McKinleyville Woman Arrested for Possession of $1.3 Million in Marijuana, According to Ohio State Highway Patrol

U-haul moving boxes containing packaged marijuana.

U-haul moving boxes containing packaged marijuana. [Photo from the Ohio State Highway Patrol]

Press release from the Ohio State Highway Patrol:

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers filed felony drug charges against a California woman after a traffic stop in Cuyahoga County. During the traffic stop, troopers seized 510 pounds of marijuana valued at approximately $1.3 million.

On November 5, 2018, at 1:20 p.m., troopers stopped a 2018 Penske truck with Indiana registration for speed and marked lanes violations on the Ohio Turnpike. Criminal indicators were observed and a Patrol drug-sniffing canine alerted to the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed the contraband.

The driver, Keryl J. Lopez, 48, from McKinleyville, Calif., was incarcerated in the Strongsville City Jail and charged with possession and trafficking in marijuana, both first-degree felonies.

If convicted, she could face up to 22 years in prison and up to a $40,000 fine.

A photo of the seized contraband is available for download on the Patrol’s website at

Packaged marijuana seized by the Ohio State Highway Patrol from a McKinleyville woman.

Packaged marijuana seized by the Ohio State Highway Patrol from a McKinleyville woman.



  • Catching the decoys.

  • $2613 a lb in Ohio. Approximately.

  • Wow. If you are hauling such products it is pretty darn silly to make unsafe lane changes and speeding. Hope her boss has a lawyer for her.

  • political moderate

    How in the world did this not make the crime section? I guess we can just say cannabis and let it go.

  • A guy I know from sonoma was busted last year with over a hundred pounds in same area. He got a year and is currently serving it. Not a big deal really.
    Disclaimer*. Public information below.
    Leo charkins sonoma arrested in Ohio. Google it

    • It’s a place that will dog out of state plates. But then agian it was a criminal from Humboldt.

    • “Charkins, who has been free on $50,000 bond, had been permitted to return to his home in California pending sentencing, which is scheduled for May 23. ”

      I wonder who he ratted out to get such a light sentence and the freedom to return home before sentencing. I would stay the &^%$ away from this guy…..forever.

  • Ohio implemented drug court a few years ago due to their massive heroin problem. they will most likely approve recreation cannabis this year in an attempt to combat the heroin problem.

    • political moderate

      How about everybody just get off of drugs? Using pot to combat the heroine problem just makes no sense. Libs. Can hardly wait for Gavin to get free injection kiosks set up. Just stop doing drugs people.

      • A drug free society is an alcohol and tobacco free society. Good luck with that.

      • You can’t combat an truly addictive substance like opiates or alcohol with anything. Unless the addict truly wants to quit theres little anyone can do. And it usually takes hitting rock bottom for someone to want to quit. And then it takes a supportive environment and for heroin addicts usually a stint in a residential treatment program. Where marijuana comes in handy in my experience is to fight boredom and depression, things the addiction was masking. Once clean they became a real problem. However, overcoming the underlying causes is much more important.

        • There is hardly a human on the face of the earth who can not find a reason for taking drugs they damn well know are addicting. The rich do it, the poor do it. The educated and the illiterate. The hermit on his mountain and the party goer in the night club. I suppose the bored and the overstimulated too. The victim and the victimized. It’s part of the rationalization of drug users to blame others.

          A person is hugely better off to never start with addicting drugs than to try to be weaned off them. Certainly few have any cause to blame someone else for getting caught. They sought it out, even if surrounded by drug use, no drug has been known to force itself on a person.

          One person nagged, scared, humiliated or anything else into avoiding recreational drug use from the start will never know it but it is likely that the person they despised for being a fun killer will have saved their life. What has not been sick doesn’t need to be saved.

          • You sound like a staunch religious fanatic.

            • Imagine that idea. That you can perceive of a sober human being only in terms of some magical religious mandate preventing what you apparently see as inevitable drug use. That speaks to you and only you. Others are quite capable of seeing the risks and lack of reward for drug use with only internal judgement. And choosing not to be one of the repulsively intoxicated from strictly logical considerations.

          • “There is hardly a human on the face of the earth who can not find a reason for taking drugs they damn well know are addicting. The rich do it, the poor do it. The educated and the illiterate. ”

            One exception to your rule Really.

            Never drinks, smokes, nor does drugs

            Donald Trump’s Brother’s Death and How it Affected His Life:

            “He has had some hard life lessons like when his brother died from extreme alcoholism. He told Donald Trump repeatedly not to drink or smoke. Trump lived by those words because his brother had taught him so much, and he had looked up to him. To this day, he has never drank alcohol, smoked or done drugs. Perhaps, that is what makes Donald Trump who he is, unwavering discipline.”

            Legalize drugs and use tax revenue to fund drug education:

            Trump argued in 1990 that the only way to win the War on Drugs was to legalize drugs and use the tax revenue to fund drug education programs. As he put it, “You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.” In his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, he stated that he’d never tried drugs “of any kind.”


            James Marmon MSW
            Former Substance Abuse Counselor
            Mendocino County Juvenile Drug Court

            • You believe Trump? LMAO. He was coked out in his debates with Hillary.

            • It is not much of a challenge to exercise self restraint. It is simply not difficult once you have been the only sober one at a party watching people laugh hysterically over nothing, say stupid thing after stupid thing, surrender themselves to foolish, risky behavior just because some other drunk has a stupid idea, pass out on a filthy floor or spend the wee hours hugging the porcelain goddess. Ugly, stinking and stupid have no attraction.

              What is irritating is all those people who get angry at people who dare to be repulsed by it.

            • Thank you James

      • Stop listening to music. If you hate drugs.

        • That of course means the point is confused. It is not that enjoyment, excitement or adventure is the problem. It’s that intoxicant create lies about what is enjoyment, excitement or adventure. It is being happy with a lie created by chemical use. And it means, that since the enjoyment is not innate, the chemical has to be continuously administered, frequently in increasing doses until the body rebels. Why is that a good thing? Can’t those people enjoy anything else? Is it just too hard for them to cultivate themselves?

    • You are totally wrong. Fake news! Wasn’t even on the ballot.

    • You are totally wrong. Fake news! Wasn’t even on the ballot.

  • Look on the bright side, she made it through Nebraska.

  • Hahhahahahahahah . Busted u greedy grower!

  • The Ohio turnpike is a great section of I80. Great road conditions, clean rest areas and even good food. One of the rest areas had a bakery in a food court… it was worth the $7 to drive across part of Ohio. On the other hand, it cost the same to drive across Illinois and it was horrible. The road was shit.

    • I agree. I cringed at the thought of stopping in any rest stop anywhere in California.

    • Better than driving God damn I-95 anywhere except northern Maine.

    • I know the one you’re speaking of, and the bakery is very good.

      It’s been a few years since I’ve been through there, but the speed cameras were every mile or so. Are they still in operation?

      • I didn’t know they had/have speed cameras. My only trip through was 10, or so, years ago transporting a vehicle from East to West Coast. It didn’t have a license plate… maybe that’s why I didn’t get a speeding ticket.

  • Ohio didn’t legalize weed

    • it seems no one actually read my comment. I said most likely this year, as in the next election. they have the biggest heroin problem in the USA and have accepted that as reality.

  • Total profiling! If you read all the busts the Ohio troopers make, they all read the same way. They either smelled raw marijuana or picked up criminal indicators. Most all of them are out of state plated vehicles, called out the drug dog, which then alerted to Narcotics. They X-ray moving vehicles as well! I know a lady that was driving a cargo van with 80 pounds of weed that had a vehicle pull up next to her, then pass her, only to be pulled over a few miles down the road. She got busted and is currently serving time.

    • political moderate

      And don’t forget the latest criminal indicator, the infamous “rigid driving” posture which is a sure indication of drug trafficking

    • Hey ,if u dont wanna go to jail go get a real job and dont traffic weed. Pretty simple really.

  • Thank you Ohio keep up the good work. We need a lot more of this all around. The true story is all the young youth using vape pens with THC oil in them, just destroying our future. Have been writing letters to every senator and congressman in California and abound. So sad to see Jeff Sessions go. Well to anyone that cares I’m tired of seeing lazy, out of it , partying fools vaping all day at school while I’m trying to concentrate and get an education. To our future youth stay strong and focused even if your parents grow and every others parents you know grow, this is an epidemic of catastrophic proportion that has been going on way to long. To the elders who purchase these devices (vape pens) and supply the youth, you no better.

    • Ohio has 3 cities in the top 10 US cities with the greatest heroin problem. coming in at #1 is Dayton, #6 Cincinnati, followed by Toledo at #10. Ohio has an epidemic that they want to solve with cannabis. I partied all thru college, can’t spell, horrible grammer, but I am a scientist so it doesn’t really matter.

    • Yea, it’s the vape pens that are destroying our future…. not the opiates.

      What planet are you on?

    • Acrylic vape pens melt and poison users.

  • I wonder if the removal of Jeff Sessions will change the game?

  • License plate readers are a bitch they know every place that truck got pinged. So when she was stopped they new the truck was just in Humboldt a few days ago.

  • Indicators? #1) She had an address from Humboldt County!!- How can anybody do that?! Drive 500 pounds with ANY connection to here- the biggest production area in the country? This is enough to get any cop in any state inventing any way to start searching your rig.

  • People don’t realize you have to stop at all DOT weigh stations with the rental box ms a suicide mission for sure

    • Especially when it’s weight indicates it is only carrying around 500 pounds of cargo.

      She should have wrapped it like Christmas presents. That’s foolproof. Lol

      Btw,it’s a little known fact but law enforcement can’t search a wrapped Christmas present without a warrant signed by Santa himself.

  • 22 years is like a death sentence for this older lady. She best cooperate with the DEA and give up her organized crime bosses.

  • πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  • They knew she was riding dirty. Unsafe lane changes etc are peanuts excuses, you can bet she was driving like grandma on Sunday. They simply checked the truck with a plate scanner, saw it was rented to a Humboldtian and waited for a flimsy technicality to pull her over.

    Patrol vehicles are like roving computer database drones nowadays. It’s happened that most are equiped with plate scanners etc. If they’ve got your number, watch your step.

  • We drive 299 on a regular basis and can usually point out a grower or someone from a grow just by their vehicle and especially the ones pulling a trailer or driving a rental truck. I guess that is profiling.

    • Funny, I do the same thing. On the other hand you might point out my rig as a grower… big diesel pulling an enclosed trailer, but the trailer holds the tools of my trade. To my suprise USFS LEO’s have yet to pull me over. When they do they will NOT be given permission to search my vehicle or trailer.

      • Check back when and if you do get pulled over. I have often thought of why on earth anyone would refuse a friendly Leo a quick peak of whether or not yer a Milwaukee, Bosch, or Makita toolsmithy. I’d thought of handing him/her yer business card and say, if you ever in need of some rennovation, upgrades, or repairs, I’d be happy to show you my toolkit. It seems some Leos might have some unreported cash to burn thru, why not make it a win win. Room addition, deck, solarium for the kids and mom to enjoy the sun on a cold winter’s day.

        • “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

          We The People are responsible for maintaining our rights, and keeping the public servants in check.

  • What would she have been paid for a successful Transport of 500#? $100,000? 200?

    • she may have been killed on the other end

      • Hardly, har har. Who the &^%$ kills anyone over a few 100 bos of crappy mite infested pot.

        Maybe $20,000 for driving if she is an independent. Not likely. If she was part of the grow she’d get a taste of that action. Don’t matter much as her ROI went from maybe somewhat positive to very negative.

  • I bet there’s a lot of bummed people that aren’t going to get paid…

  • Today my kid, he is seven, ran into me and said, ” Mom your butt is like a trampoline, if you laid down we could bounce like biiioooouunnggue..”.
    I think kids are honest and it would be so cool if those with power, yes media were too. Don’t risk a felony for anybody, especially not for free.

  • Why is her mugshot nowhere on the internet?

    • I don’t know but my guess is she was arrested by or incarcerated in a law enforcement area that discourages release of mug shots.

    • True that some jurisdictions have no mugshot policies. Ohio SP will plaster your face all over the news and social media when they get a chance. Who’s to say she wasn’t forced or coerced to make that run.

      Maybe there is no mugshot because she is SNITCHIN! or as the folks on the job say: cooperating. Show her a few videos of life in a federal woman’s prison and she’ll be singing like a crow.

      Turn her into a ci and id the whole crew before the press release hit the streets. Hence no mugshot. The dea probably had her lit up before she got out of CA. Whoever had a number on her drop phone best get cleaned up asap. Dea will be very interested in the destination.

  • Prayers for Keryl JeanπŸ™

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