November is National Adoption Month

This is a press release from Adoption Horizons:

Adoption Horizons is pleased to announce their support and celebration of National Adoption Month, November 2018.  This November we will be launching our “National Adoption Month Awareness” campaign to bring to light a case for “One Caring Person” – children aging out of foster care. This year we will be focusing on foster/ adoptive recruitment and retention for the many children who are available. Creating lifelong connections for these young people is critical to helping them prepare and succeed as they enter adulthood as well as enhancing their quality of life.

AdoptUSKids and the Children’s Bureau of the Department of Health and Human Services, who collect and evaluate national statistics, share the following. Some agencies state there are 400,000 children in foster care, with 100,000 available for adoption annually. But the actual statistic for 2016 is that there were 437,465 in foster care, with 273,539 new children entering the system and 250,248 exiting.  Half of these exits are children going back to families of origin.

Around 60,000 children are placed for domestic adoption with another 20,000-23,000 youths aging out of the domestic adoption system without families. Of the total 80,000 children exiting the system annually, one fourth age out parentless.  What I want to discuss are these aging out youth; the impacts on the youths and society, and what we can do to help put a safety net underneath them when they are cut free.  We need to challenge ourselves as social services professionals to step up and help kids even when supports are not built into the system.

As part of our National Adoption Month celebration we would like to invite the media to become partners in spreading the word about adoption.  We can arrange for family interviews and any additional resources required to run a piece highlighting National Adoption Month.  Adoption Horizons in partnership with State Adoptions, Arcata, Humboldt DHHS Adoptions, Eureka, will be doing the following activities:

1.       Launching “National Adoption Month Awareness” campaign

2.       Available for and interviews with agency staff

3.       Interviews with families who have adopted

4.       Proclamations with the local city and county officials

5.       PSA’s to all newspapers, radio and other media

6.       National Adoption Day is Saturday, November 17, 2018

  • Please contact Cynthia Savage, Adoption Horizons, 10 W 7th Street, Eureka CA 95501, 707-444-9909 regarding Humboldt County.
  • Please contact Sutie Wheeler, MSW, State Adoptions, 707-826-9180, regarding Mendocino, Trinity and Del Norte counties.
  • Please contact, Deb Eng, MSW, Humboldt DHHS Adoptions, 707-388-6499, regarding Humboldt County adoptions and foster parenting.


  • Good read and good info. 👍🏾

  • Good outfit. Cindy Savage has been there since the beginning about 35 years ago. We adopted Tara through AH..

  • Eldon G. Whiteheade

    My first wife Frances and I were Foster Parents for about 40 years in Scotia and put a heck of a lot of Children through our home and through the Scotia Elementary School.

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