Fortuna Police Seek Woman Who Left Store With an Armload of Clothes

Woman carrying clothesFortuna Police are asking if anyone knows this woman.

“This subject entered a local business, grabbed several items and forgot to pay,” reads a post on their Facebook page. “We would like to solve this case and see that this subject is charged.”

If you have any information, please contact Fortuna Police at (707) 725-7550.




  • political moderate

    Probably took a short hiatus from a trim scene. Fresh threads to go with fresh buds. It does say “forgot to pay”, does that mean legally she is off the hook?

  • I hate to say it but she looks like she has the air of this is what I’m suppose to be doing so I’m doing it.

  • Looks like she might be wearing a wig.

  • You can trap and kill rats just for trespassing ; only the human can do things and get away with it because there is no reprimand. The local economy is just now beginning to feel the slack from the pot industry come up taught; lots of local mental misfits running around before, (when they used to get paid little bits helping at grows), probably now a lot of them are borderline 51/50 better start beefing up the mental hospitals the shits going to hit the fan!

    • What a strange thing to say. I hate theives too, but that’s too much….I wouldn’t want to kill anyone for theft…I do think they need to be prosecuted.

  • Thats my ex…… fuck girl what are you thinking! Everyone is gonna tell on you Katrina. Ur name is blasted all over FB

  • are you insane. this is california. it is not a crime to steal stuff in the amount under 950 dollars. it is just a ticket. if you dont like it then change the law or move away or dont own a business where someone can steal your merchandise.

    • Btw, it’s a felony anything over $400, in california, not $900…brush up on your laws and bring that calculater with you…lol
      Well, now they know where to go to find out out who this ding dong is.
      Looks like her buddy just pointed it out. Too bad there’s not a reward. Lol. Looks her name is Katrina…

  • Alert store employee might have noticedšŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

  • Looks like a stack of jeans, so it is probably over $950 and if not they should say it is! She needs to go to jail and also be publicly humiliated, since she will just be released immediately. Fuck Thieves, this is part of why we have so many empty store fronts. Thanks Katrina, for making it even harder on small businesses!!

    • it wasnt katrina that wrote the laws. if you go to a different state the laws are different and not good for criminals but here in california… the laws and politicians are going to ruin california

      • Blue state…blue jeans. It’s legal.

      • Totally agree regarding some of our laws, like prop. 47!! What a joke, take a look at it! Between realignment and prop. 47 we are practically doomed here in California by criminals and thieving drug addicts not being incarcerated!!!

    • $400 is felony time not $900 LOL

      • Not since Prop. 47 passed, the law changed then, that is one of the reasons people don’t like it! Imagine you can just go around stealing under $950 and barely have a consequence.

  • “Hurrycane” Katrina???!!!

  • Evidently she is taking jeans for other sizes as well (other people). I can’t imagine there is a store in Fortuna that would have that many jeans in stock that woud fit her unless it was a thrift store. In which case the jeans would be worth very little in my opinion. Also it appears that she is walking right past the register. Makes you wonder where the clerks were.

  • Nothing I write comes I on the feed. Kim is lame. I want news. I get cats and dogs and jeans. Why are the auto break ins in Laytonville not covered? What about the people talking shit about “plants”!? You run an online paper with NO REAL NEWS!! Recent fire updates? Nope. Adopt a pet, not interested. Fix yer fuggin pets. Kim, boycotting until you have REAL news. This is the most bubblegum online news yet. Talk to Fox news if you’re into this pathetic attempt of what’s happening……you might learn something….. This hurts me because I used to be a fan… u suck. Do what you are here to do, or quit. And take these regular commenters and ERASE THEM! They are ignorant….Youre smarter than this!

    • i tried replying to elle aa and couldnt. i dont know if you know this kym. it just deleted my comment after a posted it

  • Guest has overstayed their welcome…
    B- bye!!!
    Kim sensors me sometimes.
    I respect it, it’s her website.
    Thank you kim!!

  • Guest, please take your meds. Kym had massive amounts of info, maps, pics on the Camp Fire (Paradise, Stirling City etc) yesterday. She has THE most up to date info on NoCal fires.
    So she has a soft spot for critters and tries to help them get adopted. Get over it.
    I say quit yr bitching and follow through and don’t bore us with your petulance.

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