the work ethic and personal responsibility seems much less strong. I think they have been educated out of it by the social conditioning in schools.

    • Since you have fun facts, what is the stats for daily use? Weekly? Monthly? What are the peak days and hours? Are they the same repeat users?
      I want to know cause the drug house across the street has a rotating door and I am tired of picking their used needles off my yard. They haven’t had any ODs yet either but they did have to call the ambulance twice in three years. So disgusting as there is little children involved. CPA shows up the next day but they dont get much because it’s a flop house and they split.

      • another fun fact: safe injection sites supply clean needles. these needles do not leave the facility. no needles to be found in the street.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Explain to us how the cartels make no money off of the smack used at safe injection sites? Junkies are still buying the smack, they just have a “safe” place to shoot up. If smack is purchased someone is making money. Please explain. No overdoses yet? Just give it time. All it takes is one good batch.

    • There’s been no deaths cause there are no safe sites in CA.

  • Seems its about time for a community organization to be making calls to ICE and other agencies when these Mexican national drug dealers are arrested. If the county isn’t going to do it, somebody needs to.

    ICE has a tip line that you can call to report illegal immigrants anonymously. … Call 866-DHS-2-ICE to report suspicious criminal activity such as drug smuggling, human trafficking, terrorism, or other violations of immigration law. If you are outside the U.S., Mexico, or Canada, you can call 802-872-6199.

    • The trouble is that these civilian reporters need to have the prospective release date for any person arrested, which is not available to the public, as it does no good to report after they’ve been released. Also the system available to the police is automated. Any report done by civilians would have to be screened, referred and judged- then most likely ignored anyway- by which time it would be useless too. There is plenty that goes wrong in routine reporting. Non routine reporting, even if done carefully, is a sure fail. And the whole point of Measure K.

  • The drug war is unwinable. These men are soldiers in an army of cartel. A world wide distribution syndicate that our local drug task Force battles with. These police are spinning their wheels in this war. If you think these distributors have not been replaced with new dealers you are delusional. Cartel has more money power and resources than hcso will ever have. They can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons so how can police be expected to keep drugs off the street. If sheriff’s want help to find criminals they should post pics of real criminals who actually committed a violent crime, not drug dealers who sold to willing buyers. Fuck you humboldt County Sheriffs. Do your own job and quit asking for help like a bunch of bitches

  • These guys have all left the building. Do not bother looking for them.

  • “Genocide” the no-no word.

  • Oscar is the only one with dry eyes, gold job bro don’t let em see you sweat.

  • I like stars too!

    I wonder what, if anything, will happen if these vaqueros are recaptured?

    Will they be released again?

    What is the point of enforcing the law, if we can’t try anyone in a timely manner? If we have to give heroin dealers bail?

    I sincerely doubt that the characters above will be seen again in these parts, but if you get another chance, Humboldt County, be sure to confiscate their drugs and money, and ask them not to do it again, please…

  • All Sinaloa cartel soldiers. Humboldt let them bail out..Too bad Mexico doesn’t have any laws to confiscate drug dealers or their relatives illegal money…they Get to keep it all there. El Chapo’s wife is living a jet set life..

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