Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Five for Robbery and Assault

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


Pervis Michael Harden, Daichaun Lennoris Deangel Council, Anthony Chase Valmond, Darrell Degane Donaldson, Chaswan Nabrye Battle



  • Who would name their son Pervis??

  • The same kind of person who would name their son Daichaun, or their daughter Kaiyleie…(pronounced “Kaylee”)

  • I’m an equal opportunity love everyone type a guy but ga’damn all theses recent robbery mugshots have a consistent complexion.

    • ah, don’t say that. No pattern matching allowed.

    • That’s fucked up brother…. the pre disclaimer about one Love is erased…It could also be mentioned they are all dudes.. that are all Not Locals, hell, they are all ugly for that matter… but to focus on complexion for the point is lame … don’t wanna start shit with you just maybe have you think about it

      • That they’re not locals, yeah. Somehow I get that a lot of the crime is committed by people who are new to that area, “not locals,” gravitate to it for its reputation for there being lots of good drugs, and end up committing crime. And I am definitely “not local” myself. As I write these words, I’m in Los Angeles County. But if and when I do move up there, I intend to assimilate into the culture and not be an undesirable.

      • Burying your head in the sand will not eliminate the problem Charlie M. Pointing out that they are all dudes would be valid because it is true. Violent crimes are massively, disproportionately committed by dudes, not women. Until we accept that problem/fact there is no way to understand it’s causes and figure out the potential solutions. Of those violent crimes committed by dudes, they are massively, disproportionately black dudes. Making excuses by saying they grew up poor and oppressed only ensures the problem will continue; blaming whitey is soooo trite. Being PC, by denying facts, may make you wanna pat yourself on the back but the reality is that you are part of the problem. Any coward can virtue signal to the world about how accepting he is of all people. It is much more difficult to point out the ugly problem and face the onslaught of hateful comments and racist allegations that invariably follow. That is why liberalism is such a despicable, hypocritical ideology.

        • It is one thing to point out that Black men have proportionately higher violent crime rates than whites (true at least for homicides from 1980 to 2008 but to ignore that poverty (also much higher proportionately among Black people) is a factor or that historic inequality is a factor or that societal racism particularly in arrest rates have no relation to this shows a troubling (and apparently willful given how pervasive the conversation about this is) lack of understanding about the real world and its effect on people.

          The apparent insinuation in your comment is that black “dudes” are inherently more violent and would continue to be even if all other factors were even. That raises concerns in me.

          • Lots of people have been poor. Giving black people a free pass on crime because you have booboo feels about stuff that happened 200 years ago is not okay.

            • Literally, no one said that black people should walk away scott free from crimes they committed. Having compassion and looking at root causes are both values I believe in.


            A list of countries in order of murder rate. There are rich countries with high murder rates and poor ones with very low rates.


            Whatever the issue is, it is not so clearly aligned with income. For example Nepal is far down the list in both income and murder rate while Qatar is among the highest per capita income and well above average in murders.

            Also, contrary to popular beliefs, there are groups inside the US have a consistently high poverty rate but low crime such as certain religious groups. Maryland has traditionally low unemployment, high income and bad crime rates. Alaska is another such State.

            I think crime, especially violent crime, is a public choice based on disrespect for the law and substance abuse.

            • So why is Maryland, for instance, prone to disrespect for the law?


                While tongue in cheek, it takes two States similar in size, income, and population total and contrasts how they see each other. Virginia has a medium murder rate, Maryland has a high murder rate (and DC, not previously mentioned, has a sky high murder rate is physically surrounded by the two States. )

                Virginians see themselves as more strict on laws, Marylanders see themselves as less law ridden. So why the difference? I suspect that a large share of the difference was started by Virginia being mostly agrarian and orthodox in religion in colonial times. Maryland was much less agrarian (relying on Baltimore and trading for income) and was founded by a man who felt religious intolerance. The result being that, although technically a slave state at the time of the civil war, most black people were free in Maryland as not necessary for accumulating wealth. Whereas the agrarian Virginia held tightly to its slaves as necessary for keeping its wealth. Any entity that owns land will also look at that law as a valued protection. While an entity that relies on trade from a deep water port for its livelihood is much less dependant on laws for protection of land ownership- individual labor is more important.

                I’m thinking that respect for the law has more to do with believing it protects more than restricts. Maryland grew to in a more freebooting economy where an individual was more likely to trust and value himself than he was to trust and value the law. Translates into a cultural disdain for the value of law.

                As Bill Clinton was famously reported to have as a campaign slogan “It’s the economy, stupid.” To have both respect for the law,more individuals than not must think of it as a help. If too many individuals do not feel it helps them, then they tend to disregard laws. Once that idea that becomes common, the trouble becomes that way too many people decide for themselves how far to go in that disdain. An unfortunate number will include murder and violence.

                This idea applies even more heavily in racial divides as certainly the law has not proven a friend of many non whites especially until recently. An inherited distrust is not easily overcome. That may account for some of the level lawlessness among some minorities. It’s an issue because Maryland is more heavily non white than Virginia. So there is a larger group likely to be disdainful of the law. That is one reason Jim Crow laws are so ugly an inheritance for the country. And one reason why having a law apply based on principle rather than empathy is important.


          • Black men ARE more violent on average Kym Kemp. The reasons, I believe, are likely a combination of inherent and learned. Inherent reasons being higher testosterone levels and lower IQ levels on average, to name a few. Learned being corporal punishment from parents among many other things.
            My problem with you, and liberals like you, is stated in my original comment. You are quick to virtue signal and make excuses while conveniently ignoring the unconfortable facts. There are mountains of data out there disproving poverty as a cause of violent crime, yet you consistently ignore that data. Guest has pointed a small portion of that data. You will almost certainly ignore that data as you have ignored the links that I have sent you in the past. You ignored my Stefan Molyneaux links by dismissing him as “not a reliable source”, yet you provided ZERO evidence.

            As far as “societal racism” goes: I watched nightly, during the Kavanuagh hearings, as people droned on sneeringly about the problem of white men, despite the fact that the hearings had NOTHING to do with race. I watched SNL and a Gillum staffer refer to whites as crackers (all of these events just within the last month alone). If people were making sneering comments about black men or using the N word, there would be full scale outrage from left and right, white and black alike. So spare me the societal racism card.

            I believe that you are a moral person. I also believe, as stated in my original comment, that the reasons for you ignoring the facts are because of the difficulty and repercussions involved in seeking and speaking the truth. If you point out black males higher proclivity towards violent crime then you will be called a racist by your peers, especially in this part of the world where you run a business. Liberals might boycott your site for speaking the truth. It is much easier to falsely claim the moral high ground by professing how compassionate you are. Unfortunately, denying the problem exists and accusing those of us who have the courage to point it out of racism, will only ensure that this very real problem continues and gets worse. It will however, keep you in the good graces of other like minded liberals……if that’s your goal.

            • Well, I’m running short on time today, but I’ll just touch on Molyneux. It is hard to take seriously someone who blames women for “war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases.” He rather simplistically says that dysfunctional early childhood experiences are the cause of all these— and early childhood experiences, he claims, “are all run by women.”
              —Speech at International Conference on Men’s Issues in 2014

              Possibly it is my seeing his words on women are so skewed that I can’t take seriously much else he says. Admittedly, I haven’t studied him deeply. But we all run short on time and he doesn’t appear to be worth my time.

              • Have you actually listened to the entire speech that you cited? I would place a large wager that the answer is no.
                One of Molyneaux’s major premises is that some of the primary causes for the symptoms we are seeing in today’s society are corporal punishment and fatherless homes. The fact that he assigns women blame for their role in this and other issues does NOT mean that he “blames women” for all of the societal ills we face. To claim that is what he is saying is what is rather simplistic. That is like saying that I blamed the black male crime rate entirely on stupidity because I mentioned the FACT that they have an average, lower IQ.

                I am short on time as well. I take the time to write these things because I give a shit. This country is in trouble and we cannot address the problems without fully and honestly understanding their causes. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. You have a platform where you reach a lot of people; they value your opinion. You have a moral obligation to give them the truth, no matter how painful.

                As I stated earlier, I believe people, especially liberals, avoid the truth out of convenience. It is much easier to say: I’m caring, it’s not their fault, etc. etc. than it is to tell people they need to change. A fat person does not want hear that they need to choose a better diet and exercise. If you tell them it’s not their fault and people just need to accept them for who they are, they may love you for it. But in the end you have not helped them at all. And in fact, more likely, you have helped doom them to a life of misery and health problems that will end prematurely.

        • Liberalism is the cause of so much of all these problems because it looks at issues and comes up with answers you don’t like. Too bad. Conservative often have their minds made up before they look at any data. Cranial rectal inversion is as big a problem as sticking ones head in the sand.

          • Liberals come up with answers that fail because they haven’t the courage to accept the unpleasant consequences of their own decisions. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail- it pursues a goal that wastes a lot of effort to grab something most always not quite within reach. And, when it finally catches it, finds it was not a good thing to bite anyway. So they drop it and start again. The result was never the goal if they were honest about it.

            I suppose that is why many of liberal posters here are so fond of insult. That it doesn’t work is totally immaterial. It’s the entertainment value that counts.

    • You noticed that too uh

  • Come on scooter look at what they’re doing….. High score IQ

  • go get that sixth one

  • nabrye? is that like stealing bread or do you pronounce it some other way?

  • I’m not sure Dayshawn is De-Angel.

  • I guess these are the lucky ones. The 4 Asians were never seen or heard from again. Don’t come the the Triangle to thieve.

  • Not really the best area to commit a crime when you are not white, when someone says they saw 5 black guys commonly a crime in Trinity then the only 5 black guys in town are clearly the suspects.

  • Come On People !
    as if these guys don’t have enough problems all you can do is make fun of their names, which first off, they are not responsible for and secondly those names are NOT weird, they are cultural .
    Give them hell for what they did but not their names Puhleeeeeeze ! and thank you !

  • Florida?

  • Keep growing and they will come more behind those and more behind those

    • There is more chance you getting killed in a car wreck. I’ll keep on growing like you keep on driving. Thanks for your concern.

    • You are correct. If you are doing something illegal and profitable, do not be surprised when someone else takes it or at least tries to take it. Yall want to have your cake and eat it too. OK to grow illegally but when someone wants to take your stuff they are criminals. Yall both fucked up. Get legal, get security, and make Humboldt a better place to live.

  • trinity countys bin on top of catchin rippers this year…. can’t believe im saying this but keep up the good work boys…

  • so why cant a weed farmer have a gun and defend themselves?

  • Don’t let Oprah see some of these comments. She could really add some fuel to the fire, or noose.

  • It wasn’t a violent scene in the 90s. There were only deadheads and a few smart locals, who kept a lid on things and despite a lot of cash changing hands, very few incidents of violence. Unfortunately there are way more stupid people in this world, and they have ruined a small but nice corner of the world. What a shit show!

    • I got here in the early fifties. Humboldt County has always had its share of violence, especially since the white people arrived in the late 1850’s. Before that records weren’t kept. As a group, Humboldt County white folk, killed a lot of the Indians, ran the black folks and Chinese out of town and tarred and feathered those that they didn’t like, unionizers, people that spoke out etc. There is a long tradition of violence in Humboldt County. The good old days are usually a figment of someones imagination.

    • I think it was probably worse over all although I couldn’t find records back that far. But this covers crimes in Eureka from 2002. It shows a pretty consistent violent crime rate- higher than average for US- in all years but a recent spike.

  • Anyone know if these guys are brothas?

  • Take Emerald Triangle Back

    Of course it is easy to commit robberies, home invasions and murders in Humboldt, Trinity or Mendo without any fear of prosecution what so ever. The word is out on the street that “Humboldt and Mendo Sheriff only prosecute Cannabis farmers and do not aolve serious felonies”….. Criminals know they can come to the triangle and rob whoever they want…. The sheriffs choice to focus on eradication of cannabis instead of solving violent felony crimes is what has brought is to this time. Even on the recent “Murder Mountain Show” on Fuzion TV Network there are missing persons, a sheriff claiming he “doesnt have manpower”, yet the Sheriff has plenty deputies, like 20 or more to go raid the wrong address of a pot garden ( the Sheriffs wasted numerois resources and showed up at a legal permitted garden in front of 20,000,000 veiwers…. How more of a rookie move could a sheriff pull? How many more murders or mossing peraons cases will we allow to develop before we say “Enough Already”? Incompetence from our Sheriff Department’s leadership is what got us into this mess, only the right leadership can get us out of this mess that leaces local families victims of violent crimes. Time to take Humboldt back from the claws of the oppressors

  • Aye they don’t seem to care much about robbing people and bringing out stereotypes and fear about African Americans in this area. I say hold them accountable for their choices no one else. Whether you accept it or like it people grow and it’s hard, labor intensive, time consuming work. Stealing shouldn’t be excused because of skin color or age or sex. There are lots of job openings all over the Us. They had means to get here and rent a place, they chose to use it to rob and assault people. I believe individuals should be held accountable especially grown ass men or women.

  • I’m glad no one got kilt.

  • Death by kilt!

  • 8 years of “If I had a son” and “You didn’t build that” and for fear of the racist label being thrown around like a toy in a tantrum, nobody said a damn word… 8 years of division, 8 years of racial inflammatory jargon, 8 years of wondering how a junior senator (“community organizer”) pulls off the biggest scam in american history, and get this, “wins” the Nobel Peace Prize? Because…Oh yeah, because my exterior pigment is of a lighter hue…Content of character my ass.

    • Yeh, like we’re so united now! Keep sipping that Snake Oil, and maybe the country can return to
      the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ days and Make America White Again!

  • No, I didn’t vote for the Cheeto in charge, so don’t assume anything, lest you…

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