A March as well as Mariachis and Tamales at the Humboldt County Courthouse Were Designed to Bring Out the Vote for Measure K

Mariachi band and ofrenda.

Mariachi band and ofrenda on the Humboldt County courthouse steps Sunday. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

Story by Ryan Hutson:

The Measure K campaign for a county-wide sanctuary law organized a traditional Dia De Los Muertos procession, marching from Fortuna to Eureka on Sunday, November 4th.

According to a press release from supporters of the sanctuary Measure K, The Procession highlighted “the need to pass Measure K on November 6, so that the Latino community can worry less about being reported to Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and being forcibly separated from their families and loved ones…The local, Latino community [commemorated] their indigenous tradition of holding a Procession to honor ancestors and loved ones who have died.”

The group procession began at the Saint Joseph Church in Fortuna, traveled up the freeway into Eureka, and eventually reached the Humboldt County Courthouse.

A traditional ofrenda, a Day of The Dead altar, was set up on the courthouse steps, as part of the celebration. “The best way we can honor our ancestors this Day of the Dead is by passing Measure K,” explained Xochitl Cabrera, of Centro del Pueblo and member of the Fortuna, Mexican immigrant community, according to the press release. “Our indigenous tradition calls on us to honor our dead. So many of them died and suffered due to this country’s inhumane, immigration policies.”

“Immigrant members of our Humboldt community at times do not take their children to school or to the doctor, for fear that they will be detained by ICE and forcibly separated from their families,” explained Brenda Perez, an immigrant from Mexico and member of Centro del Pueblo, according to the same press release. “Measure K will alleviate those fears by prohibiting the County to use its resources to aid Immigration.”

Homemade tamales were distributed and community members who completed the long walk from Fortuna to Eureka, mostly along Hwy 101, enjoyed the celebration and the mariachi band for over an hour. Speeches in favor of the sanctuary law were given.

Renee Salcedo of Centro Del Pueblo became emotional as she discussed the many local indigenous groups present in support of the sanctuary measure. [Photo by Ryan Huts

Renee Salcedo of Centro Del Pueblo became emotional as she discussed the many local indigenous groups present in support of the sanctuary measure. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

The crowd ranged from 50 to 75 people. There were no protestors of the Measure K present in opposition to the sanctuary initiative.





  • “Immigrant members of our Humboldt community at times do not take their children to school or to the doctor, for fear that they will be detained by ICE and forcibly separated from their families”

    How often does this happen, in Humboldt, actually? Are there statistics to validate this fear?

    • No stats, but several anecdotal examples.

      • Traitor. No place in America for you. Anyone who supports criminal aliens is an enemy of the people.


        BUILD A WALL

        • Oh, for heaven’s sakes, stop! Having a different opinion and trying to make it law does not a traitor make. I’m allowing you to splash this silliness because Eric is an adult who helped craft the Measure and can probably handle such absurdities but if you continue to insult a fellow commenter (explaining where you think someone is wrong is not the same thing as insulting someone by calling them names), I’ll ban you.

          • you are correct about it not making you a traitor but it does set up our little local government to get sued and possibly loose a lot of money when we already are a sanctuary state. they even stated that this measure is only if the state gets sued for being sanctuary. i dont think it be wise of us

        • Do your homework. Immigrants only commit about 3% of crime. Would you like to remember all the victims harmed by white people (men)

      • Can you think of anything more annoying on your way to jail, knowing if yowere listening to mariachi music in Mexico all you would need is 100$ to walk.

    • Well if they fear being detained then they have something to hide. Plain and simply said!!

  • Yep, that’s why everybody’s fleeing South America and Mexico because it’s full of mariachi bands and tamales lol. Where are the neck tattooed cartel and MS13 members and their heroin and meth Factory with decapitated government officials heads at?

  • heres an idea if you dont want to be deported then become a legal citizen and obey the laws

    • didnt happen to notice any american flags in the group. if they want to be americans why arent they supporting the flag?

      • time to learn Spanish you old white guys

        Yeah because USA flags are very popular in Mexico. You try flying one in public and see how long it takes before someone sets you on fire. There attitude may have something to do with president {self edit} calling Mexicans criminals, rapists, and drug dealers.

        By the way ‘America’ is a very big place. It consists of North, South, and Central America which all contain several different countries. If you want to show a fellow American how ignorant you are of geography just refer to the United States of America as ‘america’.

        • So, since people here protest without worry while using the flag of another country where as Mexicans would set you on fire for flying an American flag, are you saying that Mexican are -gasp- intolerant? And by contrast American are? Wow.

        • Language barriers aren’t much fun are they.
          Do you have proof that POTUS said what you said he said? We all have proof that FAKE NEWS said he said that.
          I still haven’t found the proof that he said it though.

      • nope, not a one!!! 🙁 Maybe they are in the wrong country after all?

      • Yes, that’s all it takes to be a good American. Oh, and 10 years and alot of money

  • time to learn Spanish you old white guys

    Todo lo que necesitas para obtener mi voto son tamales caseros y una banda de Mariachi en vivo. ¡SÍ!

    • Anti troll league

      Time to learn English, if you have any respect for the culture which you forced yourself into. Otherwise you are just invaders and bullies. And their native supporters who hate the culture in which they were born need to look at their own maladjustment issues to seek a cure.

      • I’d be careful making assumptions about people on the internet. Just because they know how to use Google Translate does not mean they are Hispanic. Even more, though, jumping all over someone who makes a terrible joke about music and tamales being all he needs to get his vote is likely not understanding the actual comment.

        Also the irony of a non Hispanic and non native (I’m making an assumption here and could be wrong) making a comment about “invaders and bullies” to someone he believes to be Hispanic in the state of California is making me a little crazy.

        • Anti troll league

          Not exactly. What I said was that people who come here illegally- ie forced their way in- ought not, as the name of the poster indicates (time to learn Spanish you old white guys) to insist on everyone else learning their language. People who would do that are bullies and invaders. And would be called arrogant in addition if they were American insisting on the use of English in country where English is not spoken.

          But I doubt as if many immigrants, legal or otherwise, would refuse to use English, although I have met a couple who did do just that. I suspect that the poster, ( you were wrong to assume that I thought them hispanic) who used that insult as a name is the same as the one who routinely insults whites and who apparently did not merit censoring for it. BTW I think it is the same person who announced they are white as if that gave them a free pass to insult a whole race. Or age group. Or gender. Definitely maladjusted.

        • time to learn Spanish you old white guys

          Sorry for making you crazy Kym. Not Hispanic and not a user of Google Translate. Spanish is my second language. Old white guy with property in SoHum. Visit every chance I get.

          What do you call someone who can speak five languages? Pentalingual.
          What do you call someone who can speak three languages? Trilingual.
          What do you call someone who can speak two languages? Bilingual.
          What do you call someone who can speak one language? An American!

        • Kym, your comment on the comment about “invaders and bullies” seems to indicate a misunderstanding of everyone’s place in this whole scenario.

          Mexicans’ claim to California is based on Spain’s conquest of same, a conquest which was as brutal as anything the whites up here perpetuated on the natives, so Hispanics have no moral superiority.

          “Hispanics” (Spanish/Native Mexican) have no more prior claim on Northern California than a mixed-blood white/local native from here has on Mexico. And if you’re going to try to say all American natives, North, South, and Central are the same, entitling all of them to anything any of them claims, why then I guess all Europeans are the same, and our sharing European blood with the Spanish entitles us to anything they (through the Mexicans) claim, so our claim is stronger by far than any Mexican’s claim on this territory, as their claim is solely through Spain, and by the above logic we have that claim, too.

          See how complicated it gets when you go back in history and try to shame any one group of people? Things aren’t as clear cut as they may seem.

          • I think you misunderstand. I think calling Spain an invader to the Native Americans is absolutely accurate. I think calling people seeking asylum from crime and economic hardship invaders is weird from Americans because you know we’re all descendants of invaders then

            • Kym: I love your site and you just can’t win with some people. They want to blame someone, hate someone or berate someone because it makes them feel better about their own inadequacies. Keep up the great work and know that some of us actually use logic when reading what you post; and, use our real names.

      • You should have no trouble recognizing bullies.

    • No, it’s All you need to BUY my vote are homemade tamales and live Mariachi band. YES!

    • What’s the matter “Time to learn Spanish you old white guys?”? not getting enough tamales in your life? too busy to learn English? nope, do not need to learn Spanish my friend, someone needs to learn English.. I know in Mexico they don’t cater to us English Speakers at all.. (at least most pretend to not speak English at the hotels) and we know better… Still a “NOOOOOOOOO” vote and keep your Tamales!!

      • This country is in turmoil! Feed our starving. Educate our young. House our homeless. Help our vets. Provide medical treatment for our “sick”.Stop letting in more people! It won’t solve anything. Can’t people see this? It dosent work! Period! Your only adding to a problem that we can not fix here already. Fix this country, then let’s discuss letting others in.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Does anyone ever mention at these rallies that one must be a US citizen to legally vote? Anyone, ever? Or is that just part of the mind set, that the word “legal” is an obscenity?

    • POTUS posted this today:
      “Law Enforcement has been strongly notified to watch closely for any ILLEGAL VOTING which may take place in Tuesday’s Election (or Early Voting). Anyone caught will be subject to the Maximum Criminal Penalties allowed by law.”

      Sanctuary = plantation boundaries only.
      America = liberty to live, work, worship, play anywhere USA.

      There are more and more job openings across America. Good jobs that people can make a living from. Steel workers, auto factories, coal mining, truck driving, railroads, construction., jobs jobs jobs as long as we’re legal.
      Humboldt job offers consist of … not a lot and it’s seasonal if it does exist. Fisheries? Trimming?

      Thousands are coming in through the proper door. The job offers will eventually run out. Don’t be the one who decided to be left out and eventually behind bars. Coulda woulda shoulda and all that jazz.


      • the reason we have a process is because we dont want the bad ones here. like attempted murderers so if you are a good person there is a good chance you could become a citizen and another thing is a country should have a common language so if you like america try learning english

    • We don’t have to. They can’t register if they aren’t citizens.

    • It’s the trump mind set,hate.

  • Take Note how they appropriate the term “indigenous” in an attempt to legitimize their siege.
    They are no more native to this area than the founders of American civilization were.
    If they are descendants from the mish- mash of the Aztec empire, it certainly doesn’t legitimize their presence in California.
    And as history will remind us, Mexico only had title to this contested territory in contemporary America for a couple decades, and it was only because they inherited it from Spain.
    Also there is nothing particularly ideal about Aztec or Mexican culture, anymore so than our own.. so I’m not understanding why other people’s traditions are so kitchy to appropriate.
    I do love mariachi bands, but it seems like most of the instruments in the band where brought to Mexico by Europeans.
    Don’t forget to thank western civilization!

    • It won’t go to any of the above anyway, it’s already been given away piece by piece to a few other countries. https://www.technocracy.news/diane-feinsteins-deep-relationship-to-china/
      The they just know which buttons to push to get people to do their dirty work for them and then those ‘helpers’ will be ‘taken care of’ too. oops, 86 that.

    • yeah the argument that they were here first is preposterous because mexico sold california to the usa and they were never farther north of fort ross (russia) so humboldt was never mexico.

    • To be fair, it doesn’t matter the stats of who’s on first. What most matters to most, is the language that pinpoints the motives.
      Friendlies: We appreciate the efforts of community members to shelter and help us through our rough times. We’d be willing to put a sunset clause on this measure, if that would be more reassuring. We don’t wish to take advantage, we just need some help at the moment until we can convince the leaders and activists to pass the proper immigration & visa laws that they have been promising to do for decades. Thank you for caring and for listening to our plight.
      Enemies: You fought us and took away what’s ours and we’re not going away no matter what you say or do. We hate you and we hate America. Give us what we want or there will be riots in the streets.

      That’s how it comes across. Language barriers? Is this how they were coached, what they were told to say? Who are their coaches? Why would they coach them to use offensive sentences when seeking help from community members? Are we supposed to get all defensive and butt hurt on purpose or something? I don’t get it.

  • My solution to immigration is still the same… There would be a lot fewer illegal immigrants if there were a straightforward path for everyone to be a legal immigrant. Rather than being decided by chance, we should be open to anyone who can meet a list of requirements. If you’re willing to learn our language, history, and customs, as well as get and hold a job and not commit criminal acts, you should be allowed to be a resident. Everyone, not a quota or a lottery or anything else stupid. High school level English and American History would be a good requirement. If you’re not willing to put that much effort into immigrating here, you’re probably going to be a drain on society anyway. If you want to speak your own language with your own people and keep your old customs… stay home and do that. But, we should welcome everyone who is willing to put in the effort to be part of our society ,regardless of where they’re from.

  • PSA:
    “If you witness members of ANTIFA or any other people or organizations stationed at ‘key’ voter locations making threats or attempting to use scare tactics [voter intimidation] please contact local authorities immediately and report the incident(s).
    Internal comms suggest preparations are being made and organized to conduct a 29+ location push [battleground locations].
    See Something
    Say Something
    Uniformed and Non-Uniformed personnel will be stationed across the country in an effort to safeguard the public.
    If you witness anything out of the ordinary with regards to staff, officials, machinery & equipment failures and/or malfunctions, unusual ‘grouping’ [buses dropping off people w/ guide and/or instructor], voter prevention [blocking], or other suspicious activity please contact local authorities immediately and report the incident(s).
    See Something
    Say Something”

    This is what’s flying across the web of late, so thought I might as well share it here.

    • the irony is entertaining.

    • How about the hate and lies pumped at trump rallies?

      • The “I want the immigrants here, but I want them here legally”?
        The “I want good law abiding citizens/immigrants, not law breakers and criminals”?
        The “I want the Dems to fix the immigration laws”?
        The “I want the Dems to stop obstructing justice”?
        (all quotes above are paraphrased but the message holds true).

        Not hate, not lies, just facts.

        All of the rallies are found online at YT, twitter., for those who seek truths and would rather hear the words for themselves.

        The only hate and lies I’ve seen so far, is from the alt-left who are deceiving thousands of people into coming to towns that are without jobs, water or housing. A huge food shortage will soon follow. The only thing Calif can guarantee them is fires after fires, the new ‘norm’, according to the gov.

        Why aren’t they being told there are jobs all across America, but they can’t get one unless they have visa’s? Why aren’t they being told that Sanctuary cities are akin to the plantations of old. You can come, but you can’t leave or you will be caught, cuffed and sent back to the country you escaped from?

        This is why thousands upon thousands of people are flocking to every Rally. The lines are miles long, literally. People want people to be free, not enslaved. People should never be used as political pawns. Two more rallies today, then he’s done for now. Vote RED across the board if you want liberty.

        It’s the Fed’s jobs to protect our borders.
        It’s the State’s jobs to write the laws that speed the legal procedures along smoothly.


        • I thought you said you only listen to Trump? and there is definitely going to be an upcoming food shortage, mainly USA produce. going to a rally is like going to a Los Vegas show.

          • Those were Trump’s quotes I paraphrased.

          • I’ve never been to a football game in Vegas, but yes, the rallies are very similar to the football games I’ve seen and heard on tv.

          • 30 to 40% of US food is wasted every day. If it was more expensive, maybe that stat would be less. Relying on importing cheap labor makes food cheap by making labor cheap. That is not a good or necessary thing.

            • I get my produce at a farm share, pay top dollar, grown and picked by an American, and waste happens in my fridge. it plain and simple, Americans will never pick produce at large farms, and farm shares can’t feed 350 million Americans.

              • I suspect that farms can do just that. If labor become expensive enough that mechanization saves money, then mechanization will occur. It should have all along if cheap labor made it fine to not innovate.

              • Local Observer is spot-on with this one. That’s why we need to import under-educated individuals from third world countries and give them the jobs that we are too good for. We can pay them less than minimum wage, make them work longer hours in subpar conditions because they have no legal recourse. I mean come on, anybody can see it’s the right thing to do…

                • they don’t mind going from $8/day in Mexico City to $80/day in the USA. and it seems Guest is not aware that mechanical harvesting has been maxed out. some produce has to be manually cut and cities have millions of consumers. I guess there will always be Chile.

      • I forgot to include this site that is keeping track of the Promises made, promises kept.
        I skimmed through it and didn’t find any lies. If you have facts and figures that differ from theirs, you should let them know.

        • put this into any search engine, I know you don’t like google.
          “how many lies has trump told as president”.
          luckily intellectuals like to fact check.

  • I must say the same thing I have no problem with anybody coming to America as long as they follow the rules I do not want criminals hair and then fortunately they blend in with nice people or law-abiding people just want to come here for a better life and that’s where the problem lies I see you only got between 50 and 75 people to do this come to America the way our ancestors did legally

  • In my 1911 I trust

    I wish our local government would put as much time and energy into hunting down and prosecuting illegal invaders as they do illegal growers.

  • There should be a straightforward path for immigration from Mexico and Central America. We should be legally welcoming people that we need. That said- I have no sympathy for those who came illegally and now want us to just accept that and close our eyes! I got no beef with the wonderful Mexicans and Guatemalans yet I am somehow portrayed as a racist for simply stating this- International borders exist and should be upheld to protect the people of our country! The DEMs kicked the can down the street for a long time but bleeding-heart sympathy is not an answer. Neither is the heavy-handedness of Trump. We need to overhaul the immigration process. I’m sorry that people here illegally do not feel secure. They shouldn’t! And I also mean European trimmigrants overstaying their visas and myself if I stayed in a foreign country illegally! I’m sorry but you are in my country illegally. Then you went and had babies and now you want to be secure in staying here?! Incredible how this ill logic has grown!

  • Whatever it is…. I’m against it!

  • Please read the biography of Ceasar Chavez on Wikipedia and find out the truth about immigration!

  • Still voting “NOOOOOOOOOOO” But would love a Tamale 🙂 Yes from an immigrant family who back in the day, did it the “RIGHT WAY” and worked hard to earn it. So, do it right, learn the language and contribute to society like everyone else has to. Prez Trump, Build the “D%$# Wall already” !!!!!

  • Most of the comments I’m reading here look like thy came straigh out of the HATE FILLED Tunderdome over at LoCO!!! So much for “Civility” here!!! But yet I’m on “Probation” for making “Nasty remarks”!!!!!! WTF OVER????

  • I guess we’re ignoring that the bulk of ICE raids are for convicted criminals. Look up the numbers and read the “sanctuary” proposition. This is just going to mean more career criminals back on the streets. How is that safer?

    It’s one thing to want to protect immigrant families. It’s another to come up with a proposal that makes them safer rather than giving them a false sense of security. For example, an understanding that local LE doesn’t refer individuals to ICE unless they have a criminal history or a violent conviction.

    Then at least they’re not clogging ICE with cases to deport people with expired parking tickets. Not that they’re doing that now, but I digress.

  • ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL. As a born-and-raised -in Californian, I have absolutely no problem with someone who wants to come into our country LEGALLY. I do not support a sanctuary state. Never have, never will (no matter how good the tamales are).

  • What’s it matter? It is what it is. I love you all!!

  • This comment alone makes me want to vote NO…“So many of them died and suffered due to this country’s inhumane, immigration policies.” Then why seek sanctuary if this country is so inhuman? It would be laughable if it weren’t actually on the ballot!

    • Couldn’t one country be economically and legally better to live in than another country but still have inhumane policies on immigration?

      • Oh we have lots of policies- most more liberal than almost anywhere else in the world. In the pursuit of fairness as defined by one court case after another, they are almost impossible to administer in a consistent and speedy way.

        What we don’t have is reliable enforcement of those laws. Once an illegal evades the required checkpoints, he’s engaged in an immigration Whack-a-mole where the chances of getting picked up are small, very small indeed. The result is that it appears so arbitrary. And arbitrary is unfair. But in truth, it only appears unfair because it is so poorly enforced. Why one gets picked up and another escapes is chance.

        There are about 15 to 20 million illegals in this country. That is such lax enforcement as to be a joke. Don’t talk about inhumane policy. It is a policy of avoiding any responsibility at all by all parties involved.

  • Wish i would have known,,,, where can we hire them?

  • Get your papers and come here legally and there’s nothing to worry about …

  • Imagine if we went to their country and were on their court house steps with no papers and American flags making cheese burgers .. we’d probly be hung from the nearest bridge

    • OMG Too Funny!! But Spot on!
      Well, a man once said, if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen…. 🙂 But do leave the Tamales!!!! Yes, only in “Merica”

  • K only protects criminals.

    There is no way to track criminals without knowing who they are.

    This county is too drug filled and too poor to allow the cartel and more gangs in.

    Why protect ms13 and the surenos?

    Dozens of Gang Members Released By Sanctuary Policies

    “HCDTF: 9 pounds of heroin found in Eureka in county’s largest bust in recent history” arresting Mexican nationals

    Humboldt has a huge opioids problem, tooo many needles, too many deaths.

    Who do you call when an illegal alien hurts you or your loved one, runs into your car, has gang activity or when they run a hard drug houses.

    Many cities are opposing rather than adopting.

    Costa Mesa becomes O.C.’s latest city to oppose California’s ‘sanctuary state’ law

  • Man talk about racist among us! Goddamn
    What about us going down to their nations and screwing their politics and economies? But noooo we mock them when they seek our help. But hey we’re Amerika land of the lost! We make treaties to break treaties since 1776.
    We got ours now move along, so much for that lady that’s supposed to stand for something.

    • When does the limit of accepting immigrants come? One million a year? 2, 3 or more? No longer does this country look like a limitless horizon of opportunity, as was the understandable delusion a couple of centuries ago. We have run low on water, space for housing, infrastructure has limits.

      So we have “ours”, earned with blood, sweat, tears and frankly a lot of theft. You think that this is still what will work or has the ability to travel anywhere in a few hours shown that only the world is less “empty” than our ancestors saw.

  • “THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL ARGUMENT I HAVE HEARD AGAINST SANCTUARY CITIES IN AMERICA.” Mother’s child killed by an illegal, a gang member.

    Those gangs and cartels are serious, you don’t want them up here. There’s no money to prosecute the criminals we already have.

    If the wording of k were changed to allow Leo’s to inform ice when releasing criminals from jail, it would be a more popular measure.

    • what’s with the youtube links. they have no credibility at all. Males in general make up 98% of all crime including murder in the USA. males make up 99% of mass shootings in the USA. now how much of that percentage is committed by illegal males? this is not a trick question, the number has been calculated.

      • Get them ice. Illegal is illegal. Follow the damn rules or get out. I think illegal border crossing is worse the robbery. Punishment should be harsh. Real harsh. They have to take the kids because they brought their kids to a crime. Bad parenting. Real bad. They shouldn’t be able to have kids Same goes for a rapist or murderer or drug dealer. Get them out of here. Bad hombres. Bad dudes. I don’t care if they are Swedish Irish Spanish white brown yellow green albino. Sanctuary city’s suck. Just like San Francisco and eureka. I do love tamales and mariachi. I love our legal immigrants. Please vote republican so the whole country doesn’t turn to San Francisco ☠️

        • Not that this is necessarily true in your case but I get a kick out of former outlaw marijuana growers saying, “Illegal is illegal.”

          • Hmmm that’s your reply. Without even knowing. 👍

          • Why the kick? When was there santuary for illegal growers’ children back in the day? What pass did the growers get when children were involved? Look at the situation today. Why abate folks that have been illegally growing for years? They should get a pass because they have been living here and breaking the law for years. Why is there only forgiveness and sanctuary for immigration laws? Why not just abolish all laws for everyone?

          • yeah but illegal growing had consequences

        • too much Fox news, I saw that Florida is worried about turning into San Fran. and you clearly have never been robbed.

  • i am sick of cities and counties drafting propositions that encroach on federal laws. they are per se unconstitutional. they need to stick to local problems. No on K.

  • It’s so simple and no need to get all emotional about this. Come to this country and become a criminal, you go home. See how easy that was? NOBODY has a leg to stand on defending the criminals. We have enough problems and don’t need anymore. What kind of balls would it take to go to another country, break the law and demand you get to stay?? Laughable to even try to imagine. And for some reason, Eric Kirk wants to protect these criminals. Why is that Eric? Have you been threatened, payed off or are you that spun out that you think this is actually the right thing to do?

  • Still a “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Vote for me” and I am over the Tamales too. 😉

  • I wish the Hmungs would have more protests, personally I like Asian food better.

    The DOJ tweeted this today: https://twitter.com/TheJusticeDept/status/1059806871379501056
    It has the # to call if your voting machine is acting strange (changes your input for instance), or if anybody’s harassing or intimidating voters, etc.

    tweet by the DOJ:
    “To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931 or http://www.justice.gov/crt/votercomplaint

    To Report Election Crimes: Alert election officials at polls. Contact the @FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-monitor-compliance-federal-voting-rights-laws-election-


    • Vote early! Vote often!

    • it looks like someone used your tip line in Trinidad. leave your MAGA hat at home.

      • That’s good, because all logos, banners, signs, T-shirts, etc are to be left at home or in your car. No displaying at the voting areas!
        I’ll wait for the fbi/police to disclose which party the ‘suspect’ was registered with before hemming an opinion on it.
        Good job caller!

        edited to add: Why wasn’t there a PSA reminding voters of code of conduct at the voting vicinities? Let’s do better next election okay bloggers and posters (including self).

        • FBI? just go on Facebook, read his dysfunctional response and click on his profile. there was one in Fortuna also, but they allowed it.

      • Something I just learned and will share here, considering the topic at hand.
        The MAGA hat is okay to wear because it is inclusive for all Americans. (Make America great again).
        It doesn’t say “Make Dems or Repubs great again”
        It doesn’t say “Vote for present candidate or present measure or present prop”.
        While it’s true that MAGA is a logo that POTUS created, POTUS is not in this election.
        It’s okay to wear past election apparel.
        It’s okay to wear Daffy Duck for BOS hat, for instance.

        It’s not intimidating to Americans to vote to make America great again. That’s why we vote.
        But, because the media and activists make it sound like such an evil scary thing to want to make America great, it’s become a tippy toe issue, I suppose.
        Bottom line is, Trump isn’t in this particular election, and that’s Trumps special logo.

  • I’m proud to say that today I further distanced myself from those who don’t have a clue about federalism and how it relates to local government, bigots, racists, and xenophobes, just with a simple flick of my pen, filling in that box that said YES!

    • Why not vote to cure cancer or require rain for one hour every night? Because this will certainly be dealt a fatal blow by the Supreme Court. Unlike many, many questionable issues, the Constitution is clear about this issue and it is foolish to think that you can vote down the very document that creates the you think you have a right to vote on.

      You best hope that Congress finally gets off their rear ends and fixes the immigration issue. Which I doubt will happen. The alternative is either the rules are actually enforced for a change or there will be a cascade of States picking and choosing what parts of the Constitution they chose to follow. Remeber the Civil War? Your little vote has contributed the Consitutional crisis.

      ” Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

      Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.”

  • O “K” you got your vote, but we will be “WATCHING YOU LIKE A HAWK” and yes, we do report!!!!!

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