‘Increase the Peace: a Benefit for Bo’, Stabbing Victim, at the Jam in Arcata Tomorrow

Bo and his family.

Bo and his family. [Photo from his GoFundMe]

From Increase the Peace: a Benefit for Bo and GofundMe for Bo Triantos:

As many of you may know, Bo Triantos, the only child of Mimi Chambers and Pete Triantos, was suddenly taken from this earth on Thursday, October 25. Bo arrived at the Jam (his favorite music venue in Arcata, CA) hoping for a fun night filled with music and dancing. However, Bo suffered multiple stab wounds while defending his friend in an altercation and died a few hours later. The suspected killer is in custody where he will be tried and hopefully convicted for Bo’s murder. Mimi and Pete are committed to getting justice for Bo.

This fundraiser is being set up in conjunction with Peter Ciotti, the owner of the Jam who was with Bo moments after the stabbing and who has been a tireless advocate in rallying the Arcata community to help identify and arrest the suspect. The goal is to aid the family with expenses related to their journey in obtaining justice for Bo: travel from Birmingham, AL to Arcata, CA, hotel rooms, meals, potential legal fees. Any unused funds at the end of this process will be donated to a charity of their choosing in Bo’s name. Mimi and Pete are two loving parents who have been devastated by the loss of their only son at 26 years old and want to make sure that they are on the front lines ensuring that justice is served. All donations will go directly to Mimi and Pete.  Thank you for your consideration in donating. RIP Bo <3

Update: There will be a fundraiser in Bo’s name at the Jam on Thursday, November 15 at 8PM



  • Hey no offense but if you want folks to know what your event is about, post a clear link to your gofundme or other explanatory site, thanks! Yes its on your flier but a lot of folks dont take the time beyond point and click.

  • Simply Wonderful!

    Thank you for posting this. Much appreciated.

  • Just sayyin—-, Good call. I was thinking the same thing. I too was looking for the GO FUND ME for Bo Triantos.” link, Then I realized that just the words “GO FUND ME” (up top written in Red) is the link… Thanks Kym

    My prayers go out to the friends and family of this wonderful young man.

  • tired of seeing posts like this, get it the f*** together humboldt. Want to be proud of where I am from and where I live. Get these transients out of arcata, get this violence out of arcata, and come down harder on the drugs that are around. Tired of living in a drug invested community and thinking people can come in and just lounge around because “drugs are cool.” Step it up new APD Chief,,, lets see what you can bring from SOCAL to put us positively back on the books. These low life’s in Arcata need to go who are doing this.

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