Otter in Autumn

As autumn scattered yellow leaves, and golden sunlight slanted sideways through morning fog, local photographer Ann Constantino captured this otter hunting for breakfast in the South Fork of the Eel River. The results are gorgeous.


If you want to follow Constantino for more windows onto the wildlife, follow her work here.




  • Love it!
    Thank you ♡

  • Beautiful, Beautiful.

  • Salmon eating bastard!

    • That’s an egocentric anthropomorphic comment. Everyone has a right to eat, and wildlife were living here before humans moved in. Blame the dams and sediment and low rainfall (drought) creating low water flows that raise temps that breed diseases…the ecosystem is failing. Why blame the otter for the salmon’s decline?

      • Things that make you go hmm

        Right ⁉️ he’s probably the same sick f*cker that killed that bull elk 😞

      • A salmon might share that opinion. And apply the same sentiments to humans. There are many different viewpoints in nature. It’s a competitive world down to beetle versus wasp. Humans are not above the rest. Though I could wish them less wasteful and more respectful on many counts.

  • I’d rather follow Ann’s beautiful work here than Facebook. Thanks for the showing.

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