30 Acre Fire Burning Six Miles From Hoopa

Smoke from the Signboard Fire rising over Hoopa.

Smoke from the Signboard Fire rising over Hoopa. [Photo by Wes Crawford]

An escaped prescribed burn has spread over 30 acres of steep terrain east of Hoopa about six miles, according to Peggi Lawrence, Public Affairs Specialist for Six Rivers National Forest. Yesterday afternoon, the Signboard Fire rolled downhill from a planned burn started last Thursday by Hoopa Tribe to manage the forest.

“Burning material has been running downhill. It’s extremely steep,” explained Lawrence. “Some rolled onto Six Rivers Forest land.”

Hoopa Tribe and Six Rivers now have formed a unified command with the Hoopa Tribe,” explained Lawrence. “The southern edge of the fire has 15% containment.”

She said that at this time there are two helicopters, two hand crews, three engines, two dozers, and miscellaneous overhead personnel for a total of 75 people working on the fire.

“[The fire’s] not putting out big flames,” Lawrence said. “It is creeping and smoldering. It is not crowning.”



  • They need to really take a second look at these controlled burns and who’s in charge of them.

    • The controlled burn on Covelo Rd at Outlet Creek got loose too.

      Controlled burns are probably a good idea big picture, just maybe not during the end of the fire season when things are bone dry. Besides, there’s a pretty good possibility of having to marshal the resources for real fires so why take the chance.

  • If it’s not crowning then why not let it burn? Fire suppression got us in this mess. Thinning and burning on a massive scale are the only things that will get us out of it.

  • The only question should be,why are they f***ing burning in the first place

    • Yes, seems in my life, one too many “controlled burns” have gotten out of control. PG&E is another culprit.
      Honestly, the public needs to be able to go onto public lands during the rainy season, and take all of the dead wood they want! That’s a start. The Federal and State Forestries also need to be able to hire more people to control burn during the rainy season! Unfortunately, this year, we are not yet into the rainy season. Even here on the coast it is bone dry. Where’s the common sense, I have to ask.

    • Because President Trump said he was gonna pull federal funding if they didn’t get it under control. Duh!

  • Check out the pic of the 299 fire,forest is clear cut all the way through except for a thin strip so you cant see it from the freeway.

    not good

  • Who made the decision to proceed with a prescribed burn when when the worst fire in California history is burning out of control just over the hills from there? Our firefighters deserve more consideration and respect than that! This burn should have been rescheduled.

  • Sounds to me like it’s doing what it’s supposed to: smoldering and creeping, getting rid of the underbrush. Maybe Six Rivers could learn a little something.

  • Kind of ridiculous to do a controlled burn during a red Flag Warning. Irresponsible is what it is.

  • To dry out there with no rain events yet.. and with red flag winds.. with over 20 years of no forest management . It’s going to take off…duh!

  • Smokey the effin bear.

    ….Or look at the whole picture. The less our forest lands are burned intentionally, the less control we will have during fire season. Or we can all just live in little flammable boxes surrounded by tinder bundles and think we are safe. We need to burn. Youare safest in the black.

  • They want to give the homeless a job, pay them to weed cutting or under cut the brush in these areas there doing the control burns.

  • Burn it, manually clear it, fence it and graze it for the only long term method of fuel reduction. You could pay the homeless, also expand swap and take every dirtbag that the jail doesn’t have room for any more and put them to work. That would be the largest workforce in the county. even take some out of the jail, hell give Marci kitchens a weed wacker and if she does a good job helping the community knock some time off. Better helping the community then sitting in jail costing money.

  • Hey Willie caos, you gonna volunteer your time to manually cut out all this poison oak?

  • Folks, Natives already had all this figured out. Then people with no knowledge of our ecosystems came in and thought they knew better because of, well, racism and greed. That’s what happened. There is no reason to continue your schoolyard arguments because all that needs to be known about safety and sustainability of our forests was known a long time ago. Controlled burns were a central part of the ecosystems that existed when settlers arrived. Things are going to burn for a while until balance is restored.

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