CHP Releases Name of Victim of Fatal Crash Near Loleta


[Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On November 2, 2018, at approximately 11:17 AM, the California Highway Patrol received a call of a vehicle collision on Eel River Dr., at Copenhagen Rd.  The caller reported that a vehicle had collided with a tree and the driver appeared to be deceased.  Emergency medical personnel responded to the scene and confirmed the male driver, 75 year old Steven Laurilliard of Fortuna, was deceased.  CHP officers investigating the collision observed that Mr. Laurilliard’s vehicle had traveled off the west roadway edge and collided with a tree, causing major damage to the vehicle.

Alcohol or drugs are not considered to be a factor in this collision.

The California Highway Patrol Humboldt Area is investigating this collision and asks that anyone with information please contact the Humboldt Area Office of the CHP at 707-822-5981 or email

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  • ahhh, rip dear soul

  • It’s very unsafe to be driving at that age. Luckily he didn’t injure anyone else.

    • It should be clear that, it’s very unsafe to drive in Humboldt, at ANY age, and, be careful who you call OLD!

      Many young drivers, on the North Coast, drive aggressively, drive while impaired, and drive way too fast for conditions.

      California is full of people who endanger others constantly, persons who have no manners, and selfish little babies who follow too close, run too hot, and who do not have the temperament required to operate a vehicle safely!

      Slow down, drive politely, and, be careful! The world is full of Senior Citizens, who are generally considered to be the safest drivers on the road!

      Have some respect, and learn to drive in a manner that protects public safety and decency, and, remember, you may think you are special, but, you are NOT the only person on this planet who has somewhere to go.

      Have some compassion! Someone died here!

      • You are correct diesel dually. My dad drove until age 79 and then a drunk driver hit and killed him. Don’t judge based on age. I see young women driving like idiots on a daily basis and I am a woman. It drives me crazy that they haven’t learned to drive properly.

    • 75 is not old. You are probably in a more accident prone demographic…

    • Many people who are ‘young’, often make ignorant comments. Like that one.

    • This Man was a great person and he was a good driver! Dont talk shit about people you do not know, i know this entire family a lot of people are hurt and for you to be so ignorant and cold is beyond disrespectful!

  • So sad sorry for all effected RIP

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