Flames Spread to Two Acres Near Whitethorn

Flames spread in vegetation near Hungry Gulch Road in the Whitethorn area southwest of the Thorn Junction from a burn pile, according to first reports. Tanker 96 responded and multiple agencies responded

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Paul Savona said that the first report came in about 12:34 p.m.

He said that the fire spread to about two acres but now forward progress has been stopped.



  • Right on !!! Thank you firefighters & Kim for reporting. We were a couple miles away , trying to figure out what was going on !!! Not the best time for a burn pile!!

  • Thought they lifted the burn ban too early. What, that is 3 escaped burn piles in 2 days?

  • I live right near this fire. Our Whitethorn Volunteer firefighters were on it, as they are right next to Hungry Gulch, and CalFire came in and knocked it back. Now I can’t see the white smoke plume at all. (2:15 PM).
    Just because you have a burn permit, please, folks, don’t burn till we get some rain, especially when the wind is up like today. Common sense, people.

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Love the name of the road. We were all hungry in the late 70’s and 80’s(for food)… Rough area with all the heron and Jess Kinsers’ ( aka the Whitethorn Store)pawnshop willing to take anything you brought in… So many good and bad memories. Good memories include the Airport hole(swimming hole across from Whitethorn Con.), the Deep Hole( down stream from the bridge to the old preschool in Whitethorn), the Dump hole upstream from the Whitethorn school, the huge stump next to the store and of course all the friends and families who showed so much love…

  • I have 7 big piles ready to go, but its too dry still. The fir needles are too dry, the oak leaves and the grass are too.

  • I am certainly not willing to gamble my house, my property and my neighbor’s to keep warm just cuz it’s a little chilly.
    No way I would torch off a burn pile, I just had six big fir’s brought down around my house for fire protection and have a lot of brush to burn.

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