Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to Hold Cannabis Meeting

Mendocino marijuana Mendocino cannabisInformation from Mendocino County:

The Board of Supervisors will hold a cannabis meeting on November 16, 2018, to discuss the proposed cannabis overlay and Cannabis Ad Hoc recommendations regarding the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance.

Mendocino County has engaged Michael Baker International to amend the County’s cannabis regulations to establish two types of overlay zones: areas with modified cannabis cultivation regulations to allow operators to enjoy more flexible cannabis regulations and development standards (Opt-In Zones), and areas where new commercial cannabis cultivation would be prohibited and existing permitted commercial cultivation would sunset (Opt-Out Zones). The proposed overlays were reviewed by the Planning Commission on October 18, 2018, and will be before the Board of Supervisors on November 16, 2018.

The Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee hosted a community meeting on October 29, 2018, on proposed revision to the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance (Code Section 10A.17 and 20.242).  The community meeting gave residents a chance to hear directly from the Ad Hoc Committee and for the public to provide feedback on the proposed revisions.  The Cannabis Ad Hoc will be presenting their proposed revisions to the Board of Supervisor at the meeting on November 16, 2018.

The cannabis Board meeting will be held Friday, November 16, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Mendocino County Administration Center in Board Chambers.  The meeting will also be live streamed on the County’s YouTube channel at:  The meeting agenda is available online at:




  • In better days, We, the people, would show up with scythes and pitchforks.

  • Let the herb grow freely without limitations or regulations.

  • Shut down all the mom and pops and give it to the corporate growers in the Central Valley and Salinas they’re the ones who deserve the money if you give it to them they’ll give you kickbacks just like the Arms Dealers bankers and corporate oil give big government we don’t need no middle class anymore upper 10% can take care of all the money that’s who’s getting all the tax breaks the rest of the peons could just gravel in the dirt because I need to get another Lamborghini and my super yacht is not finished yet and what about my mansion on the French Riviera and my doomsday bunker in New Zealand and I need another Jet Plane last year’s model is so out these marijuana stocks of ours are skyrocketing thanks to the County ordinances the corporations are getting the e-ticket and maybe you could get a job in Sacramento and later on in Washington with all the rest of the gang of Thieves

    • You do realize that the top 10% you guys all like to bitch about pays 50% of the taxes. With the bottom 50% of income earners paying less than 12% of overall taxes. And how did that top 10% make their money, did they steal it from you? How is keeping more of the money they earn, stealing it from you? Why is wanting to keep your own money considered greedy, but it’s not greedy to demand that people pay more of their own money to provide social benefits to people that didn’t earn it?

      If you want to complain about Uber Rich Elite taking advantage of the working class, you’re bitching about the wrong people. You should be focused on the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Dutch royalty, Saudi royalty ect. you know, the families that have actually been controlling the entire world for hundreds of years, that are worth so much money they don’t even make it on any list. The .001% that own over 50% of the world’s wealth. The ruling Elite that are pushing for globalism (a one world government) to solidify their control over us. Just think about it. If there was one government controlling the entire world, do you think it would be even possible for the people of the world to vote on who governs it, or how its governs. Even having an election we’re less than half of the population participates in it such as the United States, is hard enough.

      • I agree THC. So how do we live without supporting the corporate controllers? Make things here in our community. We could turn Gville into a self sustaining village. Think of all the small towns in the old west. They had a butcher shop, bakery, clothing makers, blacksmith, a doctor, school teachers, all the people needed to live independently and well. An example: Recently I had to buy a 2# sledge hammer. I noticed the handle was hickory from Georgia, shipped to Mexico, where they made the steel head, then shipped them back here, to then be shipped to here, Gville.
        Or, we could make the hammer right here in this community, steel from the cars in the local junkyards, and maple or oak from here. It is up to us, support corporate greed and pollution, or make it ourselves.
        The 170 million cars in the world produce about 68,000 tons of pollution a year. The 90,000 container ships produce 270 million tons a year in pollution. Why buy shipped goods which produce so much more pollution, when we can make it here ourselves, and hardly any pollution?

  • The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a Condom because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance. A condom stands up to inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you’re actually being screwed.

    (i would note credit to who this came from – but i didn’t write it down when i got it)

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