High Speed Pursuit Results in Two Arrests After Alleged Assaults Near Loleta


Officers from multiple agencies surround a vehicle after a high-speed chase following an assault on the Bear River Reservation. [Photo and video by Bobby Kroeker]

About 7 p.m. yesterday, an assault on the Rohnerville Rancheria led multiple people to call 911. At least one witness said that the suspects were fleeing the area while intoxicated in a white Impala with multiple children in the vehicle.

Sometime later, another assault was reported again at a nearby gas station. Law enforcement from multiple agencies fanned out across the area to locate the Impala. The vehicle was eventually spotted. A pursuit was initiated and speeds reportedly reached 60 miles per hour on the rural roads.

Eventually, the driver, a woman, pulled the vehicle over and surrendered to law enforcement.

The driver and an adult male passenger were taken into custody. The one small child located in the vehicle was released to family members.

Sgt. Greg Musson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said the woman was arrested for DUI and the man was arrested for two outstanding warrants.




  • Some good meth going around….

  • I don’t think Loleta has ever ran out of the stuff….

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Two Assault and batterys, DUI while driving reckless with a minor in the car only gets you a night in jail. Dam.

  • A night in jail for dui and child endangerment, and the children will be released to the mom the next day??? That’s crazy!! Why? So she can do it again and next time there is a fatal crash and God forbid the children perish? And of course the drunk driver will live. That’s always the way it is. There’s something wrong with this picture. It would be traumatic if the kids ended up in foster homes if the family wasn’t able to permanently care for the kids or on a more long-term basis but one night in jail I don’t think is going to fix this problem.

    • bah planet is over populated pre mid or post term abortion is justified, no real differance other than terms used …..

  • It’s a sad state of affairs for sure.

  • Hey Kym… No names?

  • Hey Kim… No names?

  • So why a high speed pursuit when they know a child is in the car?? Talk about endangerment

    • Truly. Cops haven’t figured out that in the 21st century, we have communications and can station a vehicle across the road up ahead and pen them in… or maybe it’s just so much more fun to have a good old-fashioned car chase, like in the movies. At the expense of everyone’s safety.

    • That’s right. Just let em go so they can do it again tomorrow. Whatever happened to blaming the perpetrator, instead of the cops who are trying to stop this shit?

      • the cops…… never needed to then nor now race around chasing folks. if one car driving 90 mhp through a neighborhood is bad and risking lives, what does that one car plus 2 , 3 or 20 cop cars plus thst car equal ?. the fact is there is no way to out run radios and johnny law has plenty of them. no need to chase. infact chasing makes drivers take more risks and drive faster to get away. far better to safely follow from a distance and get a grid around them before even allowing them to know you are gonna stop them. safey first, i mean why is it ok for johnny law to risk the publics safety to stop someone from risking their own. ?

        • True, you cannot outrun a radio. “Radio ahead to other cops…”. Sure, only if the perps will tell the cops where they are headed. If you are worried about too many cops chasing these f’ing lawbreakers, maybe you should get your attention on the road and what is around you.

  • i think a lot of people missed the point that they were headed to reservation land. if they had made it to the reservation the cops wouldnt be allowed on the land to catch the bad guys. then if they got questioned later they would just have to say they let a friend borrow the car or the car was “stolen” just for that night. so if they didnt catch them there would be little if no consequences

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